Thursday, March 15, 2007

Microsoft Buys Speech Recognition Browser TellMe

Microsoft buys a speech recognition browser

When you read this remember that the spoken word is technically a physical world hyperlink. Saying the word "Google" links you to on any device. There are/will be trillions of other physical world hyperlinks that will need a browser.

From USA Today Microsoft buys speech recognition company TellMe

Microsoft announced Wednesday that it is buying privately held speech recognition maker Tellme Networks in a deal believed to be in the range of $800 million.

With the deal, Microsoft gains a company with deep expertise in speech recognition and the intersection of voice and data, an area of keen interest to the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant.

Are we seeing Microsoft transform themselves into a "mobile Internet company"?

Now think about the trillion other physical world hyperlinks (1D code, 2D code, RFID tags, images, fingerprints etc) that will need a browser to connect objects to the Net.

Microsoft already has the browser for the barcodes .

Are they developing an RFID browser ?

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