Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Microsoft Offers Audio Hyperlinks For Ads

Dynamic audio hyperlinks for advertising?

From MediaPost Microsoft and Activated Content Offer Embedded Audio Hyperlinks

Activated Content has developed audio watermarking technology through a new license agreement with Microsoft announced Wednesday.

The technology lets advertisers connect with consumers on a variety of mobile devices and Internet protocol television (IPTV).

Audio watermarking plays an important role in tracking digital content or protecting media files from piracy, but Activated Content will offer the technology to advertisers that want to connect with consumers through broadcast, streaming or downloadable media.

It could mean a cultural change that requires consumers to seek out the advertisement for more information or to buy a product or a service.

An early advertising model might let consumers purchase a song heard on the radio with a click of a button.

The technology listens to the audio, recognizes the encoded watermark and directs the listener through a link to an advertisement or promotional offering without interrupting or disrupting the audio or video content in movies, videos or high-definition radio on mobile devices, laptops or IPTV.

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