Friday, April 20, 2007

Nokia Mobile Codes In Beta....What's Next?

Physical World Connection gets a big boost.

Nokia starts offering the ability to create and read Mobile Codes. Microsoft offers the ability to create your own 2d codes too. Recently the largest consumer good packaging company in the world announced they would be placing them on packaging.

I think the chicken and egg are pretty much covered here. To complete the loop, a social network site should starting offering the ability to create and scan 2d codes too. Let the targeted demographic determine the creative applications for these codes.

The quicker consumers and corporations can create their own 2d codes (physical world hyperlinks) through a universal platform, the quicker PWC gets adopted.

On Nokia's Beta Site , they are offering the ability to create a 2d code (Mobile Code), and several software applications (downloadable), that allow you to scan the Mobile Codes with a Nokia camera phone. If you have a Nokia N93, N93i, N95 or E90, you will find the Nokia barcode reader preinstalled on your device, ready to scan mobile codes around you.

If the carriers that work with the compatible Nokia phones were smart, they would start offering the ability to create Mobile Codes (physical world hyperlinks) on their site.

If I am Nokia, I would be looking for sites that allow individuals to continuously generate content. Know which ones I would target first?

Can you see how Google could incorporate 2d code creating ability into their advertising mix?

What are 2D codes?
'Mobile codes' are in fact 2D codes, two-dimensional codes that can hold much more data than ordinary barcodes - linear 1D codes - due to their matrix structure.

The Mobile Code for The Pondering Primate.

In what format are the mobile codes I have created?
We like open standards: the two currently available open-standard formats for 2D codes are Datamatrix (DM) and Quick Response (QR). Our site uses currently the Datamatrix standard. Some of the readers proposed on this site can read QR codes as well, including the Nokia barcode reader

Learn more about Nokia's Mobile Code project


Marc Fonteijn said...

Wondering what the 2d code strategy is at Nokia HQ considering the recent deal they have with scanbuy.

hiijacker said...

I was wondering the same thing.

I wonder... said...

Looks like its only for s60, where is the Java support J2ME the bane of mobile developers everywhere, write once, run everywhere?? Not bloody likely...

PhilKer said...

Wondering witch encoding technology they use. Is it an Abbaxia one ? In this case it is a proprieritary grammar so I don't think that it's an open one, as there is 4 different readers it seems to be an open Nokia grammar ? Is anybody knows ? Thanks

PhilKer said...

I wonder which "grammar" Nokia use for to encode the 2D barcode, is it the Abbaxia one ? I believed that the Abbaxia decoding scheme (grammar) was proprietary so in this case why can we find 4 different readers decoding the 2D code ? So is it a Nokia encoding/decoding scheme ? Thanks.

LargelyPolitical said...

Good post and blog, Here is a post I developed as part of a series titled The Internet of Things. It is surprising that QR codes have taken this long to reach America and be adopted by the advertising crowd. Apparently, they don’t know a good thing when they see it.