Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Photovoltaic Paint Provides Disruption For Renewable Energy Industry

Photovoltaic paint, also known as liquid solar cells, has the potential to disrupt not only the solar cell space, but the entire renewable energy industry too.

From Renewable Energy Solar Paint on Steel Could Generate Renewable Energy Soon

In three years, buildings covered in steel sheets could be generating large amounts of solar electricity, thanks to a new photovoltaic paint (liquid solar cells) that is being developed in a commercial photovoltaic paintpartnership between UK university researchers and the steel industry.

The photovoltaic paint is made up of a layer of dye and a layer of electrolytes and can be applied as a liquid paste.

The paste is applied to steel sheets when they are passed through the rollers during the manufacturing process.

Because the photovoltaic paint has none of the material limitations of conventional silicon-based solar cell, it could, at least in theory, provide terawatts of clean solar electricity at a low cost in the coming decades.

These new solar cells also have the advantage of being able to absorb across the visible spectrum. That makes them more efficient at capturing low radiation light than conventional solar cells.

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Andrea said...

Dear Scott,
it could be interesting if somebody
commercialize the paints. Any news?

Scott P. Shaffer said...

There are a few private companies that are doing this.
I have been doing my homework on them.