Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Physical World Connection Helps Combat Counterfeiting

Every prescription drug bottle, or pharmaceutical product will eventually get its own domain (website) and when the 2D code or RFID tag is scanned will connect to the site and verify the authenticity.

The 2D code or RFID tag acts as a physical world hyperlink to the Internet.

Unlike RFID, the 2D barcode matrix can be read by barcode readers that are already widely available in the supply chain.

From in-Pharma Mobile phones call up counterfeits

A twist on an existing security technology will use enhanced mobile phones to help establish the authenticity of pharmaceutical products in developing countries.

The authentication system, developed by UK-based firm Aegate , uses a simple 2D barcode along with a scanner device incorporated into an existing mobile phone. The barcode is scanned by the phone, and is then decoded by Aegate software and a response sent through to the mobile phone confirming or questioning a product's authenticity.

Other examples of pharmaceutical companies combatting counterfeiting.

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