Thursday, December 30, 2010

Internet 2.0 Is Officially Here

Interesting story on

After Groupon has almost completed its $950m raise (valuing them between $6-7B), there is a much bigger story.

The increase in big financial firms backing Internet startups. Why?

We think it's another sign of the internet finally turning into the internet -- becoming big enough that huge new businesses can be built overnight.

Low cost of capital, quick return on investment and worldwide consumers.

full story

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Looking To Make Your First Or Next Million?

Capitalize on this huge trend.

10,000 Boomers To Retire Every Day For 19 Years

Starting in January, more than 10,000 baby boomers a day will turn 65, a pattern that will continue for the next 19 years.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Happens When Largest Supplier Of Rare Earth Alloys Sets Export Quotas?

From WSJ China Considers Further Rare Earth Quotas

China, which supplies around 95% of the world's rare-earth metals

Beijing has been slashing annual export quotas for rare earths in recent years, a move that has led to increasing frustration among overseas buyers for the material widely used in high-tech batteries, mobile phones and defense products.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Gifts For Golfers..Longer Drives Guaranteed

 Don't know what to get your favorite golfer?

Try a bottle of BallGlide. An easy to use water based nanotech spray that adds distance to every drive.

A 2 ounce bottle will coat over 100 golf balls.

BallGlide offers a money back guarantee if you don't increase your distance.

See why BallGlide is the hottest selling item for golfers today!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Single Most Significant Internet Invention In Years

It is being called "the single most significant internet invention in years" and it will be publicly unveiled in days.

Email me if you would like to see what it is, and use it.

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Want Longer Golf Drives?

BallGlide Golf Balls Go
Just introduced BallGlide. (

BallGlide was proven in an F.A.A. wind tunnel test to reduce drag on an airplane by over 14%!

Mechanical testing proved to add an additional 5% to golf drives*

This technology is now available for golfers in an easy to use spray.

Because BallGlide reduces air friction, it not only allows your golf ball to go longer but straighter too. (less turbulence).

One 2 ounce bottle ($14.95) comes with a money back guarantee and coats over 100 golf balls. BallGlide is colorless, odorless and weightless. Nobody will know you're using it!

BallGlide does not alter the size, weight, symmetry or initial velocity of a golf ball. We intend to submit BallGlide to the U.S.G.A. for review. At this time we can not say it is on the U.S.G.A. Conforming List.

*A mechanical swing analysis machine verified that BallGlide added an average 5 % additional distance to each drive

Order BallGlide today  (ORDER)

Longer Golf Drives Guaranteed

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The GroupOn Killer...What Threatens This Industry And Who Has A Solution?

All the tech rags are talking about how fast the "group buying" industry is growing.

It's been called a Billion Dollar Web Trend

group buying will become one of the biggest Web trends of 2010, and the market leader will be one of the most closely-watched sites of the year.

The model is simple: The group-buying sites find local businesses willing to provide large discounts in return for spreading their names to new customers. Consumers log on daily, check out their hometown's deals and either sign up or ignore the deal. (link)

Groupon, the largest group buying site, is expected to generate $500 million in revenues this year. Their success has spawned a number of lookalike companies. LivingSocial and GottaHalfIt

Top 9 Group Buying Sites

Merchants that have used the "group buying" sites get a rush of customers but are starting to complain.

There's a couple big problems though. There are 2 things that threaten ALL of the group buying sites.

They are all in the same boat. First, they don't have the capability/technology to provide this solution to this problem and second, if they did, it would literally destroy their business.

Quite a conundrum they face.

Want to know what problems they face and what company has the solution?

In our detailed report, we highlight the two problems that are already threatening this industry. We have uncovered a tiny private company with the technology and business model that could literally kill Groupon (and all of the other group buying sites).

When this company begins publicly trading, we think it could be one of the biggest performers on Wall Street. While it is still private, there is a backdoor way to participate BEFORE they start trading.

If you would like to get a free copy of "Groupon Killer" and find out what company we are talking about, send us email with subject line "Groupon Killer Report".

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The F.C.C. Approves "WiFi on Steroids", or "White Space"

Physical World Gets Connected
This blog was started to discuss what happens when a physical object is able to connect to the Internet, or "Physical World Connection". Today's ruling by the F.C.C. takes a long step in seeing that happen.

Imagine every car, street light, refrigerator, pool, office equipment, Coke can, golf ball, billboard etc having its own ip address and Internet connection. The possibilities and improvement in productivity are mind boggling.

It's been called "WiFi on steroids" and offers "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide ubiquitous wireless broadband access to all Americans."

Microsoft calls "white spaces" the greatest improvement in Internet access since the advent of Wi-Fi."

White Spaces offers a "ton of bandwidth"

That is a highly desirable chunk of spectrum because the signals can easily pass through walls and other solid objects, giving them a much greater reach than WiFi or even WiMAX, both of which operate in higher frequency bands.

Vacant TV Airways Opened for $4B Wireless Market

Federal regulators cleared the way for technology companies to use vacant television channels for wireless data and Internet services that may be worth more than $4 billion a year.

I have been covering the white space industry for a while (read more)

In my opinion, this decision will create many companies/jobs and provide Internet access to the "Internet of Things". Sometimes called Physical World Connection or the "Internet of Things".

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Facebook To Start Offering AdSense Program?

Well why shouldn't they?

AdSense is Google's advertising program. If you have a website or blog, and plug their ad format into your site, you get paid for clicks on those ads. Look at almost any website and you will see "ads by Google".

Google shares their advertising revenue with you.

While the ad revenue won't make you rich, they are at least sharing.

It's fair right?

You create the content (site/blog) and drive traffic to the site, shouldn't you get paid?

Here's what I see coming with Facebook and their greed, for lack of a better word.

Every time you post a message, picture, comment, "like" on Facebook, you are creating content. Depending on the number of friends in your network, you refer traffic to that content. See who places ads next to your content? Notice how relevant the ads are? Who do you think gets paid when someone clicks on an ad next to your content?..not you.

Facebook is generating BILLIONS of advertising revenue from YOUR content.

Think they will ever decide to share with members?

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tax Coming To Text Messages?

Disruption ahead for businesses that use text messaging for alerts and ads?

Service providers are finding any way to increase revenues.

GogaOM reports that:

Beginning Oct. 1, T-Mobile USA will charge a toll of one-quarter of one cent to businesses for every SMS delivered to its customers.

That’s right, the Twitters of the world could soon have to pay to send your texts.

What are other immediate ways businesses can alert consumers via the mobile?

How will this affect spammers?

Will this cause a shift to email?

What if Facebook, or Twitter announced they would no longer support SMS services with this provider?

What if there was a way to push a text message thru the Net? or better yet, through a Facebook Group/app?

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Facebook Finally More Popular Than Google

From Digital Trends Facebook finally more popular than Google

Today US Internet users spend nearly 10 percent of their time, or about 41.1 million minutes, on Facebook alone, compared to 9.6 percent of their time, or almost 40 million minutes, on all of Google’s sites combined.

Just last year users spent less than 5 percent of their Web time on Facebook, compared to 12 percent on Google properties.

Anyone want to guess what type of website will surpass Facebook, and when?

My guess is the site includes video streaming.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Guaranteed Longer Golf Drives

20 Extra Yards Guaranteed

golf ball
For all of you golfers out there.

Check out BallGlide


20 Extra Yards Guaranteed

The same technology used to reduce drag on airplanes is now available for golfers.

F.A.A. wind tunnel test certified

BallGlide adds NO weight or dimension to the golf ball. It's colorless and odorless.
ONLY YOU will know it's on your ball.

BallGlide reduces air friction allowing the ball to travel much farther and straighter.

$14.95 for 4 dozen balls with money back guarantee.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Google's Voice Calling Feature Inside Gmail..The Tipping Point For VOIP

google voice
Can you see the tipping point that just occurred with voip (voice over internet protocol)?

The voice calling feature inside of Gmail is like a trojan horse. So many people are using Gmail, and the idea of just clicking on a phone number inside your email, will allow Google to soon dominate the voice over Internet market.

I am imagining how Google will turn all Internet ads into hyperlinks to a url or phone numbers to be dialed.

When Google announced yesterday that Gmail Users Made 1 Million Calls in 24 Hours, I think Skype, and every major service provider, just realized the inevitable.

Gmail has over 175 million monthly users, and the new feature is basically a combination of two popular services Gmail Voice Chat and Google Voice.

The feature is not yet available to all U.S. Gmail users. It's quite simple to use, however--at the top of your chat bar there is a "call phone" option. Simply click on it and a number pad will appear, on which you can dial your desired number and place a phone call.

The portal that pays Little Clicks Add Up

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Digital Chocolate Sues Zynga Over Mafia Wars Name

mafia wars
What's in a name?

Digital Chocolate just filed suit against Zynga, the leader in social gaming, because they says they owns the exclusive rights to the name "Mafia Wars."

They allegedly notified Zynga last year and received a written response that they would stop using the name.

Maybe CEO Mark Pincus is being rewarded for his spyware tricks.

There is also a class action suit against Zynga for deceptive advertising.

Investors are valuing Facebook at $33b

full story from TG Daily

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Internet Privacy...We Like To Call It "Digital Content Insurance"

Several major transformations are taking place on the Internet.

Individuals have always generated the majority of traffic on the Net, but now they are responsible for creating the majority of content on it as well. Applications on Internet enabled devices and social networking sites are enabling the ability to generate, publish AND share content with ease. The ease of creating and publishing pictures, emails, videos, Tweets, Facebook posts has a price, privacy.

You've heard the expression "Once it's on the Internet, it's there forever".

The ability to control ANY of your digital content AFTER you uploaded, emailed or published it will soon be in great demand.

The largest social networking site Facebook is under pressure for their lack of privacy and that's AFTER users agreed to their privacy policy. (story)

Flickr (largest photo sharing site) just starting offering members the ability to protect their images from being downloaded. Images can still be shared though.

Look at the controversy and security issues WikiLeaks has generated. (story)

As privacy concerns continue to increase, the ability to control your proprietary information and manage your digital rights will be in great demand.

Digital content insurance provides the ability to prevent forwarding/printing, COMPLETELY retracting, limit viewing times of ANY digital content that has ALREADY been published on the Net.

We believe "digital content insurance" and the ability to protect your proprietary information will be more valuable than any search engine or social networking site.

Just like other types of insurance (health, home, auto), you don't really appreciate it until you need to use it.

There are two very powerful transformations on the Internet; managing digital rights and the billions of advertising dollars generated from individual's content.

We discovered a company with proprietary technology that provides a new level of privacy and security for those who wish to protect their proprietary information and manage their digital rights.

Wall Street has yet to discover this company but a recent patent approval and a social networking site licensing deal won't keep it a secret much longer.

If you wish to receive our free report titled Digital Content Insurance, please email us with subject "DCI Report".

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Shift Away From Google To Facebook Has Happened...The Powerful Group Page


Have you noticed how many companies are now using their Facebook group page website in advertising?

No longer do you see at the bottom of an ad, but

Some of the largest consumer brands are using Facebook (a FB website) to directly connect with consumers. Are big name brands cutting back on their search engine keyword expense?

Is it cheaper to build a Facebook Group page than a website?

So does that mean Facebook could start charging corporations for domains?
What does this do to the domain name marketplace?

Will Facebook ever start offering direct keywords? For example, coke would take you to the Coke Group page. What could they charge?

Could Facebook become a domain name seller? Is the prefix big enough that the word following the ".com" becomes a direct link itself?

Remember the big fight with companies using trademarks and competitor's names as keywords to get search results?

What Facebook Group pages also do, is eliminate the email list subscription.

How many times have you been asked to be added to a company's email list for special offers etc?

When a consumer "likes" a company's Facebook Group page, they are giving that company the permission to advertise to them thru Facebook.

The big question is though....who owns that data? What permissions are given when a user subscribes to a FB Group page?

Do you see Facebook charging companies for these Group pages?

This goes along with a shift that is occurring in/on the is dead according to Wired Magazine.

The Web Is Dead

"one of the most important shifts in the digital world has been the move from the wide-open Web to semiclosed platforms that use the Internet for transport but not the browser for display,"

Are Google's best days over? Has Facebook taken over search? Have search keyword prices peaked?

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mr. Obama Here's How I Would Create Jobs And Turn This Country Around

AmeriCAN (Capitalism America Needs)

Looking at the continuing jobless claims, record number of people on food stamps, consumer confidence numbers and then seeing how our government is getting us into unprecedented debt levels, I say to myself.."there has to be a better way".

America is the promised land. We are the world leader in technological achievement. We have abundant resources, plenty of people looking for work, loads of innovators and a huge checkbook (we'll pay for it later).

What will it take to get the largest corporation in the world turned around?

Here's what I would do Mr. Obama

Let's take $50 billion dollars (the way you are spending money it could be more) and create AmeriCAN (Capitalism America Needs)

Call up a few people, like a Meg Whitman and ask her to run AmeriCAN.

Hire a couple guys from Kleiner Perkins, Draper Fisher, Mohr Davidow (top VC firms). These are guys that can read a business plan and determine its potential. Will this business ever make money, how much capital will it need, what pitfalls does it face. These are all questions they ask start up companies every day..they are the experts.

President Obama makes a prime time TV appearance and outlines AmeriCAN (Capitalism American Needs)

(this is what I would say)

"As President of the greatest country in the world, today I am offering EVERY American a chance to fulfill the American dream, to be their own boss. I believe in this country and in the spirit of innovation and capitalism. No good idea should ever be shelved due to financial resources.

We are spending billions of dollars each day while our military fights to provide freedom for other countries.

Here is the proposal I have for EVERY American.

Bring us your business idea or idea that will either create jobs or provide cost savings for an individual/corporation. We will review EVERY idea. If we think your business opportunity has potential, we will provide a zero interest forgivable loan.

Your business idea must either create jobs and/or save companies/consumers money, and we WILL fund it. It's that easy. Some of the most experienced early stage investors and most innovative executives will review every business idea and determine its viability.

You keep 100% ownership of your company if we fund it. If your company needs further financing (and we determine it's necessary), we will provide a low interest loan. We will also allow ZERO capital gains tax if your company is sold within 5 years.

The United States is the largest corporation in the world and we believe in our citizens/employees. Innovation is considered a major driver of the economy and Americans are the most innovative people in the world. Almost 75% of our employment comes from small businesses. They are the heart of this country.

I campaigned on the promise of hope and change. Today I am giving EVERY American the opportunity to change their lives forever with AmeriCAN."


Next up, marketing. Hire a few marketing firms to create the ads for AmeriCAN. Buy ads in magazines, newspapers, and the Internet.

In my opinion, the influx of money that comes from this program will create jobs and boost our economy. This would be a real "stimulus package" because the money will touch many people in many ways. The Govt is essentially investing in the American dream. We have spent billions of dollars on programs I feel were useless and "one time" only.

Allocate $50 or $100 billion dollars for this program. That is a drop in the bucket to what we are spending in Afghanistan or on those new roads we really needed.

Just think about it. Let's say the government provides x number of 100k or 200k loans for start up businesses. What have they done? First they have given x number of people jobs. They know they have a steady paycheck and they become a consumer again. They pay their mortgage again (help the banks out). They buy goods for their business..helping other businesses. One dollar given to a person with a good idea touches many hands.

A good idea or just a "dream"?

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The "Three Es" Every Investor Should Know About

Chris Martenson, analyzes macro trends, published a great article outlining the Three Es Every Investor Should Know About

"Three Es" -- the economy, energy and the environment -- are interconnected and why we need to consider all three at once.

As I see it, trends in energy and the environment have gained too much momentum to mitigate, and global economic stagnation is the new normal. Though more effort will be required than in the past, those who can understand this and adapt have a good chance of preserving and even growing their wealth.

In a nutshell, 3 components are entering (or have entered) major transformations. With every transformation, and is this case 3, there will be winners and losers. Visionaries can see the changes coming and act accordingly.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

EFF, Jailbreak, Copyrights And What It Means For Privacy

The press has been all over the story about the ruling that allows jailbreaking an iPhone, however another ruling occurred that I think has MUCH bigger consequences.

What do copyrighted material and your privacy have in common?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) won a new legal protection for video artists and cellphone jailbreakers with this release.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) won three critical exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) anticircumvention provisions today, carving out new legal protections for consumers who modify their cell phones and artists who remix videos — people who, until now, could have been sued for their non-infringing or fair use activities.

This is the statement that I think has huge implications.

EFF also won a groundbreaking new protection for video remix artists currently thriving on Internet sites like YouTube.

The new rule holds that amateur creators do not violate the DMCA when they use short excerpts from DVDs in order to create new, noncommercial works for purposes of criticism or comment if they believe that circumvention is necessary to fulfill that purpose.

Hollywood has historically taken the view that "ripping" DVDs is always a violation of the DMCA, no matter the purpose

In other words, this allows original "artwork" to be edited without the owner's permission.

Now they say it can be done for "noncommercial works" but when ads are placed next to the YouTube video, doesn't this violate that?

The big picture:

I see your privacy, and your private information as your own "artwork" and with these new rulings, the floodgates are open. Privacy is like insurance, you only need it (and appreciate it) after the fact.

Does anyone else see this slippery slope?

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Solar Reaches Cost Tipping Point

The sun begins to shine for the solar industry. The cost "tipping point" has been reached where it is now cheaper to use solar instead of building nuclear.

The question is....was this tipping point reached due to global warming, or photovoltaic manufacturing efficiency?

From NY Times Nuclear Energy Loses Cost Advantage

In a “historic crossover,” the costs of solar photovoltaic systems have declined to the point where they are lower than the rising projected costs of new nuclear plants, according to a paper published this month.

This crossover occurred at 16 cents per kilowatt hour.

A list of some publicly traded solar stocks

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Monday, July 26, 2010

TheU.S. Middle Class Is Shrinking

Some "big picture" stuff from Yahoo.

There was a stat somewhere that showed that more people than ever work for the U.S. Government.

Quick, name one business the government "runs" that makes a profit...

The U.S. Middle Class Is Drastically Shrinking

The highlights.

For the first time in U.S. history, banks own a greater share of residential housing net worth in the United States than all individual Americans put together

In the United States, the average federal worker now earns 60% MORE than the average worker in the private sector.

What do most Americans have to offer in the marketplace other than their labor? Not much. The truth is that most Americans are absolutely dependent on someone else giving them a job. But today, U.S. workers are "less attractive" than ever. Compared to the rest of the world, American workers are extremely expensive, and the government keeps passing more rules and regulations seemingly on a monthly basis that makes it even more difficult to conduct business in the United States.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Say Goodbye To Batteries..Radio Waves Offer Low Power Source.

Soon it will be possible to power small electronic devices using just “ambient” energy from existing radio waves produced by television, radio and mobile-phone transmitters.

From N.Y. Times Say Bye Bye To Batteries

Until recently, the use of radio waves to power wireless electronic devices was largely untapped because the waves dilute quickly as they spread.

“Ambient radio waves,” Dr. Smith of Intel said, “can already provide enough energy to substitute for AAA batteries in some calculators, temperature and humidity sensors, and clocks.”

Many electronic devices are limited by batteries that fade away or can’t survive temperature extremes, he said. But, he added, “we are on the cusp of an explosion in small wireless devices” than can run on alternatives to battery power. “Devices like this can live on and on,” he said.

Don't have one of those?

Just use personal energy generator that plays off of human kinetic energy.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

You Want My Personal Data And My Time..Pay Me For It

There are two components that are becoming very valuable in the digital age.

Time and Data.

It's not just your personal information that you provide to specific sites, but the TIME you spend on them that is becoming very valuable.

Did you know that the average user spends almost 30 minutes on Facebook?

That's the longest amount of time on ANY website.

What is driving that metric up?

Facebook takes the data YOU provided to them and shows you relevant ads....for thirty minutes.

A trend that is developing...consumers will soon will want to be paid for this.

Interesting article in the NY Times that highlights the growing trend I have been discussing Pay Me For My Data

On the Internet, users supply the raw material that helps generate billions of dollars a year in online advertising revenue. Search requests, individual profiles on social networks, Web browsing habits, posted pictures and many Internet messages are all mined to serve up targeted online ads.

All of this personal information turns out to be extremely valuable, collectively. So why should Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other ad businesses get all the rewards?

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Product Placement In Social Networking Games..Google's Investment In Zynga Makes More Sense

Product placement within online games..a huge advertising opportunity.

Now we know why Google just sunk a bunch of money into Zynga.

What happens when your online activity encourages you to visit/purchase from a brick and mortar retailer?

FaceBook has your profile, they can provide relevant ads to you, but online games don't have that dynamic ability..or do they?

What if there was a way an online game could change ads based on the user?

The Internet has shifted a majority of commerce from brick and mortar stores to e-commerce powerhouses. That trend may be changing.

Zynga (and their wildly successful FarmVille) have teamed up with Cascadian Farm, a subsidiary of General Mills, to drive online game players to purchase organic fruit.

Next week, FarmVille will, for the first time, offer its pretend farmers a specific food brand. Players will be able to plant an organic blueberry crop from Cascadian Farm, a subsidiary of General Mills.

The objective is for FarmVille users to learn about organic farming and green living, and at the same time, earn additional points to grow fruits and vegetables or raise animals on their virtual farms. Cascadian Farm executives say they hope that the company can expand its food niche and make itself better known by increasing awareness among FarmVille’s audience

full story from IHT

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Google Secretly Invests In Zynga

I see this as a "if you can't beat em, join em" for Google.

Facebook, and the Zynga games like Farmville/Mafia are taking eyes away from Google and their ad revenues. Zynga is in a nice position having both Facebook and Google fight over them.

Will it matter where a game is launched from? How will Google make sure your eyes are only on their pages?

What is there is another hot game out there, not owned by Zynga?

From Tech Crunch Google Invests In Zynga, Ready To Launch Google Games

The investment was made by Google itself, not Google Ventures, say our sources, and it’s a highly strategic deal. Zynga will be the cornerstone of a new Google Games to launch later this year, say multiple sources.

Not only will Zynga’s games give Google Games a solid base of social games to build on, but it will also give Google the beginning of a true social graph as users log into Google to play the games.

And I wouldn’t be surprised to see PayPal being replaced with Google Checkout as the primary payment option. Zynga is supposedly PayPal’s biggest single customer, and Google is always looking for ways to make Google Checkout relevant.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

California Gets Creative With License Plate Advertising

California is in dire straits financially and have come up with a great innovative advertising idea.

Question is, would you sign up for it if you got paid?

From InformationWeek Caifornia Considers Electronic License Plate Ads

Advertisements would display only after vehicles were stopped for four seconds and could also be used to display public safety information such as Amber alerts.

To avoid being a distraction to motorists, the plates would only start showing ads after a vehicle was stopped for four seconds, such as at a red light or traffic jam, according to media reports. The vehicle's license plate number would always be in view.

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The Shift In Eyeballs

From the Wrap Portal Predicament..Nobody Hangs Out Anymore

Portals Yahoo!, MSN and AOL -- for years the largest source of traffic on the web -- are seeing recent dropoffs in visitors, pageviews and, most dramatically, time spent by users.

the portal strategy employed by the big three of AOL, MSN and Yahoo is as good as dead – with Facebook holding the smoking gun

Average time spent on portal websites is down 21.7 percent over the last year, with users spending on average six and a half minutes before scurrying off somewhere else.

The time-shift from portals to social media has never been more pronounced.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Major Trend Starting To Occur

Identifying a new trend is one thing, being rewarded for your vision is another.

The consumer/individual has always been responsible for generating the majority of the traffic on the Net, NOW he is responsible for creating the majority of the content on it too.

Tweets, Facebook posts, pictures, videos etc, the bulk of the content is consumer produced.

This transformation has enormous ramifications for advertisers and social networking sites...the consumer has the power.

There is one company that identified this shift, and is starting to get the attention of both consumers, advertisers and Silicon Valley. Their Internet traffic numbers are proof (

Their unique concept is like being able to invest in the next Facebook, or Google for free.

See why you as a consumer NOW have the power on the Net and how your little clicks add up

The site that has everyone talking Little Clicks Add Up

If this continues to grow, visionaries should be well rewarded.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 Minutes That Could Change Your Life Forever

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along that has the ability to be life-changing.

Years ago I saw the future when bar codes would provide a link to the digital world. When a bar code is scanned, a mobile device would see that as a URL (hyperlink). I called it Physical World Connection.

I am seeing another major trend starting to develop and I want to share with Pondering Primate readers.

The last week I have posted teasers to a site that is set to revolutionize the advertising industry (online and offline).

A couple of very savvy Internet guys recognized the huge shift in advertising dollars coming to the Net. They also saw the power social media networks could have on advertising.

They created something that will have many saying "why didn't we think of that?".

I like the concept and saw that it was unique. More than that, this is VERY disruptive. It took me a couple days but when I got the "ah ha!" moment I couldn't stop thinking about the impact this will have.

I ran it by some of my forward thinking friends and asked for their opinion. Each one confirmed my thinking..this is something revolutionary and they wanted to be a part of it.

I will warn you. If you sign up, you will now be considered "early adopter".

If you have 5 minutes and an open mind, I would like to invite you to what I think could truly be a life-changing opportunity.

Here is your FREE membership to a life-changing opportunity.

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Get Paid To Use Facebook And Twitter

Sound too good to be true?

It's not.

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Once you you're registered for your free account, and log in, you will see why this is one of the fastest growing sites on the Net..that you've never heard of...YET.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Of The Fastest Growing Websites You Never Heard Of

In just 9 months, this site has grown faster than many of the top sites you click on today.

It is one of the fastest growing websites in the U.S and the world and you probably have never heard of it. There's a reason, it's private and requires a membership.

This website is growing strictly by word of mouth.

Being a member of this site, I am able to offer Pondering Primate readers a FREE membership but you have to act quickly.

If you want to see why this site is growing so quickly and be a part, free membership.

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Get Cash Back On iTunes Purchases

Yes, that's right. Anytime you make a purchase on iTunes (song/video) you get cash back.

A lot more benefits with this site but there's a reason you need to act quickly.

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Free Membership (link to get free membership)

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Government Floats Idea Of "DrudgeReport Tax"

Why does the US Government feel the need to change the playing field to accommodate "dying industries"?

If an industry can't adapt to new technologies, or a changing environment, it should fail.

From the Washington Times FTC Floats Drudge Tax

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is seeking ways to "reinvent" journalism, and that's a cause for concern.

The ideas being batted around to save the industry share a common theme: They are designed to empower bureaucrats, not consumers. For instance, one proposal would, "Allow news organizations to agree jointly on a mechanism to require news aggregators and others to pay for the use of online content, perhaps through the use of copyright licenses."

In other words, government policy would encourage a tax on websites like the Drudge Report, a must-read source for the news links of the day, so that the agency can redistribute the funds collected to various newspapers.

What the FTC fails to realize is that the DrudgeReport highlights the top news stories of the day and provides a link to the owner of that story. Drudge actually drives MORE traffic to the site.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

That's The Way I Think I "Like It"..Uh Huh

Enormous implications.

The email app "tell your friend" is so 2009.

FaceBook introduces a new application that with just one click, allows ANY website to appear and be linked in front of millions of FaceBook'ers.

Not only does it appear immediately as a "Like It", but it acts as the most"trusted" form of an internet referral to date.

Imagine if you could have your website appear in front of millions with one click...AS A REFERRAL.

Your shopping for a new watch/shirt/movie, click "Like It" and let others see your interests.

Now we know FaceBook traffic is now larger than Google's and that should alarm them.

Here's another reason. The combination of your interests/profile/groups and what you "Like It" will allow FaceBook to more effectively target ads to you and your friends

From TechCrunch FaceBook to release "Like It" button for the whole darn Internet

very good for Facebook as hundreds of thousands of websites will rush to format their content to exactly Facebook’s preference and send over all their data without a second thought.

One way to think of this, says a source with knowledge of the product, is this. Google spends billions of dollars indexing the web for their search engine. Facebook will get the web to index itself, exclusively for Facebook

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