Friday, July 22, 2011

Move Over Bill And Andy, Steve Is Now Leading

 This week marked a tipping point in the world domination of technology leadership. For years Microsoft's Windows and Intel's chips, known as "WinTel", represented the "Gorillas" in the technology space. These 2 companies had the key enabling technology for the PC industry. Their market caps combined MSFT (220B) and INTC (120B) equal $340B.

Think about how many "computers" have that Apple logo..iPods, iPads, MacBooks etc. Each one of those represents a new PC. Now consider all of those PCs have an Apple operating system inside too.

As the PC went mobile, a new leader emerged, Apple. When Apple announced their earnings this week their share price appreciated enough as their market capitalization exceeded $350B.

 Apple, sitting on $76B cash, is now worth more than Microsoft and Intel combined. A new leader has emerged.

What I see next:

As computing shifts from the device to the cloud, a new leader will emerge. There will be a new gorilla. The "power" of processing will take place on some server miles away from your device. Google's Chromebook and its 8 second bootup and limited software programs will be the new norm.

Content on your device will shift to being stored on the cloud. Gaining access to it will be CRITICAL, there's the area I would watch. Devices will rely on Net connections now more than ever. Access and security will play key roles going forward.

Microsoft, Intel and Cisco, once the "Kings of Tech" have fallen. We are witnessing the next generation of technology.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Augme Buys Mobile Barcode Player Jag Tag

Cisco predicted 50 billion "things" will be connected to Net by 2020. The "Internet of Things" is definitely a trend to watch.

A barcode represents a URL to a camera phone, or a physical world hyperlink. Any physical object can now be linked to the Internet.

JagTag, one of the companies on my Physical World Connection list, was acquired by Augme today.

(the Physical World Connection list should provide some additional acquisition candidates)

More thoughts on Physical World Connection here.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Will This Be The Final Curtain For Newspapers?

I just saw a TV ad for CouponSuzy. A site that lets you print out coupons from your favorite consumer goods.

They also offer a Daily Deal section too.

What I am wondering is this.

How much revenue do the coupons generate for local newspapers?

If you can get the same coupons online (from a plethora of coupon sites), does this stick a fork in the local newspaper?

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Friday, July 08, 2011

Cognitive Vision From The Pondering Primate

 The overall theme I saw this week. Major disruption ahead for the wireless provider industry.

Facebook users can chat through Skype link
Does this make Microsoft a player again?

The possibilities for this partnership are huge. How does this impact mobile phone providers?

Google in talks to buy Hulu. link
I am wondering if Google's ownership of YouTube will prevent this from happening. A video monopoly? Largest media could get a lot bigger.

WiFi hotspots represent the new cell network link
Mobile carriers should be concerned. Technology that let cell calls seamlessly switch from cell to hotspot should be huge.

A rare earth discovery in Japan could ease supply issues link

Justin Timberlake spends $35m to buy MySpace. link. Imagine what he could do with a membership of 135 million members. Change the name of the site and target a certain demographic or industry.

Something to ponder. Who really owns your data once you upload it to the cloud? link

Skype owns 50% of the VOIP market link

Digital currency the next go? link

Your privacy on Google will be gone on July 31 link
Does this allow them to share it now too?

Mobile payments and digital goods will dominate. link
Your mobile phone is slowly morphing into a wallet.

The end of unlimited data plans for mobile? link
The tipping point for VOIP services?What happens when video takes off?

A new high speed network link

Should wireless carriers be concerned?

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Will WiFi Hotspots Replace Cell Towers?

You may not realize it yet but your home will soon become a cell tower.

Every coffee shop, airport, book store, mall, stadium will have them too.

When a wi-fi router is added to a broadband Internet connection, it becomes a wireless broadband “cell tower”.

GigaOm discusses the future of the cell phone network saying the future of cellular service the Wi-Fi hotspot will have a starring role. link

The rapid increase of data being sent across the mobile network will force mobile carriers to push this traffic to a more efficient and faster highway, the wifi hotspot.

Technology that enables this has been called The Next Big Thing For Mobile

The easiest and most cost effective solution for wireless carriers to solve this upcoming bandwidth bottleneck is to enable a cellphone on their network to seamless switch to a wi-fi network when the signal is too weak or it becomes cost effective.

Most cell phones are equipped with the necessary hardware to do this, the only thing missing is the software.
Want to know the company that has this software?

Think about it, every router represents a personal cell tower. Cities dont want to build more towers so why not use the hundreds or thousands of "towers" already established.

I found the company with software that enables seamless switching across any frequency that I call the Wireless Wonder.

One of the most prestigious consulting companies in the world gave this company their "Technology of the Year Award" and called this patented wireless technology "revolutionary".

If you would like to see what this technology is and what company owns it, email me with subject line "Wireless Wonder"

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Friday, July 01, 2011

Pondering Primate Weekly Highlights

Government passes bill preventing online intellectual property theft link

Google's Schmidt talks about the next trillion dollar industry link

Google shuts down Google Heath and Power Meter link

The end of cheap labor in China link

3D Industry..dead on arrival? link

12 Brands expected to go bust in 2012 link

Microsoft tests Wi-Fi over TV spectrum link

"All you can watch" model coming to movie theaters link

Google now activates 500,000 Android devices a day link

Amazon starts ad network link

Microsoft acknowledges Google's cloud is big threat to their business link

Companies are creating their own in house social networks link

Wi-Fi technology could connect power grid link

Facebook's Project Spartan offers web based platform for apps link

Colleges turn to outsourcing instructors link

Groupon IPO valued at $30B and now Living Social IPO valued at $15B, if this isn't a bubble in this space, I dont know what is. These companies are commodities with NO barrier to entry. In fact Google and FaceBook are already starting.

California taxes online shoppers and Amazon bails. link (Huge rupt)

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