Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Could The Smart Meter Be "The Next PC"?

As more computing functions take place on the "cloud", there is a new computing device that will be required to stay at home to function properly.

Given all the functions the smart meter can perform, and money it can save, will it be considered the "Next PC"?

From N.Y.Times Smart Meters Open Market For Smart Apps

embedded in the promise of an improved, 21st-century “smart grid” are “smart meters,” which are quietly gaining ground in American households as utilities replace aging meters with high-tech, networked versions.

The units provide real-time, two-way communication between customer and power company.

And as the smart-meter market grows, so too does the demand for networking, software and hardware tools to make it all work.

Yesterday Pacific Gas & Electric announced they would be spending $1.7 billion to replace 5.1 million electric meters and 4.2 million natural gas meters with so-called smart meters by 2011.

Pennsylvania to give every home and business a smart meter.

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