Wednesday, October 01, 2008

US Geological Survey Suggests Geothermal Offers Greater Potential Than Previous Assessments

The U.S. Geological Survey assessment released today is the first national geothermal resource estimate in more than 30 years.

The resource estimate for unconventional EGS is more than an order of magnitude larger than the combined estimates for both identified and undiscovered conventional geothermal resources and, if successfully developed, could provide an installed geothermal electric power generation capacity equivalent to about half of the currently installed electric power generating capacity in the United States.

"The results of this assessment point to a greater potential for geothermal power production than previous assessments," said Dirk Kempthorne, U.S. Secretary of the Interior. "Geothermal energy is not only a renewable resource, but could significantly contribute to our domestic energy resource base."

Google recently invested in breakthrough geothermal technology.


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