Friday, August 03, 2007

Wall Street Journal Highlights Mobile Bar Codes And Physical World Connection

The Wall Street Journal has a story called All The World's A Page (free for 7 days) that discusses how mobile barcodes and camera phones are making everything "clickable".

The article highlights three of the companies on the Physical World Connection company list, Semapedia, Mobiqa, and ZapCode.

"What you'd be looking at is a Semapedia tag, a printout containing something called a QR bar code. Software on your camera phone will read the bar code just as one of those scanners in a supermarket would, but instead of a price it would decode a link to a Web page on the peer-produced online encyclopedia Wikipedia".

American Alexis Rondeau, 28, one of the duo who dreamed up the nonprofit Semapedia project in 2005, puts it "kind of like turning the world into a clickable Web page."

"Keith Russell, Hong Kong-based business development manager for Scottish mobile ticketing company Mobiqa , says his company has seen the bar code take off in the U.S. as a device to deliver event tickets to cellphones. Singapore Press Holdings has launched a service in the city-state called ZapCode that allows people to access information via a colorful bar code"

This is the second major story highlighting Physical World Connection

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