Tuesday, April 01, 2008

NextCode Works With Kanematsu And Kraft Foods For Physical World Connection


From Media Post Mobile Users Searching For Local Consumption

Moira Jacobs, director of business development for the mobile solutions group at Kanematsu USA, a mobile solutions provider, came to the conference to learn more about mobile commerce and integrating two-dimensional bar code technology on product packaging, print and television advertising. The codes let consumers download information to their mobile phones.

Kanematsu is working with Kraft Foods in the United States to develop a way to put 2-D bar codes from Boston-based NextCode on product packaging, connecting consumers to nutritional information, recipes, coupons, and more on the company's Web site.

The technology relies on a standard camera in mobile phones, but does require consumers to download a small application. "You either need to download a Brew application on your phone, similar to the one we developed, a Java application, or in the future phones could come pre-loaded with the application on the handset," Jacobs says.

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