Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Top 10 Daily Disruptive Technology Combinations...And Two More Potentials

Each "disruption" had the ability to create and destroy wealth. Disruption, like change, is inevitable.
disruptive technology
Dan Tynan, from PC World offers his The 10 Most Disruptive Technology Combinations

Dan offers another way to look at disruption. Instead of looking for disruption from one technology/solution, it comes when two technologies converge.

Readers should note the disruption that Dan lists as #1, because it is just starting to occur.

Disruption is rarely the result of a single gadget or innovation, however. It's typically when two or more technologies converge that the real changes start to happen.

10. Time shifted viewing + Digital video recorder (Tivo)

The whatever/wherever/whenever model of media consumption is turning both Hollywood and the consumer electronics industry on their heads, and forcing advertisers to rethink ways to capture our attention.

9. YouTube + Cheap Digital Cameras and Camcorders

Digital video has made mini-Hitchcocks of everyone. YouTube and its many cousins give the masses a place to put their masterworks. Journalism, politics, and entertainment will never be the same

8. Open Source + Web Tools

The Net is seeing a new boom in Web 2.0 companies that are more stable and more interesting than their dot-com-era predecessors. And with phones usingGoogle's Linux-based Android operating systemslated to appear this year, open source could disrupt the wireless market as well.

7. MP3 + Napster

The idea that media should be portable is disruptive. The notion that it should be free--and that some artists can survive, or even thrive, despite a lack of sales revenue--is even more so.

6. Blogs + Google Ads

Blogs give everyone a public voice, while Google gives bloggers a way to fund and market themselves--and the economy of the 21st century is born.

5. Cheap Storage + Portable Memory

Where would we be today without cheap, capacious, portable storage? No iPods. No YouTube. No Gmail. No cloud computing

4. Cloud Computing + Always-On Devices

For enterprises, cloud computing provides the benefits of a data center without the cost and hassle of maintaining one. For consumers, it offers the promise of cheaper, simpler devices that let them access their data and their applications from anywhere.

3. Broadband + Wireless Networks

Broadband has created an explosion of video and music Web sites and VoIP services, while Wi-Fi is bringing the Net to everyday household appliances such as stereos, TVs, and home control systems. Together, they're making the connected home a reality.

2. The Web + The Graphical Browser

Media firms, publishing companies, and advertisers now think Web first, and broadcast or print second.

1. Cell Phones + Wireless Internet Access

The ability to be reachable 24/7 is morphing into the ability to surf the Net from any location. And it's forcing monopolistic wireless companies to open up their networks to new devices and services.

I would like to add my top two disruptive technology combinations.

Physical World Connection

Cheap RFID tags, or any machine readable identifier + ubiquitous Internet access

When any physical object is able to be "turned on" or connected to the Net, the ability to deliver and receive information will create a true Internet. Scanning a Coke can's barcode/RFID tag to receive a video clip or coupon on your mobile phone (Physical World Connection) controlling a semiconductor machine in China from Silicon Valley (device relationship management DRM)

Cognitive Radio + "the next Windows for wireless devices"

The wireless space will experience unprecedented growth when any Internet connected device is able to change its transmission or reception parameters. I think the operating system (software) that is able to manage hardware for this is "Next Microsoft"

A listing of other potential disruptive technologies

What is your top disruptive technology combination?

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