Thursday, March 29, 2007

Telefonica Moviles Adopts Physical World Connection Platform

Another major carrier adopts a PWC platform.

Telefónica Moviles the largest mobile phone operator in Spain (under the movistar brand) launched a Physical World Connection campaign involving the brand Tomb Raider with 2 dimension codes.

They have licensed a specific PWC platform and have labeled them "BIDI"'s (bi-dimensional codes). 2d codes.

Curious PP readers find out what platform is being used when they download the application and open it up.

Telefonica Moviles uses 2d codes for marketing

Tomb Raider presentation (in English)

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trippytom said...

So what platform was it? Telephonica and ScanBuy have had a relationship going back a few years, I assume it would be their platform ... but you never know.