Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top Ten Tech Trends At Churchill Club

Barron's Tech Trader Daily has a nice summary of the Top 10 Tech Trends discussed at the Churchill Club.

Some of the greatest thinkers and venture capitalists gave their opinions.

* Steve Jurvetson, Draper Fisher Jurvetson.
* Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures.
* Josh Kopelman, First Round Capital.
* Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners.
* Joe Schoendorf, Accel Partners.
* Tony Perkins, of Always On, is the moderator.

Some highlights I found of interest.

From Roger McNamee: Betting on smart phones: The mobile device migration to smart phones from features phones will produce even greater disruption than PC industry moving from character mode to graphical interface.

From Vinod Knosla: Projectors in cell phones in next two years. More than one camera per cell phone; high priority for Texas Instruments. Critical ingredient is high speed networks, which we will have in next 2-3 years.

In 4-5 years will have production proof that can sell biofuel at well below $2 a gallon at today’s tax structure and no subsidy. Can’t imagine how big oil can stay in business if that is an alternative. Zero land needed to replace 100% of our gasoline.

From Joe Schoendorf: Water tech will replace global warming as a global priority.
Khosla says in 25-30 years, water will be rarer commodity than oil, and more valuable. Khosla says he is invested in two water companies, and looking for more. Schoendorf notes that T. Boone Pickens is selling oil companies and buying water companies.

McNamee: Massive shift in Internet traffic from PCs to smaller devices. Within 10 years, more Internet traffic from your person than all other locations put together. Maybe actually more transaction, as opposed to bits, he corrects, given HD video traffic over the Internet at home.

For Barron's complete summary.

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