Saturday, August 11, 2007

Physical World Connection..A Nirvana For VCs And Ponderers

Digital Video Editing has a nice summary of the investment opportunities coming with the Internet Of Things
Internet of things
This "Internet of Things" or the "pervasive Internet" is a new paradigm that describes a world where inanimate objects of every conceivable type - from toothbrushes and toasters to environmental monitors, motor vehicles and industrial machines - will communicate effortlessly through a network that - thanks to wireless and fiber optics - is beginning to bathe the planet.

"When data is being gathered from everywhere in real time - whether it's a farmer's field, a machine in a manufacturing facility, a stream of financial transactions, or even from your refrigerator," says Opdendyk, "it puts demands on the hardware, network, and software design that are not accommodated by current technology.

The sheer scale of data involved is huge.

Add to this the opportunity for creative, new applications that can feast on all of this new data, and you suddenly have a need for an entirely new set of companies to lead the revolution.

It's Nirvana for VC's - a new technology application wave.

When pondering, the opportunities I see for the next technology application wave are:

1. software/hardware (solution) that resolves any type of physical world hyperlink

2. a "registry" for domains that will be issued for every device (that will dwarf the number of website domains) Verisign

3. a network provider that can ensures a secure network for these devices (it's one thing if your website is hacked, it's something completely different if your machinery is)

4. a delivery system/platform that can move any sized data from a physical object through the network (what good is having objects connected and providing data if they cant transmit and receive it)

What applications/investment opportunities do you see with the Internet of Things?

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