Monday, November 14, 2016

Say Goodbye To The Old Polls...The Next Generation Polls Are Already Here

How could the polls be so wrong? The "old" polls got it wrong because they used outdated technology. Do you really think it's wise to listen to an industry that is on its last legs to predict the future? The mainstream media is rapidly losing eyeballs but they still claim to be the experts on prediction results.

They are still trying to explain how they got it all wrong.

The "new polls" knew who would win this election but they chose not to share their data (or were never asked).

 It's human nature to read or listen only to news or stories that confirm your opinions.  It is called "Selective Exposure". It  refers to individuals' tendency to favor information which reinforces their pre-existing views while avoiding contradictory information.

The new "polls" are Google, Facebook and your Internet Provider.

Between Google and Facebook, what candidate you were rooting was very easily known. They read your email, they know what sites you visited, comments you made on FB, and in some cases which campaign you donated to.

I'm sure they have algorithms that check for the phrase "already voted" or "voted early" and matched it up with your online activity. If you ever typed that in an email, FB comment, text message, Whatsapp, Snapchat was recorded. Your early voting location is data and your phone was tracked to that location. Bingo.

Your Internet Provider has even more info on you. They see everything. They know what TV shows you recorded and watched. They are a real time Nielsen Rating. They also see your text messages. They see every search you make. They see your email. Clear your cookies and cache all you want but they will still see it ALL.

A metric (that the mainstream media NEVER reported) was the traffic on the candidate's own Youtube videos. The traffic comparison was not even close. So all of these people watched videos of the candidate they were against? Don't think so.

Google's revenue is dependent on delivering relevant ads to search queries and sites visited. They are pros at measuring eyeballs and clicks. So do you honestly think they didn't know who you voted for and when?

On Election Day, Google greeted with a "Find your Voting Location".  That location is data. If you ever used FB or Google on your phone, they tracked you to that location.

Somehow I imagine the folks at Google and Facebook were all laughing at the TV networks on Election Night.