Saturday, August 18, 2007

Daily Disruptions

The Pondering Primate is adding a new feature called "Daily Disruptions".

The Pondering Primate was created to discuss the disruptive effect a mobile phone and a physical world hyperlink would have. I coined the term "Physical World Hyperlinks" and have spent the majority of this blog discussing Physical World Connection.

Daily Disruptions will be a weekly post will highlight news stories and technologies that in my opinion, could have a disruptive impact and lead to tomorrow's "killer app". Daily Disruptions will cover all industries and include breakthrough technologies, mandates, current events.

These are stories that make me ponder as I look for the next great investment.

Speed of light broken

Gene turns cancers off

Computing breakthrough could elevate security to unprecedented levels

Electronic fields kill tumors

Dramatic chip-cooling potential for future computers

Making deaf ears hear with light

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