Friday, August 17, 2007

Veritec, Launches Tickets via Cell Phone

Veritec Launches Tickets via Cell Phone

Veritec, Inc., announced their launch of a revolutionary new products named PhoneCodes(C) that allow consumers to buy and receive tickets, as well as gift(s), or customer-loyalty rewards via an electronic media using Veritec's 2-D barcode technology.Veritec

The Saint Paul (MN) Saints baseball club and their ticket processing company, Glitner Corporation (NY), in conjunction with Veritec, Inc., has become the first organization to employ the new technology.

Veritec's new TicketCode(C) (a 2-dimensional bar code) allows cell phone owners to purchase an event ticket and have the ticket (TicketCode(C)) sent to their cell phone. The day of the event the gate attendant will scan the TicketCode(C) from the cell phone, validate its authenticity and admit the patron once validated.

the Veritec's 2-D Barcode, PhoneCodes(C), not only work for the distribution of tickets (TicketCode(C)) but can be used to send gift certificates, GiftCode(C), for birthday, anniversary, graduation, or whatever else, as well as coupons, CouponCode(C), for customer loyalty rewards such as two-meals-for-the-price-of-one at restaurants, discounts on purchases exceeding a certain dollar value at retail stores, and as a receipt when purchasing products over the Internet, a ReceiptCode(C) can be sent to the customer's cell phone as proof of purchase.

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