Friday, December 23, 2011

WiFi 2.0 And Now It's Being Called The Hypernet..It Is A Huge Investing Wave

A major investing wave is approaching, do you know what stocks have the competitive advantage in it?

If you have been using the tool in my book (How to Find Big Stocks), you have already spotted them by now.

Roger McNamee, one of the most successful venture capitalists, defines the next wave for the Internet which he calls the "Hypernet and Hyperweb"

One of the reasons I am so excited about this point in time is that, in the last few years, the new infrastructure has been put into place for a major new wave.

Roger and I think the new infrastructure combines the web plus cellular plus WiFi (which we call the Hypernet), combined with potential new user experiences that involve billions of nodes and millions of clouds (which we call the Hyperweb).

This is also called HotSpot 2.0 and it is one of the waves I discuss in my book.

Hotspot 2.0 is an industry initiative that will use 802.11u to provide seamless automatic Wi-Fi authentication and handoff, allowing mobile users to roam between the networks without additional authentication
*this can also include other devices and objects

Gartner's Akshay Sharma made this prediction for Hotspot 2.0:

" Hotspot 2.0 with FMC will be the dominant (over 50%) approach for carriers to achieve carrier grade 4G offload by 2015"

 The ability for any device to switch between cell tower and wi-fi (without user having to do anything) is the next big thing for it WiFi 2.0 or the "Hypernet".

 Several tech experts have called it the "holy grail patent". A tiny company just received this patent in a long court dispute and are now starting to monetize it.

We put together a summary of this technology/company  that has the key patent for Hotspot 2.0 and which we consider a VERY RISKY "100 Bagger" opportunity.
(this company is currently in settlement negotiations with TMobile)

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