Thursday, September 30, 2010

The GroupOn Killer...What Threatens This Industry And Who Has A Solution?

All the tech rags are talking about how fast the "group buying" industry is growing.

It's been called a Billion Dollar Web Trend

group buying will become one of the biggest Web trends of 2010, and the market leader will be one of the most closely-watched sites of the year.

The model is simple: The group-buying sites find local businesses willing to provide large discounts in return for spreading their names to new customers. Consumers log on daily, check out their hometown's deals and either sign up or ignore the deal. (link)

Groupon, the largest group buying site, is expected to generate $500 million in revenues this year. Their success has spawned a number of lookalike companies. LivingSocial and GottaHalfIt

Top 9 Group Buying Sites

Merchants that have used the "group buying" sites get a rush of customers but are starting to complain.

There's a couple big problems though. There are 2 things that threaten ALL of the group buying sites.

They are all in the same boat. First, they don't have the capability/technology to provide this solution to this problem and second, if they did, it would literally destroy their business.

Quite a conundrum they face.

Want to know what problems they face and what company has the solution?

In our detailed report, we highlight the two problems that are already threatening this industry. We have uncovered a tiny private company with the technology and business model that could literally kill Groupon (and all of the other group buying sites).

When this company begins publicly trading, we think it could be one of the biggest performers on Wall Street. While it is still private, there is a backdoor way to participate BEFORE they start trading.

If you would like to get a free copy of "Groupon Killer" and find out what company we are talking about, send us email with subject line "Groupon Killer Report".

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The F.C.C. Approves "WiFi on Steroids", or "White Space"

Physical World Gets Connected
This blog was started to discuss what happens when a physical object is able to connect to the Internet, or "Physical World Connection". Today's ruling by the F.C.C. takes a long step in seeing that happen.

Imagine every car, street light, refrigerator, pool, office equipment, Coke can, golf ball, billboard etc having its own ip address and Internet connection. The possibilities and improvement in productivity are mind boggling.

It's been called "WiFi on steroids" and offers "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide ubiquitous wireless broadband access to all Americans."

Microsoft calls "white spaces" the greatest improvement in Internet access since the advent of Wi-Fi."

White Spaces offers a "ton of bandwidth"

That is a highly desirable chunk of spectrum because the signals can easily pass through walls and other solid objects, giving them a much greater reach than WiFi or even WiMAX, both of which operate in higher frequency bands.

Vacant TV Airways Opened for $4B Wireless Market

Federal regulators cleared the way for technology companies to use vacant television channels for wireless data and Internet services that may be worth more than $4 billion a year.

I have been covering the white space industry for a while (read more)

In my opinion, this decision will create many companies/jobs and provide Internet access to the "Internet of Things". Sometimes called Physical World Connection or the "Internet of Things".

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Facebook To Start Offering AdSense Program?

Well why shouldn't they?

AdSense is Google's advertising program. If you have a website or blog, and plug their ad format into your site, you get paid for clicks on those ads. Look at almost any website and you will see "ads by Google".

Google shares their advertising revenue with you.

While the ad revenue won't make you rich, they are at least sharing.

It's fair right?

You create the content (site/blog) and drive traffic to the site, shouldn't you get paid?

Here's what I see coming with Facebook and their greed, for lack of a better word.

Every time you post a message, picture, comment, "like" on Facebook, you are creating content. Depending on the number of friends in your network, you refer traffic to that content. See who places ads next to your content? Notice how relevant the ads are? Who do you think gets paid when someone clicks on an ad next to your content?..not you.

Facebook is generating BILLIONS of advertising revenue from YOUR content.

Think they will ever decide to share with members?

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tax Coming To Text Messages?

Disruption ahead for businesses that use text messaging for alerts and ads?

Service providers are finding any way to increase revenues.

GogaOM reports that:

Beginning Oct. 1, T-Mobile USA will charge a toll of one-quarter of one cent to businesses for every SMS delivered to its customers.

That’s right, the Twitters of the world could soon have to pay to send your texts.

What are other immediate ways businesses can alert consumers via the mobile?

How will this affect spammers?

Will this cause a shift to email?

What if Facebook, or Twitter announced they would no longer support SMS services with this provider?

What if there was a way to push a text message thru the Net? or better yet, through a Facebook Group/app?

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Facebook Finally More Popular Than Google

From Digital Trends Facebook finally more popular than Google

Today US Internet users spend nearly 10 percent of their time, or about 41.1 million minutes, on Facebook alone, compared to 9.6 percent of their time, or almost 40 million minutes, on all of Google’s sites combined.

Just last year users spent less than 5 percent of their Web time on Facebook, compared to 12 percent on Google properties.

Anyone want to guess what type of website will surpass Facebook, and when?

My guess is the site includes video streaming.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Guaranteed Longer Golf Drives

20 Extra Yards Guaranteed

golf ball
For all of you golfers out there.

Check out BallGlide


20 Extra Yards Guaranteed

The same technology used to reduce drag on airplanes is now available for golfers.

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BallGlide adds NO weight or dimension to the golf ball. It's colorless and odorless.
ONLY YOU will know it's on your ball.

BallGlide reduces air friction allowing the ball to travel much farther and straighter.

$14.95 for 4 dozen balls with money back guarantee.

The fastest growing site you've never heard of Little Clicks Add Up

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