Monday, March 12, 2007

BeeTagg Using PWH For Mobile Marketing And Mobile Search

Physical World Connection player BeeTagg has been making great strides with BeeTaggs for both mobile marketing and search functions.

A couple things I like about BeeTagg. Their code is very easy to identify which gives them a great advantage for mobile marketing. Second, they recognize that a physical world hyperlink (PWH) will be used both as an advertising tool AND a mobile information application.

We will Rock You” goes BeeTagg: The word famous Rock-Musical from Queen uses BeeTagg in all communication materials in CH, i.e. millions of flyers, thousands of advertising posters covering Switzerland and southern germany, advertisements in bigger newspapers in Switzerland. You can download ringtones, videos and pictures, buy tickets, win travels and tickets and much more. This is one of the major yellow pages directories in Switzerland. For every company in Switzerland it is now possible to use a BeeTagg to download detailed company information to your mobile.

The BeeTagg is automatically displayed in search results on the searchfox-portal. We think that this is a great example of the reasonable use of 2d-codes on web pages.

Getting the BeeTagg application on a major portal like Searchfox opens the door for both mobile marketing and search applications.

BMW: The BMW Motorcycle Corporation of Switzerland is using BeeTagg to promote their new X-Series Bikes. The BeeTagg is used on many events including Swiss Moto (biggest bike fair in CH), in many communications materials, on stickers and as display at most BMW dealers in CH. Users can download detailed product information, participate in an attractive contest, download videos and more.


diosnegro said...

At Morelia, a city near from Mexico City, about Novembder 2006 we made an urban mobile treasure hunt, using the BeeTag technology… about 10 teams, with 10 people each, participle with their cell phones to win the price.

Scott Shaffer said...

link to BeeTag campaign

Video of BeeTag in action

Anonymous said...

The important thing is that the tag also gives a visual clue of what the tag connects to. This should be a basic element of any tagging process.