Tuesday, May 14, 2019

How To Tell If You Are Private Online

Your VPN says you're "private and secure". Tor and the so called private browsers promise "complete anonymity". How can you prove it?

Here's a simple way to tell if your private browsing solution REALLY is keeping you private.

While using your VPN, Tor, or any private browser simply do this:

1. On any website, right click on any image.

2. Click "Save Image As..."

3. When the popup window appears, does it show YOUR PC?

If you are seeing your PC in the popup window it means that website (and any website) can see and touch your device. If a site can see your device there is no way you can be private (and definitely not secure).

True online privacy comes when you isolate your device from the browsing session. That can only be done with a cloud browser like TraceFree

Monday, May 13, 2019

Virus Free Browsing Is Always Better Than Antivirus

The best rated antivirus software

Isn't virus free better than the best antivirus software?