Friday, December 23, 2011

Finally White Spaces Get Turned On..Another Investing Wave To Watch

 It has been called "WiFi on steroids" and is definitely an investing wave to watch.

 I have been talking for years about this huge broadband opportunity for the US.

 White Spaces offers a "ton of bandwidth"

That is a highly desirable chunk of spectrum because the signals can easily pass through walls and other solid objects, giving them a much greater reach than WiFi or even WiMAX, both of which operate in higher frequency bands.

Microsoft said access to white spaces offers "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide ubiquitous wireless broadband access to all Americans."
From GigaOm White Spaces Are A Go! 

With today’s approval of the first TV white spaces database and device, we are taking an important step towards enabling a new wave of wireless innovation.  Unleashing white spaces spectrum has the potential to exceed even the many billions of dollars in economic benefit from Wi-Fi, the last significant release of unlicensed spectrum, and drive private investment and job creation.

Microsoft calls "white spaces" the greatest improvement in Internet access since the advent of Wi-Fi."
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