Sunday, April 22, 2007

XXScan Offers Complete Physical World Connection Mobile Marketing And Commerce Solution

XXtreme Measures with their XXScan platform , is no stranger to the Pondering Primate.

This time last year I said they offered the most complete physical world connection mobile marketing package.

Xxtreme Measures, LLC is a technology based marketing company with offices in the U.S., Japan, Brazil, UK, and China. XXtreme's Xxtreme Pay, Inc Merchant Services and Mobile Payment Technology that specializes in m-commerce, e-commerce, T-commerce and have build a unique off-deck and On-deck physical world connection solution.

Today they are unveiling XxScan that uses XXCodes to link the physical world to the Internet. XxScan offers an end to end solution from Code+Application+Payment Gateway+Merchant Services..... a one stop shop.

They provided physical world connection marketing campaigns with Time Warner, a major movie launch .

XxScanTM provides easy access to the content when related to a unique Interactive XxCodeTM barcodes.

Simply point your camera phone at the Xx-CodesTM or enter a 7 digit premium code in software and you are instantly directed to the associated content -music,
videos, media, graphics, text’s, pictures, applications and more.

XxScan TM eliminates the need for manual multi-key-tap-entry and lets you get to content faster!

Xxscan is focusing on spreading Xxscan's XxCodes virally on multi platforms, like MySpace .

To download the XXScan application or point your mobile browser to or .

supported phones

US and Interntaional Carriers


hiijacker said...

This must be in Beta becuase I searched high and low. There is no application to download.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like XxScan is using eZcodes ... Or should I say, Visual Codes.

"The mapping of content related to a barcode is done based on the unique ID."

Hmmmm, I know another company who's IP covers this very procress ;)