Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stop Online Piracy Act


Managing digital rights is an investing wave to start watching. The ease of digital production and distribution (and duplication) has created a conundrum for digital content owners.

Where is the line between sharing and stealing?

Do you know what SOPA is?

The (SOPA)Stop Online Piracy Act in a nutshell

Here's how it affects you.

How it is affecting companies that register domains (GoDaddy)

Using digital watermarks and a spider that browses the Net for illegal digital reproductions. Here's a company that is has the patent, and the competitive advantage for this investing trend.

Digital Locking "Digital Media Distribution Method and System" (Granted US 20020146122) This patent provides a method of locking digital content which prevents play back on unauthorized machines and devices. Claims include separating security from the content, so that content files can be shared securely over peer to peer networks. This is one of the earliest patents for securing peer to peer distributed content.

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