Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Catalyst For The Next Generation Of Wealth

On January 25, 2012 there was an announcement that I consider a "rupt", or the tipping point for a wave to start to break. This wave is considered to be the largest wealth generator in our lifetime.

It will create more millionaires than the Internet.

The key to making money with a big investing trend is to find the companies with a competitive advantage in the. I call these companies. Big Stocks. They are net worth changers.

There are certain things I look for in determining who has the competitive advantage in a wave. I give you the same tool I use every day in my book.

To see what wave I am talking about, and the companies poised to change net worths, pick up a copy:

How To Find Big Stocks

Don't miss this wave.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ericsson's Buy of BelAir Heats Up Hypernet or WiFi 2.0

From GigaOm Ericcson bets on WiFi
WiFi Offload is at the core of BelAir buy (Fierce Wireless)

Wi-Fi is getting attention from the traditional mobile industry as carriers may look to relieve network congestion and mobile users may look to avoid data usage caps

Hotspot 2.0 or The Hypernet is an investing trend I have discussed several times.

an industry initiative that will use 802.11u to provide seamless automatic Wi-Fi authentication and handoff, allowing mobile users to roam between the networks without additional authentication 

Roger McNamee, one of the most successful venture capitalists, defines the next wave for the Internet which he calls the "Hypernet and Hyperweb"

The deal could signal a big shift in the mindset of the big wireless vendors, which have always favored their own specialized and expensive cellular technologies to meet growing mobile data demand rather than more generic but much cheaper Wi-Fi tech.

Gartner's Akshay Sharma made this prediction for Hotspot 2.0:

" Hotspot 2.0 with FMC will be the dominant (over 50%) approach for carriers to achieve carrier grade 4G offload by 2015"

 The ability for any device to switch between cell tower and wi-fi (without user having to do anything) is the next big thing for mobile...call it WiFi 2.0 or the "Hypernet".

I put together a summary of this technology/company  that has the key patent for Hotspot 2.0 and which we consider a VERY RISKY "100 Bagger" opportunity.
(this company has the patents that are required to make this happen and is currently in settlement negotiations with TMobile)

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Watch This Trend

Convenience comes with a price. I see a major trend (privacy) coming. The days of "I am off the grid" are getting close.

There will be a service or technology that enables people to surf, communicate without being tracked. I see people PAYING to do these activities knowing they won't be tracked.

People will pay to use email, communicate with friends on a social network and surf knowing their information and Internet activity isn't being recorded.

Interesting story on what tech trends lawyers need to keep an eye on.

I found 2 of particular interest:

Mobile payments and behavioral advertising.

When you start swiping your cell phone to pay for items your sensitive information is being sent over a wireless connection.

Google's recent no opt-out policy eliminates the anonymous Internet. Every click you make will be filled with an ad based on ALL of your information used/stored with Google.

 for Android users, there’s never really an option to be logged out, so everything you do, Google can now track, from searches to direction requests to videos watched

As soon as IPv6 is implemented, every device will have its own IP address, so the days of an anonymous Internet are really over.

See other major investing trends. HowToFindBigStocks.com

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Piracy In The Future

 As digital content gets easier to produce and distribute, managing it will be a huge industry to watch.

It isn't just about sharing music, it's much bigger.

BigThink has a great story about where privacy is headed.

the future of digital downloading will move quickly beyond music, movies and software into the copying and reproduction of physical objects

While the entertainment industry represents a lot of money, it is nothing compared to the world's manufacturing base, i.e. most of the world's economy

In my book (How To Find Big Stocks), I discuss waves like 3D printing and digital rights. Orion Jones gives us an idea what happens when these two waves meet (and they will).

There is technology now, that allows any digital content owner (this includes 3D printers) to "lock" a piece of digital content to a specified device AND track the content on the Net for illegal reproduction and distribution.

The ease of production and distribution (and duplication) has created a conundrum for digital content owners. I discuss this wave as one to watch in my book.

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Roche Buys Illumina For $5.7B Huge Consequences For Personalized Medicine

Roche is the world's largest maker of cancer drugs acquires gene sequencing company Illumina for $5.7B.

Roche is already the world's largest maker of cancer drugs, where gene analysis is progressing fastest, as well as a major maker of diagnostic tests.

Several cancer drugs are coming off patent AND gene therapy threatens this industry.

What would be the best (and cheapest) way to continue to generate revenue from your drug that is now off patent?....hint, by licensing the patented method for delivering the generic version.  (this method was called the biggest breakthrough invention for treating cancer)

(read how it works)

Look for a smart company to buy GENE, use their non-coding (junk DNA) patents (as well as Perlegen IP) to generate cash flow while they look to get paid every time a cancer drug is administered.(they own 70% of this cancer breakthrough technology)

There's a reason many are calling this the "next investing boom"

Here is an excerpt from the book How To Find Big Stocks It discusses the companies and technologies to look for in this upcoming wave.

I consider this wave the biggest “problem solver” ever that will affect every person in the world, rich or poor. It will create and destroy multi-billion dollar companies.

The 30,000 "switches" in your body (genes) or the "software of life", represent the next investing boom.

With the Internet boom, the first movers were the chip companies, PC manufacturers, and Internet providers. They provided the infrastructure to make it happen. It was people selling maps, picks and shovels that made the fortunes during the gold rush boom.

With the personalized medicine boom, the first movers will be (and already are) the companies that: provide access to the human genome (DNA), the testing kit manufacturers, DNA analysis technology, and the testing companies themselves.

The amount of money that will be spent by various industries and people, to live longer and better will be in the trillions.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Privacy..An Investing Wave To Watch

Privacy is one of the investing trends I suggest keeping an eye on. It is also an investing wave I highlight in my upcoming book.

A recent ruling now means Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops.

Blackburn, a George W. Bush appointee, ruled that the Fifth Amendment posed no barrier to his decryption order. The Fifth Amendment says that nobody may be "compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself," which has become known as the right to avoid self-incrimination.

He said the All Writs Act, which dates back to 1789 and has been used to require telephone companies to aid in surveillance, could be invoked in forcing decryption of hard drives as well. 

A new app for the phone is coming that allows communication over the Net without any trace being left on any server. Privacy on the Net..think of the possibilities.

A Big Stock: a company with a competitive advantage (IP, technology, location) in a major investing trend. HowToFindBigStocks.com

Friday, January 20, 2012

How To Save Flickr

On their blog, Flickr announced they will be making some changes in 2012.

In the coming weeks and months you will see significant updates to Flickr’s user experience, new features and offerings across devices. Our goal is to build a gorgeous, intuitive, and truly beautiful experience for you, your friends and your photos.

Here's my idea.
Have you ever noticed, there are no ads on Flickr.

When you upload your photos to Flickr, you are giving them content and traffic.

Why can't Flickr place ads along the sides of your pictures and you get a cut of the ad revenue? Picture it being like an adsense account for Flickr?

Get paid for your content AND Flickr generates ad revenue too.


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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where Will Big Money Be Made Next?

Here is a list of waves I am following. I am currently writing a book that elaborates on each wave and what companies/technologies could have the competitive advantage in them. The Big Stockular in my book (How To Find Big Stocks) will help you find what companies they are.
Big Data (creation of it, storage, and digital rights)

Privacy (social networking has made it easy to publish things that are being used against you  and you will regret later)

Genomics/Personalized Medicine..a bigger wave than the Net. Net makes everything more efficient and saves time, PM saves lives

Intellectual Property..the US's new raw asset..we aint manuf any more and everything has turned to digital..IP is going to be key

Telematics/ M2M..controlling a device thru the Net

Speech recognition/motion technology...typing is becoming outdated

Wifi 2.0/ Hypernet...more data more devices means different ways of transferring it

Connected cars and homes...every car will be Net enabled and controlled..appliances in home will be too

Cloud computing...pc is getting dumber. Storage and processing of all digital content takes place on the Net, not thru the Net

TV Commerce/Interactive TV...big screen offers big opportunity

Cyber Security..the new form of terrorism

3D Printing...brings manuf back to the US

Mobile commerce/Location Based Services..the mouse that leaves the house offers dynamic opportunities to many

Physical world connection..a barcode, RFID tag, image et al is the physical world hyperlink that links a camera phone/tablet to the Net

Spot big trends before the masses. HowToFindBigStocks.com

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Facebook Reveals Your Private Messages

First it's Politico, who is next?  What other website or corporation will pay to see your private messages?

First Facebook "likes" things without your permission now this.

Don't think privacy is a big issue?

 Why Facebook's Data Sharing Matters

Facebook has cut a deal with political website Politico that allows the independent site machine-access to Facebook users' messages, both public and private

Just remember, any content you transmit over the Net is not yours..it is owned by the service provider.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Acacia Takes A Stake In 4G

Patents are the new raw material.

Acacia Research announces they are buying 4G technology developer Adaptix for $160m.

"With patents filed as early as 2000, Adaptix's research and development efforts have resulted in one of the world's most significant intellectual property portfolios focused on 4G technologies," Acacia said in a statement.

Might be why Oberweis made Acacia one of their best stocks to own in 2012.

In my book, How To Find Big Stocks, I discuss how intellectual property is the new "raw material" for the U.S. economy and the Internet is the new manufacturing and distribution system.

A list of other patent play stocks.

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2 years. HowToFindBigStocks.com

TV Is The Next Digital Land Grab

The investing wave of TV Commerce/Internet TV is one to start watching.

integrating voice and motion control into its new sets, enabling users to speak commands to their TVs or change channels and other settings with just a wave.
(this is just one example of how it will disrupt)

The television represents another computing device and display for commerce. The ability to click on an image, be directed to a website and purchase it, is another investing trend to watch.

The TV will turn into another ecommerce platform and when YouTube allows 30 minute videos it will compete directly with TV viewing.

Dynamic ads placed in reruns, hyperlinks embedded in shows, the eyeballs shift BACK to the TV.

iPad with voice recognition turns into your remote control (for your TV and appliances in the home).

Want to see what other investing trends to watch for?

Learn how to spot the companies with the competitive advantage in this wave, as well as many others in my book How To Find Big Stocks.com

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Digital Problems..Does This Happen To You?

Technology is evolving and changing our behavior. 

While watching or listening to something without a DVR or on a PC (even life), I find myself sometimes trying to rewind live events.

Have you ever tried to "rewind" something that doesn't have a rewind button?

I will see or hear something and will want to rewind to see/hear it again..only to realize that it cant be done.

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A Good Start To Stop Piracy

 I expect to see more of these cases, with similar results.

It's a lot easier (and profitable) to go after the site doing the enabling, than it is to go after individual users that are stealing copyrighted material. It also makes a lot more sense.

 the “blocking, diverting or interrupting of internet communications” which breach copyright law.

More on digital rights.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paperless Society Continues To Evolve

 Analog to digital transformation. Apple is doing it again.

Books, coupons, tickets, checks, receipts are all going digital (paperless). The "paperless society" is a wave I discuss in my book. One of the companies that made it happen was a "Big Stock".

Steve Jobs had a dream to make textbooks digital..his dream will soon be a reality.

Winners? Students and the education industry.

Losers? Printers, book stores

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2 years. HowToFindBigStocks.com 
One free chapter provided.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Catalyst For The Genomics Wave Boom?

We all know what happened when the personal computer became affordable to the masses, it triggered one of the biggest creations of wealth in our life time.

I've already stated that "personalized medicine" is an investing trend to watch.

Genomics, or "personalized medicine" will be the next investing boom. It will be much larger than the Internet boom and will create more millionaires than the Internet Wave did.

The 30,000 "switches" in your body (genes) or the "software of life", represent the next investing boom.

The Internet was all about saving time and communication.
The personalized medicine boom is about adding time. More specifically, adding years to life.

The "PC for the health industry" just became affordable to the masses today.

Forbes calls it the coolest new gadget and it isn't at CES.

unlike other DNA sequencers that involved a complicated system of chemicals and optical instruments, this one is a semiconductor chip,

it proves that Life can make its semiconductor DNA sequencing chips faster and more powerful at a pretty dramatic clip

Life Technologies Corp. said it would begin taking orders for a machine that is designed to sequence a person's entire genome in one day for $1,000

THE BIG PICTURE: Life Technologies says the expense and long processing time of whole-genome sequencing have limited the procedure to relatively few research labs. By speeding up the process, and making it cheaper, Life Technologies hopes to rapidly increase the market for sequencing services. 

Existing products can take weeks, or longer, to sequence a human genome, the company said, and the procedure can cost between $5,000 and $10,000. Instruments to do the sequencing can cost between $500,000 and $750,000. Life Technologie's machine should run approx $149k.(source)

Motley Fool calls this announcement incredible.
This next investing boom is now possible.

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Friday, January 06, 2012

Digital Music Sales Top Physical Music Sales For First Time..A Wave To Watch

As digital content gets easier to produce and distribute, managing it will be a huge industry to watch.

From GizModo Digital tops physical music sales

According to Nielsen and Billboard, digital music sales accounted for 50.3% of total music sales, more than half the pie.

Now add the lawsuit that all major labels have against Groooveshark.

See the major investing wave coming? Digital control. Managing digital rights is a big wave to watch.

The competitive advantage will be a method of locking digital content which prevents play back on unauthorized machines and devices.
I found the company with this intellectual property.

The ease of production and distribution (and duplication) has created a conundrum for digital content owners. I discuss this wave as one to watch in my book.

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2 years. HowToFindBigStocks.com

Please Say A Command..."More Bandwidth Please"

Will voice recognition on the iPhone (smartphones) be the catalyst for femtocell adoption?

From Bloomberg Siri Doubles Data

Apple's voice recognition software Siri has prompted owners of the iPhone 4S to use almost twice as much data compared with the handset’s predecessor, placing greater pressure on operators

Here's the irony. Voice is basically being given away with wireless subscriber packages and yet it will be a different type of "voice" that drains the networks.

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Thursday, January 05, 2012

How To Find The Biggest Stocks For 2012

How To Find Big Stocks

Finding big stocks is not hard to do, if you know what to look for.

Each year when they list the top performing stocks of the year, almost every one of them has the same thing in common.
They offer something unique or disruptive, that either creates or changes a current investing trend.

To find Big Stocks, you need to do two things:

1. spot investing trends early

2. determine what companies have the competitive advantage (the disruptive or breakthrough component) in them.

The tool in my book, will find these for you.

To get you started, I have already listed several investing trends to watch this year.

Let the tool in my book help you spot trends before the masses. As Wayne Gretzky once said, " I skate to where the puck will be". Big Stock hunting is very similar, invest in companies (with the competitive advantage) that will be in front of an investing trend.

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2 years. HowToFindBigStocks.com

The Next Mass Profession

As Marc Andreessen said, software is eating the world.

More and more major businesses and industries are being run on software and delivered as online services 

Unlike the legal profession, this skill actually produces products and jobs. It also makes our economy more efficient.

The next "mass profession"

Learning to code is one of the best paths to entrepreneurship

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Patents Are Becoming The New Asset

Here's another company that has found licensing (or notifying infringers) is a better way to generate revenue than manufacturing. There are over $1 trillion dollars of assets that could be monetized in this country.

This IP is an asset is an investing trend I identified in my book. Find out what companies will prosper from this upcoming wave.

TiVo announces a $215m settlement from AT&T.

the only way TiVo has really made money in recent years was through patent lawsuits, followed by lucrative settlements. 

"This is a great book with big ideas on how to create wealth, not just get rich quick". HowToFindBigStocks.com

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Find 2012's Biggest Stock Winners Is Easy If You Know What To Look For

There's no need to pay a money manager a fee for managing your money. Spotting investing trends and the companies that will play a key role in them is easy...if you know WHAT to look for.

Using the tool in How To Find Big Stocks will help you spot the trends that lead to the biggest winners in the stock market. I turned $10k into $2.8m in 2 years using this tool.

Two trends that are starting to develop, Digital Control/Privacy and TV Commerce should provide specific stocks that will be big winners.

Get your Big Stock finding tool today (here)

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Monday, January 02, 2012

Has Text Messaging Peaked?

From NY Times Text Messaging In Decline

The fading allure of text messaging is most likely tied to the rise of alternative services like Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage.

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