Thursday, February 04, 2021

How To Hide Your Browsing From Google


There are a bunch of solutions out there (VPN, Tor, DuckDuckGo etc) that claim they can hide your browsing from Google.

Here is the truth....while they are all good products, they don't hide your browsing from Google.

Google has some type of their script on almost EVERY website. (Analytics, Ads, Maps, Youtube, reCAPTCHA etc).

So when you visit a site, Google can identify you by your computer. It doesn't matter if you used a private search engine, a VPN or a private browser.

To see how many Google Trackers are on a website, visit PageXray.

There you can see just how many Google trackers are on a site.

You can test to see if Google is able to track you online with this simple test. Try this with your VPN, Tor or Brave browser.

Go to Google Images

Click the camera icon.


Then click upload an image, then click browse.


If it opened your computer, that means Google is able to see and basically touch your computer on every site they have script on.

 In order to hide your browsing from Google, the browser cannot run on your device, but in the cloud...a cloud browser or a virtual private browser.

Google will still be able to track this browsing, but they will tracking a server, and NOT YOUR COMPUTER.

So every search, on every search engine,  is private. Every site you visit you will be anonymous.

When you want to be completely anonymous and virus free on the Web, get the ONLY virtual private browser.