Tuesday, December 09, 2014

When Did This Lack Of Respect For Police Start?

When you blame others, you give up your power to change...Robert Anthony

As I read the stories about deaths because of a confrontation with a police officer, I am astonished at how the media and masses fail to see the "cause and effect" relationship here. Who REALLY should be held accountable for these events?

So when did society lose respect for the police?

Shooting at, or assaulting a cop or trying to steal his gun seem foreign to me but it happens every day now. Everyone is fixated on the "effect" but not the "cause" in EVERY one of these situations. What triggered (cause) the incident (effect)? When you look at the cause, the effect makes more sense.

As as child I grew up respecting ANY police officer. They were always intimidating to me. As a cop walked by, or entered a room, I would always be aware of my actions.

This talk about police officers needing to be trained how to deal with people is nonsense. Try walking in his shoes for a day. He is approaching you not knowing if you're on drugs, just committed a crime, if you have a weapon..and when you don't do as you're told, this only raises his anxiety.

When you reach into your pocket, or act in a threatening manner, YOU are escalating the situation. YOU are creating the "cause".

When a police officer flashes his lights, pull over. When he tells you to spread your legs while he frisks you, do it.

Accountability...EVERYONE should be held accountable for their actions.

The irony here is that perhaps if more "victims" really did put their hands up, we wouldn't be having these issues.

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