Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Air Force Uses Mobile Barcodes For Recruitment

I like seeing a major advertising agency like Omnicom Group starting to incorporate physical world hyperlinks in their campaigns.

It looks like this campaign is using EZ Codes .

From AdAge Air Force turns to mobile marketing to up recruitment

On April 13, fans wandering around the sidelines of the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas will be the first to experience the mobile arm of GSD&M's "Do Something Amazing" campaign for the United States Air Force.

The Air Force said it has hit all its recruitment goals since hiring the Omnicom Group agency, and with 81% of the Air Force's target audience toting cellphones, mobile was an obvious next step.

The tease? As part of the Air Force's "Do Something Amazing" tour, which makes stops at motocross, Nascar and other sporting events around the country, Bluetooth transmitters will be set up in areas around the tracks and stadiums. The transmitters ping any mobile device set to accept messages sent via Bluetooth, sending consumers invitations to stop by the tour and "check out what it's like to do something amazing."

Once inside the event space, consumers will find pods dedicated to each of the career paths the Air Force has to offer. Within those pods will be stickers sporting QR quick-response codes that will enable users to download documentary-style videos to their phones about Air Force careers.


Anonymous said...

You were late to the game. The story was told here.

Scott Shaffer said...

Great job.

Glad to see you're picking up on the innovative campaigns EZ Codes are being used for.