Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Are Vending Machines So Vital To The Mobile Industry?

Vending machines will soon be mini cell towers.

 It is being called WiFi 2.0 and Hypernet and the Japanese are about to make it take off.

Understand that this is where the mobile industry is headed. One of the investing trends I highlight in my book (How To Find Big Stocks) called "WiFi 2.0". The "holy grail" of communications is when any computing device can switch seamlessly among different frequencies so that the transmission of data (regardless of size) is never stopped.

Soon every cell phone will be able to switch seamlessly between cell towers and WiFi hotspots.

This solves a couple problems for wireless carriers:
1. how to handle to deluge of data being used on their network
2. finding new real estate to put up cell towers

You have to realize that any WiFi hot spot will be a mini cell tower now and cell phones will switch back forth (cell tower and wifi) to keep signal.

The Japanese are launching vending machines that not only offers drinks but also sends out Wi-Fi signals within a 50m radius

Be ahead of the investing curve.

Indian ISP Blocks Sites For Illegal File Sharing

 Digital rights is one investing trend I discuss (investing trends).

Internet service providers (ISP) are taking no chance with legal recourse and just shutting down websites that are responsible for illegal file sharing.

an Indian court seemingly having no problems issuing widespread ISP blockades in response to a request from movie studio Reliance Entertainment. The reasoning is that Reliance is hoping to prevent the file sharing of its latest movie. But rather than narrowly targeting the file sharing of that movie (or of other Reliance properties), the court ordered complete blocking of a variety of websites including Megaupload and BTJunkie  (full story)

The recording industry is already placing digital watermarks in new releases, how much longer before the movie industry adopts this technology?

Investing trends to keep your eye on.

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Say It Forget It, Write It Regret It...An "Off the Grid" Trend Coming

Get ready for a new trend when people go digitally "off the grid". Look for people to stop clicking "share this" and "like this" because of the future ramifications it will have.

One of the upcoming investing waves I discuss in my book, is the growing demand for digital rights and privacy. The Internet is a fantastic medium for digital delivery, but we are sacrificing a lot of control (whether you recognize it or not).

Banks, employers, dating services and many other entities are using your digital footprints for their qualification process. A compromising picture, or emotional Tweet is now coming back to bite you.

Most people are not aware that anything transmitted over the Net is public information and can (and will) be seen by thousands (if not millions) of people.

They are just starting to see how their past Net activity is influencing their future.

Remember as a kid yor parents would tell you to count to 10 before you said anything when you're mad? Perhaps there should be a delay on the send, reply or post button. I call it the "just in case" button. I am sure there are plenty of times when you wish you could have pulled something back off the Net.

Some interesting cases are now appearing in court that have to do with digital rights.

1. Who owns your followers on Twitter, you or your employer?

2. Who can share your personal information with?

3. Can your Facebook image be used to promote products without your permission?

So next time think twice before you share an article or "like" something.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stop Online Piracy Act


Managing digital rights is an investing wave to start watching. The ease of digital production and distribution (and duplication) has created a conundrum for digital content owners.

Where is the line between sharing and stealing?

Do you know what SOPA is?

The (SOPA)Stop Online Piracy Act in a nutshell

Here's how it affects you.

How it is affecting companies that register domains (GoDaddy)

Using digital watermarks and a spider that browses the Net for illegal digital reproductions. Here's a company that is has the patent, and the competitive advantage for this investing trend.

Digital Locking "Digital Media Distribution Method and System" (Granted US 20020146122) This patent provides a method of locking digital content which prevents play back on unauthorized machines and devices. Claims include separating security from the content, so that content files can be shared securely over peer to peer networks. This is one of the earliest patents for securing peer to peer distributed content.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Finally White Spaces Get Turned On..Another Investing Wave To Watch

 It has been called "WiFi on steroids" and is definitely an investing wave to watch.

 I have been talking for years about this huge broadband opportunity for the US.

 White Spaces offers a "ton of bandwidth"

That is a highly desirable chunk of spectrum because the signals can easily pass through walls and other solid objects, giving them a much greater reach than WiFi or even WiMAX, both of which operate in higher frequency bands.

Microsoft said access to white spaces offers "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide ubiquitous wireless broadband access to all Americans."
From GigaOm White Spaces Are A Go! 

With today’s approval of the first TV white spaces database and device, we are taking an important step towards enabling a new wave of wireless innovation.  Unleashing white spaces spectrum has the potential to exceed even the many billions of dollars in economic benefit from Wi-Fi, the last significant release of unlicensed spectrum, and drive private investment and job creation.

Microsoft calls "white spaces" the greatest improvement in Internet access since the advent of Wi-Fi."
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WiFi 2.0 And Now It's Being Called The Hypernet..It Is A Huge Investing Wave

A major investing wave is approaching, do you know what stocks have the competitive advantage in it?

If you have been using the tool in my book (How to Find Big Stocks), you have already spotted them by now.

Roger McNamee, one of the most successful venture capitalists, defines the next wave for the Internet which he calls the "Hypernet and Hyperweb"

One of the reasons I am so excited about this point in time is that, in the last few years, the new infrastructure has been put into place for a major new wave.

Roger and I think the new infrastructure combines the web plus cellular plus WiFi (which we call the Hypernet), combined with potential new user experiences that involve billions of nodes and millions of clouds (which we call the Hyperweb).

This is also called HotSpot 2.0 and it is one of the waves I discuss in my book.

Hotspot 2.0 is an industry initiative that will use 802.11u to provide seamless automatic Wi-Fi authentication and handoff, allowing mobile users to roam between the networks without additional authentication
*this can also include other devices and objects

Gartner's Akshay Sharma made this prediction for Hotspot 2.0:

" Hotspot 2.0 with FMC will be the dominant (over 50%) approach for carriers to achieve carrier grade 4G offload by 2015"

 The ability for any device to switch between cell tower and wi-fi (without user having to do anything) is the next big thing for it WiFi 2.0 or the "Hypernet".

 Several tech experts have called it the "holy grail patent". A tiny company just received this patent in a long court dispute and are now starting to monetize it.

We put together a summary of this technology/company  that has the key patent for Hotspot 2.0 and which we consider a VERY RISKY "100 Bagger" opportunity.
(this company is currently in settlement negotiations with TMobile)

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Investing Trends To Watch And How To Find The Big Stocks In Them

 Any successful investor will tell you that they made their money by spotting trends and the companies with the competitive advantage in them.

It's not hard to do..if you know what to look for.

I discuss how to spot trends and how to find the companies that will play key roles in them in my book How To Find Big Stocks. I also show you how to use a tool in the Internet to spot them. This is the same tool that helped turn $10k into $2.8m in two years.

Here are some investing waves I am watching.

Cloud Computing (posts on cloud computing)

 The days of both storing content and processing on the computer are over. Storing content on the cloud offers access from any device anywhere.

Processing is also done on the Cloud too. Think about using Microsoft Word (on your PC) versus using Google Docs (on the cloud).

The tower/PC are being phased out. Soon it will just be a keyboard and a display. Lots of companies will be created and destroyed with this wave.

Internet TV/ TV Commerce (posts on TV Commerce)
When the TV becomes Internet enabled, it will compete with the PC. It will turn into another ecommerce platform. When YouTube allows 30 minute videos it will compete directly with TV viewing.

I highlight one chapter in the book to this trend. As an example of what I am looking that insert hyperlinks on objects in a video.

Personalized  Medicine (posts on Personalized Medicine)
The days of one pill treats all are over too. Mapping the human genome will enable a pill to treat your condition based on your genetic structure.

A combination of several blockbuster drugs coming off patent and personalized medicine have the big drug companies worried. There are several ways to play this investing trend. I show you what to look for.

Internet of Things/Physical World Connection (posts on Physical World Connection)

When a physical object can be linked to the Net for information, we see Physical World Connection. That can include taking a picture of a barcode with a camera phone, scanning an RFID tag with a phone. Any time a physical object has a physical world hyperlink that can link a computing device to the Internet.

Intellectual Property..the new asset (posts on Intellectual Property)

Patents and ways to monetize them, represent a huge investable wave coming. Having a patent and monetizing are two separate things.
(excerpt from the book)
The new “manufacturing” is digital. Information and software are representing a larger percentage of our G.D.P. than physical goods. With the click of a mouse,
a new good can be created and shipped. The Internet is the new manufacturing and distribution system.


"Controlling" a physical object through the Internet is becoming very disruptive. From starting a car from a remote location to monitoring semiconductor equipment from across the globe. Maintaining contact and enabling control over a physical object anywhere in the world thru the Net will create lots of investing opportunities. 

3d Printing (posts on 3d Printing)

Quick replication of objects that are created by software could kickstart the US manufacturing economy.

Privacy/Digital Content Ownership (privacy posts)

With every click of your mouse, you are creating some type of digital fingerprint that is being used by many companies. Those fingerprints cant be erased. It;s as simple as clicking on a webpage and a cookie is placed on your PC to uploading a picture with the GPS coordinates on it.
The "like" button on Facebook, or the "share this" icon on almost every webpage is changing privacy. Brands are using your image to promote their products. Your "likes" are being used to generate revenue.

Also, the ease of replication and distribution of digital content is creating a nightmare for copyright owners. Digital watermarking and tracking will soon become a big business. As more content is stored online (on the cloud) protecting it will become a priority.

Speech Recognition

Voice replaces the keyboard for the phone, tablet and TV.

Motion Technology

The Kinect and Wii are adding another dimension to computing. Look for more applications using motion as the input.


The Internet is running out of IP addresses. IPV6 Internet Protocol version 6 will provide EVERY device  with their own IP address. The days of anonymity are over.

Connected Homes/Mini Cell Tower

More devices connected to the Net inside the home will require a more powerful router. This next generation router will connect all devices (tablet, refridgerator, cell phone). Watch femtocell and picocell companies.


The days of updates and plugins required may soon be over. A new standard for online media is coming. Java's days may be limited.

NFC/Mobile Payments

Near field communications, chips inside your mobile will turn it into a "wallet" that with a swipe near a NFC reader registers your purchase. The days of credit cards may soon be over when they can be stored and swiped with your cell phone.

Pharmaceutical Acquisitions..Blockbuster Drugs are over

As more blockbuster drugs come off patent and the trend for personal medicine grows, drug companies are going to back to their Phase 3 trials to look for drugs that can help smaller populations. Genetic database companies and RNAi players are ones to watch as acquisition candidates.

WiFi 2.0 or the Hypernet 

Hotspot 2.0 is an industry initiative that will use 802.11u to provide seamless automatic Wi-Fi authentication and handoff, allowing mobile users to roam between the networks without additional authentication 

 I turned $10k into $2.8m in 2 years with the tool in this book.

Facebook "Likes" Things Without Your Permission

How far is Facebook willing to go to make a buck?

How much information on Facebook are you willing to give up?

A backlash against Facebook is coming..just watch.

Facebook has already been scolded with their opt out privacy feature. Users use to have to opt out of new info sharing features. Now it is more "opt in" but these next developments should have you concerned.

  I see a growing backlash that will cause Facebook members to have a "Occupy" moment here.

Soon people will realize how their personal information is being used without their consent, and how much revenue is being generated from it.

Two stories caught my eye this week that involve Facebook going too far with using your personal information.

1. Currently there is a lawsuit that involves Facebook using its member's likeness in advertising.

When you see one of your friend's picture next to an ad saying "Joe Smith likes this". Facebook is using your image to promote a product, for which they get paid.

Did you give brand x the permission to use your image to promote this product?
Are they sharing in the ad revenue with you?

Tell me this doesn't sound a bit creepy.

Here is a quote from Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg:

This is the elusive goal we’ve been searching for, for a long time; making your customers your marketers… 68 percent more people are likely to remember seeing the ad with their friend’s name [and they are] 300 percent more likely to purchase

The second invasion of privacy:

2. Netflix wants to let Facebook use your viewing habits to share with the public.

Facebook members in the United States may soon be able to see which of their friends and family members have just video-streamed. (full story)

So all of your friends will know what movies you rent.

Once again your information is being used to promote business for someone else.

There is big investing trend coming and it involves maintaining control of your privacy and digital content. It is a "wave" I discuss in my book (How To Find Big Stocks)

Every time you hit the "send", "reply" or "message" button, you are creating a digital fingerprint. This is a fingerprint that will be stored on a computer forever. Think about that next time you are quick to respond on a public network.

Their is an app coming out soon for iPhone and Droid users that will enable communication on a "private wall".
(email me if you want to know who has this technology)

The info you post on the wall can only be viewed by the two parties and is NEVER stored on a server.

This "privacy on a public network" is a trend I would start watching.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marc Andreessen Predictions From "Software Is Eating The World"

Marc Andreessen's "Software Is Eating The World" piece offers his insights on why software is changing industries and what is coming next.

Quotes after the break.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Managing Digital Rights..An Investing Trend To Watch

The ease of production and distribution (and duplication) has created a conundrum for digital content owners. I discuss this wave as one to watch in my book.

John Wiley and Sons are following through on charging those that steal their "For Dummies" content.

the major publisher picked up the pace by filing another mass-lawsuit, yet again targeting those sharing the “For Dummies” series online. The complaint lists 36 IP-addresses through which the defendants downloaded and shared titles

The person that downloads the content AND the site that enables it, are liable.

The record industry has already started to crack down on this. PlayMPE is already known as the global standard for secure media delivery. (Parent company Destiny Media Technologies)

The 2 patents Destiny has should offer the competitive advantage for this upcoming investing trend.

1.1. Digital Locking "Digital Media Distribution Method and System" (Granted US 20020146122) This patent provides a method of locking digital content which prevents play back on unauthorized machines and devices. Claims include separating security from the content, so that content files can be shared securely over peer to peer networks. This is one of the earliest patents for securing peer to peer distributed content.

2.2. Watermarking "Methods for Watermarking Media Data" (US 20080098022) (pending Japan, Europe, Canada, USA) Destiny has a developed a watermarking technology which can uniquely identify the individual who originally accessed a particular song. Our watermark is unique as it can be embedded and identified rapidly, it is inaudible, it survives on air broadcast, compression and conversion to other formats and is virtually impossible to remove. Patents are pending in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan and China. Our watermarking technology is used in the Play MPE® distribution system when songs are exported or when streaming a track. 16 Other watermarking technologies are slow and provide a trade off between a destruction of audio quality and the ease that they can be filtered out.

Destiny Media Technologies is a company that was triggered by the BigStockular, the tool found in the book How To Find Big Stocks

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Want To Find Big Winning Stocks?

How To Find Big Stocks

Finding stocks that outperform the market involves spotting trends and the companies that will play a key role in them.

For over 20 years I have been finding emerging trends and the catalyst that triggers them. I have learned how to spot them using a simple tool and a proprietary method (which I show you how to use).

Robert Scoble, Microsoft's Chief Technology Evangelist had this to say about me.."Scott sees thing we aren't yet seeing".

I show you what you specifically need to look for and how to find it before the masses.

There are several major waves, or investing trends starting to break. One WILL BE bigger than the Internet. It is one you CANNOT AFFORD to miss.

For only $4.99, less that the commission of a stock trade, you get a valuable too that helps you spot emerging trends and the companies in them. 

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Predictive Advertising Based On Amazon's GPS Patent

You probably use "predictive text" on your phone. That is when the device fills in the rest of the word you are typing.

Next up, advertising that is catered to your GPS and current route.

A patent, made public last week, covers a system to not only track, through mobile devices (Kindle, anyone?), where individuals or aggregated users have been, but determine where your likely to go next to better target ads, coupons, or other messages that could appear on a mobile phone or on displays that individuals are likely to see on their routes.  (Amazon's Big Brother Patent)

Creepy or a good idea?

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Here's Why You Have To Be Careful Who You Friend On Facebook

 Did you know that who your friends on Facebook are might affect your ability to get a job or a mortgage?

Privacy and your reputation are two things being destroyed with the convenience of the Internet.

Keep in mind that every post, picture and comment you put on Facebook is permanently stored on their server, regardless if you delete your account.

So do you really know who your friends are on Facebook?

From BetaBeat, The Wrong Friends Might Sink Your Credit 

A new wave of startups is working on algorithms gathering data for banks from the web of associations on the internet known as “the social graph,” in which people are “nodes” connected to each other by “edges.”

There is this concept of ‘birds of a feather flock together,’” said Ken Lin, CEO of the San Francisco-based credit scoring startup Credit Karma.

financial institutions have started exploring ways to use data from Facebook, Twitter and other networks to round out an individual borrower’s risk profile

A new application is coming out for Facebook that allows any user to create their own "private wall".

Message and post with selected Facebook friends that never gets stored on the Facebook server. Think of it as a private messaging application through Facebook. In other words, what you do on PrivateString will never go on your "permanent record".

I like to think of it as a "just in case" application or "reputation insurance".

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tablet Buyers Use WiFi But A Bigger Stat Is Revealed

NPD Group provided a summary of tablet use and one sentence I found remarkable.

 The number of public Wi-Fi hotspots may increase by 350 percent in the next four years,

This is a great sign for HotSpot 2.0 to get adopted

Tablet users only use on WiFi

Full story)

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TV Commerce An Investing Trend To watch

To make better than average returns in the stock market, you need to find upcoming investing trends and the companies that have the competitive advantage in them.

My "BigStockular", the tool that helped me turn $10k into $2.8m in 2 years is constantly spotting both investing trends and the companies in them. I show you how you can build your own Big Stockular in my book How To Find Big Stocks

One of the investing trends I am watching is TV Commerce. Your TV is turning into an interactive ecommerce display and with it will come lots of disruptive technologies. As an example of things I see as being disruptive:

1. when Youtube increases videos to 30 minutes it (Youtube) will compete with prime time viewing

2. hyperlinks embedded into videos will provide additional revenue for TV shows (including reruns)

I am seeing more news stories feature TV commerce which is giving me lots of great investing ideas. In fact in my book I devote an entire chapter to "what happens when the TV is Internet enabled and the screen is a dynamic hyperlink"

TV Commerce to watch

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Amazon's Kindle Fire..Be Careful

Amazon's Kindle Fire's ease of use may come back to bite them. The ability to "1 Click" purchase any item thru Amazon is a nightmare for parents AND for people who lose their tablets.

I am sure Amazon will find a way to correct this with the next version. But in the mean time, Fire owners should be very careful when they travel with their tablet and should know what their Amazon password so they could quickly change it.

One Click Maybe Be Costly

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A New Patent Investment?

A new way to monetize patents?

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 09, 2011

A "Holy Grail" Patent For HotSpot 2.0 And CompanyTo Keep An Eye On

 It has been called disruptive, game changing and revolutionary. This patent and company were found using the tool in my book (How To Find Big Stocks)

It is called "Hotspot 2.0".
Hotspot 2.0 is an industry initiative that will use 802.11u to provide seamless automatic Wi-Fi authentication and handoff, allowing mobile users to roam between the networks without additional authentication

Gartner's Akshay Sharma made this prediction for Hotspot 2.0:
" Hotspot 2.0 with FMC will be the dominant (over 50%) approach for carriers to achieve carrier grade 4G offload by 2015"

We put together a summary of this technology/company  that has the key patent for Hotspot 2.0 and which we consider a VERY RISKY "100 Bagger" opportunity.

Years of controversy ended yesterday when Calypso Wireless announced they have the sole and immediate right to use, sale and develop U.S patent number 6,680,923.

On January 20, 2004 Calypso received U.S. Patent No. U.S. 6,680,923 B1 titled: “Communication System and Method”. This solution is known by the trademarked acronym, ASNAP™, which stands for: Automatic Switching of Network Access Points.

Patent # 6,680,923 titled "Communication system and method which covers the seamless roaming of voice, vidoe and data between Wide Area Network access points such as cellular towers (GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CDMA, WCMDA etc) and short range Internet access points (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.)

As more phones become "smart", and as more objects are connected to the Net, they will tax the current cell network's ability to provide a constant contact regardless of data size or location.

The holy grail of mobile communications is maintaining a connection regardless of data size or location.

The proliferation of wifi hotspots have essentially created endless "cell towers" but they operate at a different frequency than a cell tower.

The ability to switch between cell tower and wi-fi (without user having to do anything) is the next big thing for mobile.

Calypso has successfully demonstrated the seamless flow of data while switching between a wireless connection from a cellular GSM/GPRS tower to a local Wi-Fi access point and back to GSM/GPRS again.

They are currently in settlement discussions with T-Mobile.

Here's why we feel this crapshoot is a "wireless wonder" and could be a 100 bagger investment.

Email me if you want my detailed report.

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Genius Idea Or just Plain Ruthless?

This is just another example of an Internet company using disruptive technology to connect physical objects to the Net. The barcode is actually a physical world hyperlink and retailers havent figured a way how to utilize it.

What is the key thing standing retailers have that ecommerce sites dont?....spontaneity. Physical retail stores can deliver the product immediately. Try to find a way to incorporate that into your selling.

barcode app pitts Amazon versus physical world retailers

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eBook Pricing Suit

Who is next?

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2

A Worldwide Telecom Company For $8B

Maybe this acquisition wasn't such a bad move after all.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Could This Be Big Problem For Apple?

 Apple loses iPad trademark case in China

Therefore, Apple had no rights to the iPad trademark in China, said the report.
In 2006, the Taiwanese company sold the "global trademark" for iPad to U.S. company, IP Application Development, which was later believed to be a front for Apple, said the CNET report. When Proview Electronics ran into financial trouble and its assets in China were seized, its creditors attempted to sell Proview's trademarks but Apple stepped in and sued Proview to force it to hand over the trademark in China to IP Application Development.

In 2010 when the iPad was first announced, Apple did not own the trademark of iPad in the United States. It took some weeks for Apple to negotiate with Fujitsu before the Japanese company turned over the trademark to Apple.
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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Is Facebook Next?

I envision Facebook to be next.

Physical World Connection Revolutionizes Healthcare Industry

When things are connected to the Net, including people, Internet Phase 2 (or Physical World Connection) takes shape.

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Monday, December 05, 2011

The Next Big App?

Imagine having an app that syncs objects on TV with Amazon.
TV Commerce is coming.

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What is an IP address worth?

You thought email addresses were a commodity.

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2

Email Is Dead

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2

TV Commerce Is Finally Here

The television represents another computing device and display for commerce. The ability to click on an image, be directed to a website and purchase it, is another investing trend to watch.

the ability to buy products they see on their screens with a click of a remote control

A new service being introduced this week to Verizon FiOS customers, however, will allow viewers to do just that — for items like bicycles, radios and coins — directly from shows on the History Channel, owned by A&E Network. 

A small icon in the upper right corner of the screen will signal that an item is available, and with the touch of a button on a remote control, the screen will split in two, with items for purchase on the right.

After setting up a user account on, viewers can complete their transaction by entering their phone number and four-digit PIN.

 Full Story from NY Times

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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Could The Days For Email Be Numbered?

 Email days are numbered.

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Saturday, December 03, 2011