Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nortel Solves Bandwidth Explosion With Adaptive Optical Engine...40-100 Gbps

Nortel introduces the industry's first optical technology that can deliver both 40G and 100G network capacity with the Adaptive Optical Engine.

Nortel's 40G/100G Adaptive Optical Engine is a revolutionary technology platform that enables both 40Gbps and 100Gbps transmission over today's existing infrastructures, increasing capacity 4 and 10-fold respectively without complex network re-engineering.

Nortel's 40G/100G solution is particularly intriguing because it allows carriers the use their existing 10G network with minor upgrades to deliver 40G and all of the new capabilities that affords.

Comcast's live 100 G network trial will be first time real traffic is run over a 100G wavelength on its existing network that is also carrying live 10G and 40G links.

"We can only imagine what new innovations may be sparked by the capabilities made possible with this technology," said Philippe Morin, president, Metro Ethernet Networks, Nortel

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