Friday, August 03, 2007

MobiTMS Lands Nike And Nescafe As Mobile Bar Code Clients

Physical World Connection player MobiTMS have been busy landing major brands for mobile bar code campaigns (Physical World Connection).

In one of their biggest wins to date, NIKE launched the first “Mobile 2.0” Ads campaign in ASIA using TMS, the suite of Internet Mobile Services. For the first step of this campaign 4 NBA stars (Lebron James, Kidds, Pierce, Soudemare) will be associated to a barcode linked to mobile goods to download.

Nike barcodeHow cool is seeing Lebron James with a 2D barcode? The campaign is showing in outdoor billboards (8 / 11 feet) and in magazines like FHM and in NIKE stores.


Nike bar code

Nescafe Philippine decide to use one of the TMS Ads program “Sponsoring link” to launch a Ads campaign targeted at teens.

The TMS barcodes inside Game Magazine (one of the most popular teens magazines) will be associate to Nescafe for an interactive relationship with the readers. Nescafe will offer a direct download of Ring Tones and videos.

Last month TMS provided mobile barcodes for Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera and had MTV as a marketing partner.

MobiTMS ( ) is the provider of the wireless TMS suite of Internet Mobile services - the SMS 2.0 - a mobile solution allowing consumers to Find, Access, Chat, Surf and Buy contents or products with mobile phones in 1 click.

TMS is “SIM card OPEN” and can be used everywhere in the world. The worldwide TMS Platform associates international & standard 2D barcode technology to a management mobile contents & M-Payment solution.

TMS is using Scanbuy's mobile code scanning platform.

See all of the campaigns and stories related to TMS.

Expect to see a major announcement from TMS.

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