Thursday, March 22, 2007

AOL Is Sitting On A Goldmine...But Do They Know It?

Laura Marriott from the Mobile Marketing Association discusses how short codes and text messaging are impacting mobile marketing.

In addition AOL announced a plugin for their instant messenger that reveals IM buddy locations.

I can see AOL, if they use some creative thinking, to become a true mobile player.

Unknown to many, CSCs are the five- or six-digit text messaging (or SMS) numbers marketers provide to consumers so they can interactively engage in a campaign.

Mobile allows brands to connect with their consumers like never before. It gives them the chance to develop a one-to-one dialogue and relationship with consumers anytime, anywhere. CSCs are one way to do exactly this. They allow brands to offer easy-to-use, relevant, entertaining information that ultimately drives consumer action.

Maybe an AOL Yellow Pages ?

Do you think AOL realizes they are sitting on a goldmine

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