Thursday, April 17, 2008

The CueCat Doesn't Seem So Dumb Now

Was connecting the physical world to the Net a dumb idea, or the CueCat device?

When barcodes can be scanned using a camera phone (Physical World Connection), billions of URLS get added to the Internetcuecat database, hundreds of billions of physical objects become become "physical websites".

Pay per click morphs into "pay per scan" and brands are able to interact with a consumer anywhere and anytime via mobile phone.

Kelson has an interesting story about barcodes, the CueCat and Physical World Connection called Linking The Real And Virtual.

Was the CueCat ahead of its time?

CueCat was a single-purpose device that scanned barcodes and was tied to the desktop.

There has been plenty of discussion of the CueCat being a dumb idea. The device might be considered dumb, but the idea of linking any physical object to the Internet could be a multi-billion dollar opportunity....not so dumb.


Anonymous said...

Scott can these revenues start to be generated FY08.. or are we still a few years away < i hear all these trials but still don'r see any brands or cxr's dopting this so I can use it myself.. thanks in advance

Dave said...

Thanks Scott. It only took 10 years for the world to catch up to my idea if live and real time content triggered from the physical world...