Thursday, October 09, 2008

Google Could Help You Save Energy

smart meter
Power grids throughout the world will need to undergo a dramatic buildout and restructuring to accommodate both an increased demand for energy and a switch to renewable power.

Eric Schmidt of Google once stated

"The opportunity to remake the (power) grid is not unlike the opportunities of the Internet and the PC".

From Yahoo News Google Could Help You Save Energy

At a speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that as part of its recently announced collaboration with General Electric, the search engine giant is currently looking at designing tools to help consumers understand their energy consumption.

Google has also been actively looking at utilities' smart meter projects, he said, and at using its strong connection with consumers to play a role in consumer energy management.

In fact, out of all of Google's grand energy schemes -- among them its $4.4 trillion energy proposal, its $45 million investment into energy-related startups, and its plug-in vehicle project -- energy data management could be one of the only places where Google plans to generate revenues.

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