Saturday, April 28, 2007

Washington Nationals Use Mobile Barcodes For Tickets

From Moldova Washington Nationals to deliver tickets to mobile phones

The US people (?) can now be happy, because the Washington Nationals, MLB Advanced Media and announced that the Nationals have become the first major organization in the U.S. to deliver event tickets to mobile phones.

Using technology provided by, the Tickets@Phone program allows users to have their tickets sent to their phone via MMS or picture message.

The message includes a unique barcode and standard ticket information. The ticket received is scanned from the phone at a designated gate, allowing users to quickly enter the ballpark


Anonymous said...

Interesting..I'd be interested to learn what's the minimal screen resolution (hence reach on phones) does this technology require, given the code they chose to use. Also, does this mean that every baseball/football/other arena in the US would have code scanning hardware? IMHO, two key factor for mass consumer adoption.

Anonymous said...

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Ron said...

Hi Scott, This codes are brought to you by the Mobile Barcode Platform of Mobiqa. They have made some interesting strategic deals with and ticketmaster to distribute tickets to phones.

Togheter with them we are doing a train project with readrs integrated in turnstiles creating a permanent self-service solution.

cheers, Ron