Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The "Pollypill" (Red Heart Pill) Is Ready For Human Trials

A strategy to reduce cardiovascular disease by more than 80%.

A new "Four In One" Pill will halve strokes and related deaths.

The most awaited drug, a polypill is ready for human trials.

This polypill named as New Four-In-One Pill Will Halve Strokes And Related Deaths the Red Heart pill, is a combination of four effective medicines. The human trials for this pill will start this week. Researchers who made the pollypill believe that this drug has potential to half strokes and heart attack related deaths.

The aid for the polypill reaserch were provided by the Wellcome Trust and the British Heart Foundation.

The four drugs combined in this pill are aspirin, statin to lower cholesterol, an ACE inhibitor and a thiazide to counter high blood pressure.

Wald and Law postulated that by using a combination of well known, cheap medications in one pill (the "Polypill") would be a particularly effective treatment against cardiovascular disease.

They presented a statistical model which suggested widespread use of the polypill could reduce mortality due to heart disease and strokes by up to 80%


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Wondeful!!!
So we are going to have a "one pill does all". It is well documented that STATINS remove CoQ10 from body cells. CoQ10 is found in all our cells and is necessary for proper cell function. We are all born alkali neutral and leave this this world pretty much acidic.
Keep it up big pharma--the FDA loves your--shall we say "presentations"

WRHUMP said...

Who makes the Pill and How do you get