Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keep An Eye On Shazam's Audio Recognition IP

Keep an eye on Shazam's audio recognition IP.  The guys at Kleiner Perkins recognized this by raising $32m for them this summer.

One of the upcoming investing themes I discuss in my book is "TV Commerce". When the TV becomes Internet enabled and YouTube increases video submissions to 30 minutes, major disruption will occur.

The Internet will take over the last device in the home..TV viewership and advertising will see a HUGE decline.

One technology that will play a key role in this transition is Shazam's "tagging" technology. Most use Shazam's app to identify a song. (Shazam made its debut as a clever app that could “listen” to the music playing on your radio in order to tell you what song was playing).

Advertisers and consumers will need to find a solution that "tags" items in a video.

However, in recent months, the company has been working on leveraging that same technology for use with TV advertising.

In early November, the company also partnered with Delivery Agent, allowing you to “tag” (that’s Shazam lingo for “identify”) a TV show itself. The first studio to participate in this venture is NBCUniversal, which now lets you tag “Covert Affairs” episodes to discover the clothing and accessories worn by the TV characters as well as offer you an opportunity to buy related NBC merchandise. MTV and various advertisers are also on board with this aptly dubbed “Shazam for TV” initiative. (Source TechCrunch)

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Do Fads And Businesses Come And Go Quicker On The Net?

 It's better to burn out 
Than to fade away
My my, hey hey....Neil Young

 Watching Groupon's IPO and with Zynga waiting on deck, I wonder...are we seeing a new business ?? Do fads and online businesses come and go quicker on the Net?

I still think Groupon will go down as the company that generated $1b faster than any company and will also go bankrupt quicker than any company to generate $1b.

Starting a website business requires very little capital but can start generating revenues immediately. A great idea/site can spread rapidly producing staggering revenue growth..but for how long?

Looking at Groupon's financials and most recently Zynga's, the two next Internet "blockbusters", I am wondering if the viral effect of the Net that caused their meteoric rise, will also kill them too. Their growth would have taken years for a pre-Internet company.

Do fads come and go faster on the Net?

Never click "Forgot your password" again with LoginRecall

Friday, November 11, 2011

Never Forget A User Name Or Password Again With LoginRecall

How many times a week do you click "Forgot password?"

After clicking "Forgot password?" for the umpteenth time, and having to rest my password (grrrrr), I figured there had to be a better way.

I didn't want to carry a notebook with me and I didn't want to store the info on my laptop.

I created an easy to use solution that allows me to keep track of every user name and password, regardless of the device.

I'm not kidding when i say I use this at least twice a day to remember a password.  It's not for the sites you use every day because those are easy to remember. It is for the sites that require special characters, lower/upper case letters and sites that you don't visit frequently.

Never forget a password again

It is so secure a stranger could stand over your shoulder and wouldnt have any idea what this means.

It is safer than a website (do you really want to trust a website with your sensitive info? )

In seconds, you can find any user name or password, for the websites you dont use that often.

There is NO tech support and and ONLY you will ever see your info.

Keep track of every user name and password has never been easier with LoginRecall.

For just a one time fee of $7.99, you will NEVER have to click "Forgot password" again.

As we register for more sites and the passwords get more involved, keeping track of your login info has never been harder.

 LoginRecall makes sure you will never click "Forgot password?' again.

If you dont find that LoginRecall makes your online life easier, I will give you your money back.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Death Of The CD Creates Another Industry

What was once breakthrough technology is now on its way to the grave. Because music is now being produced, manufactured and delivered digitally, protecting original ownership is creating another industry.

Digital watermarking is becoming a very sought after service.

One of the investing waves I discuss on the book How To Find Big Stocks is "digital asset management". New technologies will enable any digital content owner to protect unauthorized reproduction.

The major record labels are planning to kill off the CD format by the end of next year to make way for digital downloads only.

That's the claim made by music site Side-Line which says it heard whispers that the end of the CD is nigh from music industry insiders. (Source Reghardware)

To prevent theft, record labels have already started to place watermarks in the songs which allows them to trace any illegal copies on the Net. 

When labels discover an unauthorized copy of a song which they had previously given distribution rights to, they are able to use the system to find the identity of the person that made the copy.

I see the video and software industries adopting this next.

 I discovered a company with key intellectual property around this technology and record labels have already adopted it. Email me if you want their story.

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Could This Start A Trend?

There is a large investing wave coming that includes "digital asset management". Creating, manufacturing and distribution of digital content is so easy but that makes it easy to steal too.

Being able to place a tag inside any piece of digital content and track it through the Net, could give content owners control.

Now that record labels can trace back the source of the pirated content, will this announcement start a trend?

A new twist today in the battle of media companies trying to stop their content from being distributed by illegal means online: the UK’s main music trade body, the BPI, has today teamed up others in the creative industries to request BT  the UK’s leading broadband provider, to block access to Pirate Bay, one of the biggest sites for illegal music downloads using BitTorrent.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Say Goodbye To The Cash Register

 I started to notice stores using iPads as displays for showroom windows too. Now Verifone acquires Global Bay, the company that is transforming the cash register industry.

VeriFone said the acquisition is part of the company’s strategy to leverage mobile devices more going forward, including smartphones and tablets.

I see Verifone acquiring a company or technology that turns iPads into barcode or RFID tag scanning complete the entire checkout process.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Another Investing Wave To Watch

There's a wave I discuss on my book, that relates to the ease of digital content creation and distribution. This is a blessing and a curse for content owners.

A digital product can be reproduced and shared with thousands of people with the click of a mouse. Sharing, or stealing, has never been easier.

The new "manufacturing and distributing" method is creating a huge opportunity for companies that provide digital content control technology and for law firms looking for infringers/licensing revenues.

Placing a watermark in a digital item, and tracking its movement and reproduction across the Net, will be  invaluable for any digital content owner. 

Destiny Media and their digital locking technology was responsible for shutting down Napster.

Look for this wave to get lots of traction.

I have highlighted a couple companies that have a competitive advantage in this space (link)

Major Book Publisher Files Mass-BitTorrent Lawsuit

 John Wiley and Sons, one of the world’s largest book publishers, have sued 27 BitTorrent users at a federal court in New York. The publisher claims that the defendants have shared copies of its “For Dummies” books without permission, and demands compensation.

After several movie studios started filing lawsuits against BitTorrent users last year, Wiley is the first book publisher to take this kind of action.

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