Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Next Google Is The "Pipe" Gatekeeper

Last week I posted a story called Who Or What Is The Next Google?

A simple infomercial allowed me to ponder what the Next Google will be.

Google is great at delivering relevant ads when we search for content online, but they can only analyze (for now) one stream in our "pipe" and only when we actively use their site on it.Express101

The Next Google will be able to analyze all content coming in and out of our "pipe", from ALL devices, whether it is used actively or passively.

Using a recent incident, I can envision what the Next Google is and how valuable the info it generates is worth to many industries.

This past week I was doing the old surfing(besides the Net) through TV channels and came across an infomercial for the Express101 Meal Cooker, a waffle-like contained George Foreman cooking device.

For 39.95 I thought I would try it out, so I called the 800 number on the screen to order. They use a speech recognition system to take orders. After a couple of "I'm sorry if that isn't correct" responses, I decided to go online and buy the device. In order to confirm the order, I had to give them my email address.

After I received my purchase confirm email, I realized what the Next Google is or does.

The Next Google will be able to determine and utilize the following info:

- how "sticky" that Express101 infomercial was
- what ad I WAS watching when I started surfing
- how long it took me to watch the ad before I called to order,
- the/whose speech recognition application did not work
- the phone number I used to place the order
- how long after failing to get a response from speech recog did I go online
- what website is my home page and what browser I use (more info to come with ipV6)
- did I type in the specific URL or did I use a search engine to find the product site
- if I used a search engine, what keywords did I use
- what credit card I used to buy the product
- what my email address is
- did I click on any of the ads on that site
- did I continue to watch the infomercial after I bought the product

Think of how much more relevant and targeted advertising can be on ALL of your connected devices when ALL of your "pipe" behavior is take into consideration.

Software is going on millions of set-top boxes and collects all of this data. In my opinion they will be the "Next Google".


Anonymous said...

You mentioned that there is a company doing this now and a software suite being embedded on millions of set top boxes.

Does this next "Google" have a name?

Scott Shaffer said...

This was their presentation they gave to Google.