Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Google's Deep Nishar Speaks About Mobile

From CNet Google's ambitions going mobile

With nearly 3 billion mobile phone subscribers in the world expected by the end of 2007, Google sees great potential for extending its presence throughout the world using the mobile platform, said Deep Nishar, director of product management for Google.

When you're on your mobile device and you type in the keyword "movie," you're likely searching for a movie theater because you want to go see a movie.

the next step is to interact with advanced cell phone technology, like Global Positioning Systems or GPS, so that the device knows where you are.

In my opinion, location coordinates will be the new keywords for mobile.

The word pizza or movie will have more value (foot and web traffic) with a NYC coordinate, and Google should be able to charge accordingly.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ALONG Mobile And Gmedia Deliver 2D Mobile Barcodes In China

ALONG Mobile Technologies Inc. , a leading provider of wireless interactive entertainment products and services in China, is pleased to announce its cooperation with Gmedia to achieve the purpose of expanding its marketing strategy.

Gmedia recently announced mobile bar code scanning with China Mobile. It sure is nice to have a wireless carrier promote a bar code scanning application instead of having a portal or brand do the heavy lifting.

Gmedia establishes nationwide sales channel for 2D barcode while China Mobile enables the decoder software installed in the mobile phone.

Holding 6 pending patents in mobile barcode technologies, Gmedia pioneers the cross media marketing innovations which enable the barcode visitor tracking so that the ad effect can be measured and personalized marketing can be realized. Clients include brands such as Dell ,IBM ,VW Volvo , and Citroen advertisers and SMEs who use the 2D barcode in their print ad, brochure, posters, packaging, business card, etc to get the customer interaction through mobile phone.

CellSigns Provides Mobile Marketing For Newspapers

While this is fantastic news for the newspaper industry, I am wondering if one of the major portals, Yahoo, already got leapfrogged.

4INFO and Gannett saw the potential.Gannett liked the idea so much they took an investment stake in 4INFO.

Cox and CellSigns are now seeing it with Cellifieds.

Did Yahoo miss the potential mobile marketing opportunity with 176 newspapers? Atlanta Journal Constitution was one of the papers Yahoo signed a print advertising deal with and yet they are using Cellsigns for their mobile marketing platform.

CellSigns, Inc., the premier provider of interactive mobile messaging and enterprise mobile applications, today announced an agreement with Cox Newspapers, Inc, one of the nation’s foremost newspaper publishing enterprises with 17 daily and 25 non-daily papers, including news sites affiliated with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (; Austin American-Statesman (; Dayton Daily News (; and The Palm Beach Post (

The agreement provides Cox Newspapers with custom interactive mobile application services for its newspapers’ classified sites.

Cellifieds is a mobile search tool that takes a publisher's classifieds and makes them searchable by keyword and/or classified ad ID# on 97% of all cell phones.
See the demo

Yahoo just announced a deal to provide Internet advertising for some of these same newspapers. Did Yahoo not see the mobile marketing opportunity for these 176 newspapers? users are able to request information on classified ads such as homes, autos and other advertising content simply by texting specific codes or using a natural language search to access the information on their mobile device. They will then receive a message via SMS with the classified ad information including pictures when available or contact the seller directly with a click to call.

When will Google introduce their SMS portal and start selling short codes, or LINK words?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Motorola Connects Physical World In China With MOTOMING

Motorola offers an embedded physical world connection browser. A QR code reading application already on the camera phone will provide the tipping point for physical world connection.

This application allows any QR code (physical world hyperlink) on any physical object, to be connected to the Internet. If phones will be coming with 2d code scanning preinstalled (a commodity), then the value lies in the creative functions for them.

What company has the ability to link literally millions of QR codes to targeted websites overnight?

From Slashphone 2 million MOTOMING units shipped in China

The latest refresh of MOTOMING features all the superior functions that have made it a winner in the industry, but also includes a few new surprises inside. At the top of the list is a new push-email feature that is compliant with China Mobile’s service, enabling phone users to have emails delivered directly to their MOTOMING, rather than having to retrieve them.

China Mobile just introduced a QR code mobile campaign

Other additions include built in “Air-Sync,” making the MOTOMING capable of synching with Microsoft Exchang® for easy organization, and built-in QR Code software, which greatly simplifies the task of making entries into the handset’s address book and WAP sites.

These guys are one step away from physical world connection domination.

Nokia already has a deal with Google and China Mobile.

QR codes will replace keywords for mobile marketing.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What Does Yahoo's Print Advertising Mean For Mobile

Yahoo introduces TEXT keywords and 92466 (YAHOO) as a way for advertisers to link print ads to the Internet. How long before we see that press release?

All of the focus with Yahoo Print stories this week has been on the effects it could have on the newspaper industry, but did you ever think what it could do Yahoo's mobile advertising?

I don't think people are seeing the real convergence that is taking place.

TEXT keywords will allow advertisers to place a word or code on every print ad, that when sent to 92466 (YAHOO) as a text message, targted information or URL will sent back to consumer.

I called them LINK words for the Internet, but TEXT keywords seems appropriate for the the print industry.

Can Yahoo generate even more revenue by selling an advertiser a TEXT keyword to be included in their print ad?

Every classifed , real estate listing, personal ad, local merchant and regular print ad could include their TEXT keyword. Instead of the usual "go to www. ", a simple TEXT keyword will allow a consumer to be directed to a specific site, or receive information.

When Yahoo announced a partnership for classified advertising with a group of 176 newspapers, I could see where this will leads to. Gannet, owner of USA Today newspaper saw a great opportunity with 4INFO

Under the deal announced Monday, seven companies that collectively publish daily papers in 38 states are betting Yahoo's technological prowess and huge Internet audience will help them turn online advertising into a lucrative opportunity instead of a dire financial threat.

Physical World Hyperlinks-- The Next Big Internet Trend?

A 2d code represents a physical world hyperlink(PWH).

A physical world hyperlink provides the ability to link a physical object (magazine, can of Coke) with information or a Web address when the camera on a mobile phone resolves the image. monkey tshirt

Clicking or scanning the image acts like clicking a hyperlink with your computer mouse.

Using a PWH, every object can be "connected" to the Internet, and this will lead to the Internet of Things

RL Digital has a nice summary about how QR Codes could be the next big Internet trend

A QR Code (QR = Quick Response) is a two-dimensional bar code introduced by the Japanese company Denso-Wave in 1994. QR Codes were originally developed for inventory tracking in auto manufacturing. They are the most popular type of two-dimensional code in Japan.

Some of the more popular 2d code providers

Recently, mobile telephone operators in Japan began including QR code reading software on camera phones. This move has paved the way for consumer-oriented applications of QR Codes. Users photograph QR codes. Then, their camera phone decodes the embedded text, displays, manipulates, and stores the information. This capability eliminates the need to enter data manually into a mobile phones or PDA.

According to Wikipedia , “QR Code is open in the sense that the specification of QR Code is disclosed and that the patent right owned by Denso Wave is not exercised.” — from the Denso-Wave website.

A complete listing of the companies that have technologies for the "Next Internet".

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Physical World Hyperlink Makes Magazine Front Cover

Tag Mobile Service and their Tags were recently launched in the Phillipines

From A Bugged Life Mobile Phillipines debuts TMS tag

This is also the first magazine to feature a TMS tag prominently on the front cover. Is this the advent of physical world connectivity in the Philippines? The era of the QR code has begun!

An American company is providing the platform for this physical world connection service and should be announcing this shortly.

Download the application for your phone here

Are you looking at the girl or the code?

What Is Next For The Internet? has a nice summary about the "Internet of Things" or what I like to call "Phase 2" of the Internet.

Let's call it the Physical World Web 2.0

We will soon be in the middle of a blizzard of tiny computers embedded into everyday items and constantly talking to each other.

Welcome to the so-called 'internet of things' which will replace today's internet of people and data. Everyday items from TVs to toothbrushes, sports equipment and even buildings will have in-built computing power and wireless that will allow them to communicate and share information.

Robin Mannings, BT futurologist and research foresight manager said: "The idea of having technology in everyday objects isn't a pipedream - it's the next evolution of the internet."

He told "RFID is just the tip of the iceberg and the iceberg is ubiquitous computing - more or less everything being a computer."

What will all of these items need? A physical world hyperlink

Microsoft Offers SMS Search On Live Mobile

After Microsoft announced their deal with Sprint I wonder how much longer before they introduce a Direct Connect service.

Will Microsoft generate revenue by offering Mobile Words? Or will Google link mobile keywords to specific sites

From LiveSide Windows Live Mobile launches SMS Search

The Windows Live Mobile team have launched a new SMS search service that provides Cingular, Verizon, Sprint Nextel and Alltel subscribers SMS access to Windows Live Search results. (US only curently).

Send a simple text message to 95483 (WLIVE)* and get the answers you want when you want them.

Other search functions include reverse phone number lookup, stock quotes, area and country telephone codes, holiday dates, and solutions to maths calculations. Full instructions on how to use this service are available on the team blog or you can visit the new Mobile Search homepage for full details of all the services available.

See the upcoming revenue/business any search company could create by offering a Direct Link function for a keyword?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Frapple Links Code Words To WebSites

I recently discussed how search engines will offer specific words (LINK words) that would link a user directly to a targeted site. This isn't search, but connect.

Frapple (Follow the Red Apple) has created a static print to internet linking system that directs prospects and customers to relevant information quickly and efficiently.

Every static document, whether it be an ad, label, television commercial, billboard, manual. Real estate listings. classified ads, clothing labels, product manuals, replacement parts, travel brochures, catalogs, and auto sales are just some of the examples where people can enter a Frapple Code and be directed to a specific website.

They even have a mobile site that offers the ability to FIND a site...
Try NFL, or SOUP1 in their FIND window here

Campbell's sold like 30 million cans of tomato soup last year. Less than 1% know there are 1183 recipes, for Tomato soup alone, on their website. You think if more people knew, and it was easy to access, they would possibly sell a few million more cans of soup? And what about the other 100 or so varieties.

Tracking click-throughs has never been easier. Run the same ad in various publications with different frapple codes to determine effectiveness.


Frapple Corporate and Real Estate link tags are $20.00 per code, per year. A residential Real Estate Agent package, with 5 link tags and 4, 3" square, sign decals per link (total 20 decals), is available for $125.00.

While I think the application and concept is terrific, there is little barrier to entry. I thought about this idea a while back. A couple things stopped me. This is a commodity and it would take quite an effort to become "The Code Portal". I would always be at the mercy of a major search engine or portal introducing the same service.

Nokia's MARA Connects The Physical World Via Mobile

Earlier this year I was asked by Nokia to give a presentation on what the "Mobile Internet" will look like. A lot of the ideas will seem familiar to PP readers .

From M.I.T. Technology Review Hyperlinking Reality via Phones

Nokia researchers are working on a system that allows physical objects to be identified and connected to the Internet through mobile-phone screens.

A Nokia research project could one day make it easier to navigate the real world by superimposing virtual information on an image of your surroundings. The new software, called Mobile Augmented Reality Applications (MARA), is designed to identify objects viewed on the screen of a camera phone.

The Nokia research team has demonstrated a prototype phone equipped with MARA software and the appropriate hardware: a global positioning system (GPS), an accelerometer, and a compass.

The souped-up phone is able to identify restaurants, hotels, and landmarks and provide Web links and basic information about these objects on the phone's screen

Text-To-Buy Will Soon Be Replaced With Click-To-Buy

Which is easier, typing a Web address or clicking on a hyperlink. Texting is the equivalent of typing in a URL, but scanning a 2d code is hyperlinking.

For now shortcodes and keywords offer the Text-To-Buy function. Who has the ability to offer multiple functions for a shortcode?

Soon an mCode , a ShotCode , or an EZcode will offer the ability to connect directly with an advertisement without typing.

2d codes will replace shortcodes as the new mcommerce tool.

From BrandWeek Publishers test out text-to-buy feature

Thanks to a new technology from a New York firm called ShopText and eBay unit PayPal, consumers this holiday season have the option of buying and sampling some products with their cell phones.

Magazines like Details, CosmoGIRL!, Glamour and Brides are rolling out ads with short codes for text-to-buy transactions. ShopText also worked with Lucky magazine for a program in the publication's September issue.

Could you envision the first Interactive Magazine?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Will Microsoft And Sprint Implement Physical World Connection?

The physical world connection was disrupted a couple weeks ago when Microsoft launched their Windows Live Barcode
Microsoft Live Barcode
This application allows users to create their own 2d code (QR code)/physical world hyperlink, and connect physical items to a specific website using a camera phone.

Teaming up with Sprint for mobile search today also creates some interesting opportunities for their mobile marketing service.

I see Microsoft introducing a 2d code creating application for advertisers shortly. Instead of searching using a mobile phone, users will be able to "find" and link to targeted information by scanning an advertiser's 2d code.

2d codes become the new "keywords" and advertisers (and consumers) can create their own 2d codes (physical world hyperlinks) and use them on all forms of advertising/physical items.

How long before Microsoft offers a "Pay-Per-Link" advertising service for mobile marketing? Mister Softee could start charging advertisers a fee for their own 2d code, or charge on a "pay-per-link" basis.

Mobile Barcodes At "Under The Radar" Mobility Conference

Physical World Connection, via barcodes and a camera phone, was included at the latest "Under the Radar: Mobility Conference"

Mobile barcodes. (physical world hyperlinks)

The increasing availabity of camera phones has led to the rise of new applications for barcodes; specifically 2D or matrix barcodes, which are scannable at the lower resolutions of most camera phones.

Just starting to come into play in the U.S., mobile barcodes are a feature of daily life in certain Asian countries. When you scan a mobile barcode at say, a bus shelter advert, your camphone’s browser usually opens to a WAP site with information on what you snapped.

Useful for comparison shopping, advertising, and getting information about things you see on the go.
Besides the QR (or Quick-Response) Code—the de facto standard in Japan—competing systems include Data Matrix, Semacode , mCode, and Shotcode.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is AcrNum The "Real Names" Or "Real Numbers" For Mobile?

Instead of trying to get carriers to adopt a platform, or handsets to embed specific software, AcrNum has created a great service for the mobile marketing and search industry.

This concept is so simple, AcrNum has compiled a registry of over 1700 domains that contain up to 6 numbers. They match a desired word with a number. That "" on a mobile browser is directed to a specific WAP site.

Here's an example, typing (ESPN) on your mobile browser could link you directly to Because this is a dynamic function, will redirect the user to various WAP sites depending on time, location and ESPN's choice.

AcrNum, like acronym but with numbers.

I referred to this concept as a "Mobile Real Names". A few years ago, there was a company called Real Names that allowed you to type in a word (without the www or .com) in the browser window and be directed to a specific site. Microsoft had ties to the company.

AcrNum is a company designed to create a new wave in mobile Internet access for consumers. They start with access. They substitute numbers for letters in domain names to create a branded and easily recognized way to get content through your mobile browser -

The key selling points are: there is no application to download, the WAP site can be accessed from ANY Web-enabled mobile phone, from any country, with ANY carrier.

As an example, YAHOO is 92466 on your mobile keypad. Where most mobile agencies are trying to get the most memorable shortcodes for their text messaging service (4INFO is 44636, QTAGS 78247), AcrNum saw the potential in identifying a domain with a number.

AcrNum currently owns in excess of 1,750 numeric domains comprised of 975 that are specifically targeted to the automotive sector and over 700 generic and potentially brand specific domains. Yes that seems limited at first, but theses guys are creative and have already found ways to expand that.

For example, the sequence 3776 can represent 144 (3 x 4 x 4 x 3) potential alpha URLs. Of the 144 possible combinations, over 120 are current registed domains and therefore potential clients for AcrNum's mobile Internet development services.

AcrNum has Tribune Media Services, and their 120 newspapers as a venture partner.

Their first campaign allows mobile users to go to for Michael Mepham's Sudoku puzzle. This direct-to-consumer service is one of the first to offer direct access to mobile content by using a numeric domain name.

Visa Testing Bar Codes For Mobile Payment

Physical World Connection Commerce is coming.

How long before wireless carriers offer a credit division? NTT DoCoMo already did.

I see Visa or Amex teaming up with a carrier and "branding" a phone. Example, "Visa, the official credit card of Sprint".
Eventually minutes will be free and the data packages/applications will be the selling points for carriers.

Minutes are added to frequent flyer miles? See the marketing possibilities?

Do you remember what does American Express used for their slogan????

What is it that you never leave home without now?

From Mobile Tech News Visa launches pilot mobile barcode payment program

Visa is now testing the delivery of mobile payment coupons and rewards via text message, graphic and bar code images direct to consumers' mobile devices.

The pilot, which is scheduled to launch in November with approximately 500 Visa employees in California, is expected to expand to public trials over the next year. Pilot participants will receive payment coupons and rewards that can be redeemed at on-site cafes located at Visa's corporate campus

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

RFID And Cell Phone Offer Movie Tickets And More

Which physical world hyperlink will get adopted first, the 2d code or the RFID tag?

Nokia is producing an RFID phone and Microsoft is developing an RFID browser.

From RFID Weblog RFID movie tickets for you

SK Telecom has come up with a new system which would simply take movie ticket counters out of the picture.

Called the U-theater service, all you need to do is go in front of the poster of the movie you intend to watch and use your mobile phone for scanning RFID tag on the poster and reserve a ticket for yourself.

Besides this you can also watch video clips and set the music of the movie as your ring tone. When your ticket is confirmed you will get a confirmation number which would be sent on your phone. It so simple!!

DSPV Offers A Mobile Visual Search Engine

Add DSPV , and their mobile visual search engine platform to the physical world connection list.

They describe their platform as a "visual Google".

Images will act as physical world hyperlinks, and the camera/software on the mobile phone will provide a "broswer". Simply point and click and a camera phone user will be connected to the Net. This space/application has started to heat up.

Google recently acquired Neven Vision.

DSPV has developed unique, patented server-side technology that provides a full camera-based visual search and retrieval solution.

A mobile visual search platform on a camera phone. Instead of typing URLS, just click on an image and be directed to targeted content.

The mobile phone's camera is used to select an object of interest (advertisement, photo, commercial logo, URL etc.) and the relevant content is retrieved.

Effectively any visual object appearing in print or displayed on a computer/TV screen can thus serve as a "banner" which can be linked to mobile content, where picture-taking replaces the ubiquitous "mouse click".

Tsi Lev, CEO of DSPV demonstrates DSPV's visual search engine using a camera phone on Israel High Tech TV

Specifically designed to avoid software installation or modifications to the phones, the visual search engine works on MMS photos and 3G video-calls. On 3G handsets, the video-call mobile search provides a natural extension to present day interactive voice response (IVR).

See their technology video from the Telecom 2006 show.

Craze Productions is planning to enable consumers (using DSPV technology) to download and preview mobile content from printed ads and posters promoting artists working for Craze Productions, which describes itself as being, “the first, exclusively digital, global record label”.

Defining yourself as a "visual Google" is probably the easiest way to explain your application. Here's another company that is doing that.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Enpocket Wins Best Mobile Marketing Award

Congratulations go out to Enpocket .

They realized that there is more to a TV show and mobile marketing campaign than guessing how much currency is in a suitcase, or who gets fired .

While American Idol was the pioneer text messaging contest in the US, it was far from American Ideal

From Panasonic Broadcast Enpocket wins mobile marketing award

Enpocket , the Intelligent Mobile Marketing(TM) company, has been selected as a winner in the Best Mobile Marketing Campaign category at the 2006 MITX Awards for its work with the A&E Network.

Enpocket created a unique mobile marketing program that engaged viewers of the popular A&E show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" with entertaining interactions that enabled viewers to exchange quips with show's main character via text messaging and also reminded fans to watch the show.

How many mobile marketing campaigns do you see today that go beyond engaging?

Physical World Connection Is One Hot Trend

It is sometimes referred to as the "Internet of things" or in this case "thing connection", I refer to it as physical world connection PWC. PWC is being labeled as a "hot trend".

A physical object doesn't have to have a mobile phone to connect to the net, it just needs a physical world hyperlink (PWH) and a network connection.

Scan a bar code, read an RFID tag, recognize a sound or image (there are a few others that are a little too futuristic to talk about now) long as the physical world browser can resolve the PWH and connect the Net, you have physical world connection.

From Scanblog 10 Hot Trends

The Innovation Lab is in Denmark and refers to itself as "the Nordic observation post for the technologies of the future."

3. THING CONNECTION Thing Connection is the keystone of the 4A concept – Anytime connection, Anywhere connection, Anything connection – by Anyone. Otherwise known as ”An internet of things” – in other words: when things communicate with each other.

The full list

Camera Phones And Bar Codes Offer More Than Price Comparison

From Eurotechnology Japan Barcodes for mobile payment

Japan's mobile operators DoCoMo, KDDI/AU and SoftBank are expanding their business into mobile payment and mobile credit, traditionally the realm of banks, credit card companies, financial institutions and cash.

Customer's camera phone reads the barcode or QR-code on an utility bill or mailorder invoice, and forwards secure payment instructions to the customer's bank account

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ford IronMan World Championship 70.3

Time to take a break from pondering about physical world connection and exercise the other muscles.

Earlier this year I qualified for a slot for the Ford IronMan World Championship 70.3. This is the race where the top 2000 triathletes put it on the line.

Pete, the TRIMONKEE will be making his debut there too.
monkey tshirts

Some of my friends from all parts of the world will be there.

You can follow the action live Saturday morning. My race number is 739

It is such a treat to be surrounded by 2000 of the nicest Type A personalities, (and their families), who see how far they can push themselves physically.

Nokia Uses Data Matrix 2d Codes In Their Ads

Nokia using data matrix codes in their ads..

Physical world connection is close.

Google's Radio And Print Equal Mobile Marketing Platform

Could this be the tipping point for Google's mobile marketing campaign?

Google entering print advertising market, and now the radio ad space, leads me to think they are creating an ad platform for mobile marketing and the physical world.

The recent acquisition of dMarc Broadcasting allows an advertiser to select an ad to play over the airwaves based on the demographic of their choice, whenever they want to, by their latitude and longitudinal position (location based advertising).

When Google starts using Global Positioning Systems (GPS), it will open up a plethora of revenue streams. Scott Shaffer

I can see Google Radio Ads generating revenues in two ways.

In addition to selling radio ads based on keywords and location, Google will sell SMS keywords to advertisers and they can use these kewyords in their radio or print ad. What I see is every radio ad including "send keyword to 46645 (GOOGL) for more information" and information is sent back via an SMS.

Revenue from the actual radio ad, and revenue every time a consumer sends a text message. This is "Pay-Per-Text".

The radio ads will progress to "Visit our site via Google LinkWord (keyword)".

A consumer can type in a specific LinkWord and use the Google Link function to be directed to A SPECIFIC SITE. This is "Pay-Per-Link".

This is not search, this is find. I don't want to do a search for Coca Cola's new energy beverage Blak, I just want to go to the specific site.

A Google LinkWord acts as a hyperlink.

After a consumer reads a magazine or hears an ad for Blak, they can send a text message "BLAK to 46645" or they can type in BLAK in the Google Link function to get more information about the product or be sent directly to Coke's site for Blak.

Google is the search engine of choice and because all of these functions don't require a special application to be embedded on the mobile phone, or require carriers to include, adoption can occur immediately.

Google is so recognized that they are almost considered universal, but specific keywords are still in a closed network. The Google mobile portal could offer Search, SMS, Map, Link and soon Scan. Why limit the function of a keyword to one application?

There's a reason they put many functions on their homepage, because keywords are used in different applications and Google doesn't want people to "find" the site for the other tools. You dont see a separate site for each of the uses, their homepage is a portal.

The same thing will happen with their mobile portal. Don't make people work even harder to use one of your tools.

Do you want to SMS, Search, Link, Shop, Coupon, Video, Purchase, Scan.... These will all be available on ONE SITE.

Any mobile application that limits the function of a keyword will have a tough time getting adopted.

From Yahoo Google positioning move into US radio

Web search leader Google Inc. is hiring scores of radio sales people and is spending heavily in a bid to expand its position in the $20 billion radio industry.

Google spokesman Michael Mayzel said this week that the company will begin a public test of Google Audio Ads by the end of the year. Advertisers will be able to go online and sign up for targeted radio ads using the same AdWords system they use to buy Web search ads.

It made a clear move into radio in January when it agreed to pay more than $1 billion, depending on performance, for dMarc Broadcasting Inc., which connects advertisers to radio stations through an automated advertising system.

Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt's vision of streamlining the radio ads with GPS location-based technology for in-car radio use.

Thoughts, comments?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Google Offers Print AdWords..Next Up, Linking AdWords To Specific Websites

Google is going physical, they are starting to offer AdWord advertising in newspapers. The next service they offer is linking specific keywords in physical advertising to websites.

I see Google begin to offer advertisers the ability to link directly to their site using these AdWords, but instead they will be called "LinkWords". A separate function on Google's homepage will be offered called "LINK".

Because Google's SE is the search engine of choice, and everyone knows how to get there, advertisers will pay a premium for a specific AdWord (called LinkWord), and they can use this "LinkWord" to get traffic to a specific website in Google's "LINK" option.

This is perfect for those times when you don't want to search, you want to find. But you also don't want to lose the ability to search.

An AOL keyword links a user to a specific site but AOL is in a closed network because only AOL members can use these keywords. Google LinkWords will provide this same function as an AOL keyword, but in what is becoming the biggest network, as an addition in their menu (News, Images, Froogle etc)

From USA Today Google expands advertising to newspapers

How it works: Google sells search advertising at its site, where businesses bid on the search term ("Florida insurance" "Detroit lawyer") they want. The more people interested in the term, the more expensive it is.

Google will add a "newspaper advertising" tab in AdWords that will let businesses bid on buying advertising space in newspapers, in a variety of sizes. Customers will get tools to upload photos and type in information to create an ad on the spot, then they can send it directly to the newspaper.

When Google gets serious about the mobile, they will dominate the mobile marketing industry with this LINK function. Not only will they offer the ability to link specific keywords to websites, but soon they will offer ANYONE the ability to create a physical world hyperlink to place on any form of advertising.

Than means anyone (consumer aor advertiser,) will be able to self generate a hyperlink (LinkWord, Keyword, 2d code) and any physical object can be connected to the Internet.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Does Amazon's Business Model Include Scanbuy?

While I am not a big believer in physical world connection being used as a price comparison application, I do believe PWC will get adopted quicker when it is used as a tool instead of an advertising vehicle.

From Business Week Jeff Bezos' Risky Bet

In 2002, Amazon began offering outside software and Web site developers access to selected Amazon data such as pricing trends, gradually adding more and more until this year. Now it's basically getting free help from more than 200,000 outside Web developers, up 60% from a year ago.
They're building new services on top of Amazon technology, further feeding back into Amazon's core retail business.

One service, Scanbuy , lets people check Amazon prices on their cell phones to see if they're better than prices in a retail store.

One thing to keep in mind, the CEO of Scanbuy was the former CEO of Barnes and Noble. He has seen the initial transformation of bricks and mortar to ecommerce.
He knows the potential of physical world connection and Phase 2 of the Net.

I see Amazon utilizing Scanbuy's barcode tool to drive traffic to Amazon's site. Instead of a price comparison service, Amazon could just guarantee the lowest price on any product with a barcode.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Swisscom Mobile Offers Bar Code Scanning

It is nice to see a wireless carrier, instead of a brand or a mobile marketing agency, offer a barcode scanning application. How long before we see other carriers tap into this revolutionary technology.

Swisscom Mobile is offering Mobile Tagging to their customers.

What is "mobile tagging"?

This is the name of the new technology that provides direct access to content such as games, music, videos and websites over the mobile phone by scanning a bar code.

Content is accessed by photographing tags (barcodes) using a mobile phone camera. I call it "physical world connection".

Just download the software to your mobile phone, photograph the tag with your mobile phone camera and, depending on the content, view, listen to or read the media file.

The tags can be photographed directly from the newspaper or the PC screen. All you need is a mobile phone with integrated camera and Kaywa software, which you can download free of charge.

What does this data matrix code say? :)

Generate your own tags here

Great find by Mobile Barcode

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cellfire Provides Mobile Coupons For Conde Nast

Conde Nast Publications has begun offering subscriptions to six of its magazines via a mobile service that lets people buy through their cellphones.

Members of the Cellfire free mobile coupon service can now use Cellfire to buy discounted subscriptions to Glamour, Allure, Wired, Teen Vogue, Details and Vanity Fair.

Cellfire showed a bit more energy. "We are excited about our partnership with Conde Nast," said Brent Dusing, CEO. "This will allow Cellfire users to get great deals on fantastic publications simply using their mobile phone."

Users can click on the offer they want, showing retailers the coupon code that appears or, now, pushing a magazine subscription through using just their phone.

UpCode Connects A Camera Phone And The Physical World

Add UpCode to the physical world connection list.

UpCode™ is revolutionary and interactive. It is an optical code reader that uses mobile phones/devices to add any electronic information or system to printed product

UpCode Solutions Ltd. is a marketing company specialising in mobile marketing applications and concepts. UpCode marketing concepts are based on the UpCode™ technology.

Now everybody can have their own UpCode. Order Your code and we will connect it to Your wap site. Now Your friends and family will have easy access to Your site where ever they are.

Nice find Semapedia

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

2d Codes Offer More Than Just Another Dimension

Will the 1d code (barcode) and applications for it, become extinct?

One industry is adopting 2d codes because of improved density, and another (mobile marketing) is adopting them because of camera phone limitations.

From Yahoo News Info needs and legislative drivers propel 2d code adoption in North America

The increasing numbers of trade partners within supply chains that usually tend to be geographically disconnected is heightening the requirement for enhanced information flow to accompany individual items during transit.

This need for improved data density capability is compelling verticals to naturally progress from one-dimensional (1D) barcode scanners to two-dimensional (2D) scanners, since they are inherently portable and have data-dense symbologies

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan ( ), Migration of 1D to 2D Barcode Scanners Market in North America, reveals that the market expects to earn revenues of $968.2 million in 2012.

BeeTagg Connects The Physical World For eBay

What I see happening is some PWC companies are using PWC for advertising, while others are utilizing a 2d code and a camera phone as a tool.

A "chicken and the egg" situation is here. Will physical world connection get adopted by people because they want ads, or because they want to use their camera phone as a tool?

Google first built a tool, and then advertisers followed.

We have already seen Amazon introduce Amazon Scan Search, now eBay is recognizing the value of a 2d code, a camera phone and physical world connection.

One of the physical world connection players, BeeTagg , has created a useful application for major ecommerce company eBay.

By adding a unique 2d code to any object and scanning with a camera phone , BeeTagg allows users to link physical objects to the Internet and eBay.

BeeTagg for eBay

The full story (in German)

In my opinion this application has, or will have, a lot more value than a price comparison tool. Instead of building a physical world connection platform for mobile marketing, they are building an ecommerce platform.

BeeTagg, and a couple other PWC cos are letting users create their own codes and determine what THEY want to use them for. Even Microsoft with their latest 2d code launch recognize that you must let people create useful applications for physical world connection.

I see Google will have to offer a 2d code tool soon.