Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mobile Discovery Links The Physical World With Mobile Bar Codes

Add privately held Mobile Discovery and their CodeIntelligence to the list of companies that link a mobile phone and a physical object to the Internet.

The company was founded to help advertisers breathe new life into print media and to help wireless carriers develop new revenue streams stemming wireless data services. This is accomplished by offering traditional print advertisers a disruptive and convergence-enabling service, which delivers a new and revolutionary customer experience.

Case studies include Billboard Magazine, Wired Magazine and Sprint Website.
When Sprint decided to use codes online they chose Mobile Discovery’s Code Management Platform (CMP). Called CodeIntelligence™

codeintelligence mobile discovery

By combining mobile 2D code technology with advanced intelligence Mobile Discovery delivers benefits via sophisticated backend infrastructure hidden behind a simple and intuitive GUI that puts control in the hands of art directors, brand managers and product manages.

Using the Mobile Discovery CodeIntelligence™ platform, advertisers can create, deploy, manage and measure a print ad campaign injected with new media capabilities. This new solution extends the value of print ads by making them interactive, multi-media and e-commerce enabled.

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