Friday, September 30, 2005

Yahoo Tests Cell Phone Ads

Mobile search analytics will include keywords AND logos.

From Seattle PI Yahoo! is testing cell phone search ads

Yahoo! Inc. is testing ways to show advertisements with Internet search results on mobile phones in Japan and Britain.

The trials mark Yahoo!'s first experiments with search advertising on phones and may provide an avenue to sell more ads to companies seeking to reach younger consumers.

I was talking about mobile keywords earlier today. There will be a new model to gauge keyword traffic on the mobile. There will also be a difference in valuation between an SMS search and a WAP (mobile site) search.

Think of how much data Google/4INFO/Qtags have generated with all of those short code (SMS) queries.

In my opinion, search engines and service providers could open a plethora of revenue opportunities if they allow a keyword to provide more possibilities than just search results.

Google/4INFO/Qtags could generate revenues by selling a direct connect ability for every trademarked word, or image. Search engines could create a mobile keyword division. GoogleTalk or AOL IM could provide a direct connect to the site of choice for keyword owner.

Type YANKEES and get last night's score, video highlights or buy tickets. See how valuable a keyword can be with the right application? Think about the metrics that clicking on brand logos will generate.

There will be a seperate value put on camera phone clicks.

"How many times was our logo clicked on last month?".

Google, did you ever think you could sell Adsense based on logos? Soon you will.

It's about time somebody recognized that mobile search/mobile navigation is an industry in itself and should be measured.

What's Google Up To?

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Mobile Search Gets Direct Connect

I received a great comment to my story yesterday on how Google can connect the physical world from Philippe.

In his words "In France we have a special system that can reach already 20 Millions of custumers (over 45 M). It's the SMS. You just send by SMS : Nike to a short code (30130), Apple, or any keyword and you'll have by return a simple URL, you just have to click on it to be redirected to the mobile site of Nike,.... Very easy to understand for the customer, and you don't need to wait 5 years to have bar code embeded in each cell phone"

That's a great idea, and I think 4INFO(44636), Google SMS(46645) or Qtags(78247) will implement that soon.

That will be ANOTHER way these companies can charge for keywords. It could also alleviate the trademark issue problems search engines will soon face.

My thinking is that Google starts selling advertisers mobile keywords. Trademark owners "own" theirs, but other highly requested mobile search words like pizza, doctor will be sold soon.

Think about Google Wi-Fi, GoogleTalk and soon GoogleGPS. Type in "foot doctor" and receive the closest results based on your mobile phone location.

I can imagine sending the keyword "NIKE" to 4INFO(44636) and getting a link to a WAP site of their choosing. NIKE could change the site of choice based on where the SMS came from. There are lots of ideas I have here.

I also think brands could start mobile campaigns and make their products interactive by just using the barcode NUMBER as an identifier.

Procter and Gamble have over 100,000 keywords (barcodes) at their disposal, why not use them to make every packaged good a mobile marketing campaign?

Yeah I know that's a lot of numbers to type. Would you do it for a $1.00 coupon or a free ringtone? Me thinks yes.

HOWEVER, the point that most are missing is the direct connect feature. Why should I have to send an SMS, wait for a return text to get Nike's link when I could just type NIKE in a special browser and it would take me there? Isn't this quicker?

Doesn't THIS give the brand more control? Think of all trademarked words and how powerful that could be for them.

This "browser" will have to be universally accepted in order to work though.

Just my thoughts, but I think pretty soon "mobile search" will morph into "mobile navigation". When this does mobile marketing will become more than text and win campaigns.


Target's Mobile Marketing Contest

Win a $100 Target gift card with your mobile.

Take a picture of this ad on page 20 of Elle Girl magazine and send to to enter.

Don't have a cameraphone? Send a text to MOBOT (66268) with text "eg target".

You must first register at

This is the last mobile campaign for Elle Girl and Mobot in September.

I have some great ideas that both advertisers and Mobot could use for their next mobile marketing campaign.

MindMatics Launches "Nightwatch" Mobile Campaign

Movie trailers will nolonger exclusively belong on the big screen. MindMatics, a mobile marketingcompany, working in cooperation with 20th Century Fox, now makes it possibleto download to cell phones a preview of the new movie Night Watch weeksbefore the movie officially opens on September 29th.

The content is available at selected movie theaters to anyone with aBluetooth-enabled mobile device. In addition to the movie trailer, fourwallpapers and a ringtone are also included. The downloads are free andavailable for the duration of the movie promotion, lasting from September10th to October 11th.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Scan A Barcoded Babe

I think in this case the term "babe" might be pushing it, but you get the point.

From Scan a Japanese babe

This barcoded booth-babe has a QR code (the block with lots of dots) on her back, and she wants you to use your cam-phone to scan for her personal information, hee, hee.

Tokyo Game Show opened yesterday for a three day run at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe Convention Center.

This was attempted by the Xobile guys at the Internext Show. I say attempted because there was a conflict with the barcode model. I never saw the scanning ability.

Upload Smartphone Pics With SplashBlog

There are other services that offer the ability to send cameraphone pics to a blog. Blogger makes it quite easy.

SplashBlog includes everything you need to share your photos, including software for your smartphone and a free online photoblog account at Just install the 30-day trial software on your smartphone, create your free account and start photoblogging!

Here's what I want. Is there a service/software program out there that allows anyone (without registering) to send a picture from ANY wireless service provider to a blog?

I have a great idea but can't find anyone that can provide this.

Send a camphone pic to an email address, the site strips the picture from the email and posts it on a blog. Include a comment in the subject if you want to.

Can anyone do this or know anyone that could?


Here's a great idea. If you don't see coupons for the products you want, go search for them.

From PromoMagazine Viacom adds content to websites via CoolSavings

Viacom Television Stations Digital Media Group has partnered with online couponer CoolSavings to bring advertisers' offers and printable coupons to newly designed CBS station Web sites as part of its "Always On" digital media initiative.

Under the CoolSavings partnership, Viacom's newly retooled Web sites give visitors access to the coupon feature on the local station's homepage. Coupons can be customized for each market, and offers on each site can be targeted to consumers based on the information they submit when registering.

Here's a Pondering Primate Possibility for Google.

Add a coupon "option" to the Google menu (COUPONS) and the owner of that coupon would pay Google for every coupon printed from a search. A coupon is just a barcode.

A consumer searches for nike shoes. Nike submits a coupon that a consumer can print or send as a SMS (text message). Nike pays Google if the coupon gets used. Think of it as Pay-Per-Coupon.

Would it work and would you use it?

How Google Can Connect The Physical World

Guardian Unlimited has a great story about Google's future and John Battelle's outlook. John Battelle, for those that don't know, is considered one of the top search engine experts and a true visionary.

I highlighted a few sentences I thought were key.

"As Schmidt told Fortune magazine: "Pick any large consumer packaged goods company. How many products do you think they have? Probably millions, by the time you have all the variants and the different geographies and legal rules. We want every one of those products to be advertised in the appropriate market within Google in the right country. That's our goal."

Each one of those packaged goods will have a website/hyperlink soon. A physical world hyperlink.

"Thinking about the merger of the physical world with the world wide web might make your head hurt, but after you have reached for the aspirin, Google's mission starts to resonate with larger ambitions. Information is all around us, but how might the company make it accessible?"

That's easy. Just "turn it on". How did we make data, documents, images accessible on the Internet , we gave them all domain names or URLS. How do we connect the physical world to the Internet now? The same way.

Every packaged good owner has a website, they just don't know it YET.

Think of a barcode (and soon an RFID tag) as a URL. All packaged goods have a barcode, the key is to assign a website (URL) with a barcode. That can be done quite easily. If there isn't an existing barcode? Just add a 2d code and you have Internet acces.

Try to imagine seeing a barcode 042283156326, as if it was (hypothetical). That's what a camera phone can do now.

In order to "turn on" the physical world, you need to assign a URL to a barcode and have a "physical world browser" resolve it... Your camera phone will be the "mouse" and the barcode will be the hyperlink.

Google can add over 3 billion pages of unique data to their index by assigning a URL (website) to a barcode. Do you think barcode owners could find uses for this?

Could Procter Gamble create advertising on 100,000 unique websites on milions of their packaged goods?

When Google figures this out, that's when they dominate information retrieval and will have every packaged good company opening their advertising wallets like you haven't seen.


full story

Text To Win An XBox With Pepsi And Yahoo

Win an XBox every 10 minutes.

Under a Mountain Dew cap there's a 10 character alphanumeric code. Text this code (SMS) as the subject to PEPSI(73774) to enter this mobile marketing contest. There's a winner/auction every ten minutes.

Each time you enter a code via your mobile phone, you will receive a reply message letting you know your code was validated and added to your Account History

This is a unique combination for mobile marketing.

Yahoo requires that you register your mobile phone number first on a PC, and then asks you to check specific questions pertaining to solicitation on the mobile. Is this their idea of getting permission?

Here is Yahoo's mobile device privacy page

One line that caught my attention pertains to location based services.

"Yahoo! may use and store this information to provide enhanced location-based services as well as to serve location-targeted advertising"

I like the idea of "controlling" what mobile marketing campaigns you're being including in. This does eliminate the spontaneity of most mobile marketing campaigns though.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Google WiFi In NYC

From Mark Evans blog Google WiFi in NYC

Google's semi-secret WiFi network has established a foothold in New York City.

Someone who recently visited saw a plaque and took a photograph. As most people know, Google dipped a toe in the WiFi market in April by sponsoring a free hotspot in San Francisco's Union Square.

So how long is it going to take before Google unveils its WiFi plans?

ZigBee For Mobile Commerce

ZigBee technology offers alternative for wireless commerce.

From Mobile Mag ZigBee WiFi payment machine

Nuritelecom has broken into the wireless market with their ‘ZigBee’ wireless credit card machine, it features embedded electronic signature function to ensure secure payments.

This ‘ZigBee’ wireless credit card inquiry machine offers inquiry/payment/print functions for credit cards, interact and cash receipts. This machine is very useful for business like gas stations, shopping centers, restaurants or even legitimately selling stuff out the back for your truck.

The great part of the product is that the customer can watch the process of their payment at the same time. Also the machine reduces bills to only one because of the electronic signature function.

ZigBee functions on mesh networks, with the ability of self-connecting and self –recovery at the time of a sale. It contributes to reduce communication expenses and compensates the limitation of cable credit card machines by functioning over CDMA or wireless LAN.

Fox's O.C. Introduces Mobile Game

From Inside Brand Entertainment Publisher says welcome to the O.C game

I admit I watch the show.

Fox TV's "The O.C." didn't only return for its third season, but it also is making its debut as a mobile video game following a deal with Gameloft. The publisher is set to announce its multiyear license today, with the first game scheduled to launch next year.

Gameloft president Michel Guillemot said the property will allow players to assume the role of one of the four main characters from the show or to create their own original character.

The style of play is similar to reality-simulation titles like "The Sims," allowing fans of the show to explore the "O.C." universe by dressing to impress, joining the right cliques, dating the right people and striving to fit into the ultra-trendy community, Guillemot said

Camera Phones Read Barcodes By Handyscan

Add another player to the physical world connection space. Germany's w3logistics offers the ability to read barcodes with a camera phoone.

w3/handyscan transforms every camera-equipped mobile phone into a bar code scanner! With this software, the usability of camera phones is multiplied: Orders, bookings, price comparisons - a photo of the bar code relieves the user of the necessity of entering texts or rows of numbers.

The interpretation of the bar code is done on the mobile phone, a transmission is only performed after successful verification of the bar code.

Barcodes, not just for supermarkets anymore, they can offer endless mobile marketing opportunities.

More Mobile Barcode Technology

From AME info MTG launches mobile barcode technology

Think of the mobile marketing ideas that can be created with this.

Mobile Ticketing has been very popular in Europe and is being introduced in the Middle East region by MTG.

This Solution is fully controllable and customizable that allows businesses to send a mobile ticket or coupon in the form of a 1D or 2D barcode as an SMS to a mobile phone instantly and user can validate their coupons in real-time.

Validation of the coupon is done via a scanner connected to the back end system containing the information pertaining to this purchase of the ticket or coupon.

Text And Win A Trip To Hawaii

Mobile marketing Aloha style from Quiksilver.

Grab your cell phone (Boost or otherwise), you might just win a trip to Hawaii!

Send a message to the address ALOHA or 25462 using the keywords "trivia" to receive trivia, and “polls” to get polling for the WCT when available.

You will receive a reply message with your first trivia question shortly after.

Standard Messaging Rates Apply

Sports Illustrated Offers Swimsuits For Mobile

From TMC Net SI mobile scores triple play

anna kournikova
AG Interactive, the new media subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation , and SI Mobile, Sports Illustrated's wireless media group, today announced a multi-year, exclusive partnership to develop and distribute premium content from the magazine's famed Swimsuit Issue through AG Interactive and SI-branded mobile, Instant Messaging and online channels.

Here's what comes next. Click on a logo in SI to get last night's homerun or highlights. Click on a picture of Anna and be directed to her daily blog.

Images are opening up lots of mobile marketing opportunities

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bacardi's Rev Uses Qtags

Another great from of mobile marketing. One of the biggest problems w/ SMS marketing is remembering the code to send your text.

Qtags is easy 78247 and the advertiser just selects the keyword for each campaign.

From Media In Canada Rev promo re-energizes with Q-tags

Houston, Tex.-based mobile interactive company Q-tags has come to Canada. Beginning Oct. 1, the company - through its Canadian partner, In Touch Mediagroup of Mississauga, Ont. - has upped the energy on energy drink Rev's "Revival" promo in the Toronto and Vancouver markets.

Q-tags are a call-to-action technology using SMS to drive viewers to respond to an ad. "The creative [in the clubs] will prompt people to text 'Rev' to 78247. A weblink is then sent to their mobile urging them to enter a contest to win a Toshiba Gigabeat."

To get an idea how a Q-tag works, send a SMS to 78247 with subject "gorilla".

Neven Vision Launches i-Scout

Hang on tight folks, the speed of physical world connection being adopted is getting much faster.

This is a great time to be a brand manager and to be able to choose what type of mobile marketing campaign you wish to adopt

From CBS MarketWatch Neven Vision's launches i-Scout platform

Based on patented recognition technology that enables mobile camera phones to "see" and recognize visual imagery.

It allows users to snap photos of products, advertisements, logos, etc., and within seconds, receive relevant content to their cell phone.

i-Scout provides a simple way to hyperlink existing real-world images, making them interactive," commented Hartmut Neven, Neven Vision CEO. "Because this is primarily a 'pull' technology, users have control over what content they want to receive, and marketers can dramatically increase their campaign ROI."

I'm not sure how the content is delivered. Via SMS ? Does taking a picture and sending to a server direct you to a website?

Is this a transfer of content or a way to surf?

The campaign sponsor simply determines what they would like to deliver to the mobile user upon recognition - ringtones, promotions, product comparisons - and then uploads this information into a secure database along with the images they would like recognized

So if I understand correctly, the images have to be preinstalled in the database.

Any end user with a camera phone can search an image using i-Scout by snapping a photo and sending it via MMS or email to a designated email address.

Lots of questions but this looks exciting. I will try to get a response from Neven Vision.

Questions To Ponder

I've been pondering this direct connection application (GoWindow by NeoMedia) for mobile marketing and the problem I keep coming across is adoption. What will make consumers download this on their cell phone? The entire concept of mobile marketing revolves around permission.

You give me something(prizes,info etc) and in return I'll let you advertise on my phone.

So what would be enticing enough to get me or you, to download the GoWindow on your mobile phone? This is all about merging the physical world with the electronic one right?

Would free VOIP be enticing enough?

What if a GoWindow for the PC could recognize phone numbers and provide a direct connect? I know that it was designed for the mobile but follow me here.

The "keyword registry" could offer phone numbers. They are machine readable identifiers too. When clicked on or typed, a phone number could also provide a "direct connect".
To get your free VOIP PC application like a Skype, you would first register your phone number or download the GoWindow on your mobile phone.

Would you grant permission?

To activate your VOIP service on your PC, you must first download the GoWindow on your mobile phone, and type ACTIV8 in it in order to activate your VOIP on your PC.

Would this work? In order to make sure people keep the application on the phone they would have to send this code once a month or respond to a text. (Or some great mobile marketing campaigns could do the trick).

Your mobile phone number is now registered and mobile marketing campaigns can begin, provided you give permission.

Soon your mobile phone will use WiFi as a means of connecting, so why not start now.

Would you do this in order to get free VOIP? Can this be done? Is it enticing enough for you?

What brand(s) would have the most interest in seeing this succeed?

I need comments and input on this one from you "techies". Could it work?

Disney Makes Movie Posters Mobile"able"

Disney offers a smart way to merge the physical and electronic world for mobile marketing.

From DevXNews Who will control mobile entertiainment?

Disney Internet Group, on the other hand, is in a bit of a holding pattern while it waits for carriers to standardize, said Larry Shapiro, executive vice president of business development.

Within the next month or so, Disney will begin placing "shortcodes" next to the URLs on movie posters. Shortcodes work among all carriers as shortcuts to mobile content.

"Whether people know what to do with them, I don't know," Shapiro said, adding that the company's debate over whether to start advertising shortcodes sounded like the debate over whether to put URLs in movie posters in 1996. He predicted that shortcodes would be as understandable and widely used as URLs within a year

Smart. This will cost Disney nothing but they make every movie poster an interactive mobile marketing campaign. The next thing I see is Disney putting a 2d code on the movie poster to start an interactive mobile campaign.

"Click on the code to get a King Kong screensaver or ringtone".

Think of what they could do with the Into The Blue movie poster.

See how the transformation is taking shape?

Fandango Offers Mobile Movie Info

Movie mobile marketing.

The movie information and ticketingbusiness will get a wireless wake-up call next month. Fandango, the nation'slargest online and phone movie ticketing service (representing nearly 70% of all U.S. theaters enabled for remote ticketing), today announced the rolloutof its new mobile service.

Moviegoers will also have theconvenience of texting Fandango at short-code "FNDGO" (36346) for access tospecific movie and theater information.

The new Fandango mobile service, developed in association with wirelessapplication developer Crisp Wireless.

King Kong moviegoers could send a film title and ZIPcode (e.g., "KONG 94103") as a text message to "FNDGO" and receive showtimesand ticket availability for nearby theaters

InfoSpace Offers Mobile Search Using GPS

From Search Engine Journal Infospace launches GPS based mobile search

I think the GPS component will play a key role in mobile marketing and mobile search. GPS eliminates one of the variables in search, where.

InfoSpace is introducing a group of mobile local search products that mobile phone carriers can integrate to enable subscribers to search and find nearby restaurants, movie times, maps and driving directions

The new InfoSpace Mobile Local Search services support all data-enabled mobile phones, with users pinpointing their location through automated GPS or location systems, zip code, address, intersect, or preset entries. The services include:

* Local Quick Clicks™: Find local business listings and locations with maps and driving directions with minimal clicking.

* One-Stop Searching: A single search location for Yellow Pages, White Pages, Maps, Directions, Movie Listings and more.

* Find People by Name or Number: Search using only first and last name, or by entering a phone number to find out to whom it belongs.

* What’s Nearby: Access details on what’s close with one click on the phone, even if the caller doesn’t know exactly where they are.

* Click to Connect: Make phone calls with one click instead of dialing the entire number...

Im wondering if this is a another hyperlink?

Surf The Physical World

This is direct connect mobile marketing.

NeoMedia launches "keyword registry"
Mobile Keywords, such as brand names and slogans, can be registered and licensed via the PaperClick Keyword Registry(TM) for entry in a PaperClick Mobile Go-Window, a Google®-like text window on cell phones or PDA's, to create a one-click connection to a Web page (URL). Words, phrases and brand names already trademarked can be registered only by their owners, with other words and phrases available from NeoMedia.

"Brand managers are learning that SMS travels through several nodes before reaching its audiences - like a slow train making all the stops along the way. PaperClick, via Keywords entered in the Go-Window, delivers consumers straight to a specific, interactive Web page directly relevant to its target audience, and with color, sound, pictures, movement, not just plain old text."

Yes it looks much faster than SMS but I have a few questions I couldn't find answers to.

How much does a "keyword" cost? If I'm a brand manager that's probably my first concern in starting a campaign.

How many users have the GoWindow installed on their mobile?

Is there a service provider that plans on introducing this? Every phone can SMS today, how many consumers could respond to a mobile campaign if I used my "keyword" today? Is there an option to SMS for people that don't have the GoWindow?

I like the idea of direct connect using a keyword, will this be a WAP browser?

Instead of typing in lengthy websites on my mobile, would i Just type in GOOG to get the WAP(mobile) version of Google's site?

Will keywords direct me to only WAP versions of sites for my mobile?

If Coke did a campaign today and said type "Coke" in your GoWindow, how many people could do that? Will Coke offer the ability to SMS them to download the GoWindow to the phone?

How much does the GoWindow cost?

I would team up with a service provider and share in the revenues from keywords sold. The service provider could help launch the GoWindow and provide more leverage to sell words to corporations AND consumers.

There are some great applications

This is a great idea, but it needs universal adoption so the keywords have leverage.

USA Today Goes Mobile

USA TODAY has partnered with Dwango Wireless to launch TEXT & WIN, a premium short message service (SMS) sweepstakes program that allows readers to use their mobile phones to participate in daily newspaper polls to express their opinions as well as win weekly and grand prizes.

Old media meets new media for mobile marketing

Through TEXT & WIN, USA TODAY readers can respond to various polling questions posed in the Life and Sports sections of the daily newspaper by sending a text message via their SMS enabled and activated mobile phones to the numerical short code 46872 or GOUSA.

Each text message entry costs $0.50 and every entry is another chance to win

Friday, September 23, 2005

Microsoft Is Evil

File this under "We can't compete anymore so we are going to patent everything and sue to generate revenues".

Isn't it interesting to see the difference between Google and Microsoft. Google is introducing exciting new technologies that can offer advertising. Microsoft is finding ways to impede new technologies in order to help advertisers.

Who will ultimately decide who wins? The Consumer.

From TechDirt Microsoft seeks Pay-to-Tivo patent

Users' fears of TiVo restrictions will only be heightened after reading Microsoft's just-published patent application for Control-based content pricing, which describes a scenario in which viewers are charged higher fees if they skip commercials or replay sports highlights.

The content server receives a view control input from the client device that indicates how the media content is to be rendered and the valuation application adjusts the cost according to the view control input and how the media content is to be rendered.

Which newly created division of Microsoft is in charge of impeding consumer enjoyment. Connects The Physical World

This is a great idea. Assign a 2d code (Semacode) to a Wikipedia article. Your camera phone can link to the article when you click on the code.

The physical world is getting connected.

Our goal is to connect the virtual world with the physical world by bringing the best information from the internet to the relevant place in physical space.

We do this by combining the physical annotation technology of semacode with the availability of high quality information using the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Imagine your cellphone as your smart travelguide. Promise is to provide free relevant ad-hoc high quality information to mobile users in the real world

See the sightings listed.

When you attach tags or find tags please take a picture and send it to the photo sharing service flickr and tag it with "semapedia".

That way eveybody can see your installations. Also tagging it with "wikipedia:YourURL" is even better, tells what URL to picture and tag are referring to

Wi-Fi And Cell Phone Service Merge

In this months issue of Business 2.0, they list Seven Technologies that will change everything.

It didn't take long for one to come true.

Number 5. Hybrid Cell Phones. WHAT IT IS: Wi-Fi-enabled cell phones that bring together cellular and landline phone systems.

Today LG and Kineto announce a cell phone that does just that.

The CL400 is a camera/MP3 phone that offers GSM/GPRS and tri-band (850/1800/1900) capabilities for global operation with Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) connectivity. In the future, the CL400 will also support Voice over IP (VoIP), based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standards.

Here's what I'm thinking. What happens when Google turns on all that dark fiber, Google Talk takes off and Wi-Fi is ubiquitous.

Do you see what I see?

Free 411 Information For The Mobile

From Free 411 for the mobile masses

A great idea, but I think they will have some problems with the 10 seconds issue.

If you've ever been driving around, trying futilely to find a specific restaurant but refusing to call directory assistance on your cell phone because it's too expensive, the folks at Jingle Networks may have a solution.

Their new free 411 service called, appropriately enough, Free411, is, well, just that. It's designed to give consumers a way to avoid paying the fee wireless carriers charge for 411 access--as much as $3.49.

Requires users to bear with a bit of advertising before getting the goodies. The service subjects callers to a 10-second ad before providing the requested number.

10 seconds seems like a long time. Just send a text to 4INFO(44636) or GOOGL (46645) and get the results faster. Most of the time the links sent back have the number included, just click to call.

Win A Virgin Mobile Nokia Phone

Virgin Mobile and Elle Girl magazine offer image recognition mobile marketing campaign.

Take a picture of this ad on page 69 of Sept issue of Elle Girl magazine and send to

If you don't have a cameraphone, send a SMS to 66268 (MOBOT) with subject "eg virgin"

Wouldn't it be nice to just click on the Virgin logo and see if you're a winner?

I wonder what software is pre-installed on that Virgin phone?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mobile Marketing Taking Shape With Vodafone

From Mew Media Age Vodafone launches shortcode MMS

I think I see mobile marketing starting to take shape. Vodafone offering this speaks volumes. This is good, but it can be better when a direct connect feature is offered..soon

Brands and media companies will finally be able to build a branding campaign around a mobile shortcode number after Vodafone launched MMS shortcodes this week.

The move means a brand will be able to advertise the ability for consumers to both text or MMS, such as sending in photos and shortly videos, to a single five-digit number.

The lack of a single shortcode for both MMS and SMS has meant brands and media companies have to use up limited space on TV, print and outdoor media ads with two numbers.

This also means every other form of medium now becomes an interactive tool for the advertiser through the mobile.

"This means that companies can finally make a shortcode a real part of their brand offering - for example, 'Call us, text us, send us pictures on 81234'

Why not "click on our logo for more information"?

Cingular Offers Win A Toyota Scion With Mobile Marketing Campaign

From PromoMagazine Journeys, Cingular Wireless offer mobile marketing in-store promo

Consumers who visit Journeys stores through early October can hear exclusive interviews and music from top bands and learn to how to download ringtones via custom in-store TV spots

Visitors with Cingular Wireless service can download the latest ringtone from featured in-store band Fallout Boy by texting FOB28686 on their cell phones.

Consumers can also enter to win a sweepstakes by texting JYS7171 on their phones for a chance to win a Toyota Scion.

One first-prize winner will get a $45,000 Simon Mall gift card and one second-prize winner will receive a year's worth of Converse sneakers (12 pairs).

Sweepstakes ends Oct 7.

VOIP Hyperlinks?

Yesterday I posted a story about Verisign and Net2Phone teaming up for VOIP services. Pondering over this story, I think I see a Pondering Primate Possiblity.

Everything on the Internet is becoming direct-connectable or hyperlinked. Click on a hyperlink and your browser resolves the web site. Click on the “email me” hyperlink and your email program launches.

So why cant phone numbers have their own hyperlink, so that when you click on them your VOIP application launches?

Create a universal icon for a VOIP call hyperlink.

I know Skype has their own icon/hyperlink but what about the other hundreds of millions phone numbers out there?

Is there a way a phone number can be hyperlinkable? Can I make my phone number hyperlinkable so that anyone that clicks on it can call make a VOIP call?

Here’s my thinking. What if a Verisign or Google introduced a service that allowed you to display your VOIP icon with your ad. Not only will your ad appear, but there’s a hyperlink you can click on and initiate a VOIP call. Leverage every ad with the ability for a direct connect call?

Can Google create another revenue stream for calls that are connected with this feature? Call it Pay-Per-Call.

The next thing I see is this “icon” or code being placed on magazine ads, for sale signs or any print media. Maybe you can offer a direct link to the website with one “code” and another “code” for phone call.

A question for all techies out there. Can this be done?

Is a phone number like a website in that it needs to have a URL? Could Verisign offer this?
Will Verisign register phone numbers for VOIP hyperlink ability?

Is there a program that would allow all phone numbers that are on websites to be turned into a hyperlink?

Comments thoughts? Am I way off base?

Mobile Marketing Needs Permission

From Consumer Affairs Arizona court rules against unwanted text messaging

A key element for mobile marketing will be permission.
Pam Anderson
Cell phone users frustrated by unsolicited ads and text messages may have some relief at last. The Arizona Court of Appeals upheld a ruling that unsolicited text messaging to a cell phone violates federal laws against telemarketing.

The three-judge panel ruled that Arizona-based Acacia Mortgage Corporation violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 when it sent two unsolicited text messages to local businessman Rodney L. Joffe.

The court's ruling stated that text-based short messaging services (SMS) constituted a "call," just as a voice call or "autodialed" message would.

It's about time too. In a few months I'm going to get upset enough that I opt-out of this Stacked campaign with Pam Anderson pics :)


Just curious, you think eBay shareholders think that Skype acquisition is still a good idea after they read this? Between China blocking Skype and this announcement I wonder.

From NY Post Google feeling lucky.

Google's move to lease a huge space in Chelsea is part of the technology giant's plan to build its own fiber optic network and become a bigger player in the booming Internet telephone and wireless businesses.

Do you think Microsoft wishes they could get that one time $35B dividend back now?

The company is reportedly in talks to lease a whopping 270,000 square feet in the former Port Authority Commerce Building at 111 Eighth Ave. at W. 15th Street.

The massive building is one of New York's most important so-called telecom carrier hotels — home to thousands of Web servers and other critical technology infrastructure.

"They are building a network," said Hunter Newby, chief strategy officer with telecom specialist firm Telx. "None of us have ever seen any type of network buildup on this scale before"

The dichotomy between Google and Microsoft is astounding. Microsoft is trying to manage their internal affairs, and Google is trying to manage information retrieval for the world.

I am reminded of a scene in the movie Parenthood with Steve Martin. Rick Moranis's kid is solving square roots with detachable numbers, and Steve Martin's kid is eating the numbers.

Apple And The Barcode Make A Physical World Connection

Very interesting. This opens up the possibilities for every barcode.

Delicious Monster and Apple are offering a product that allows you to scan a barcode on a DVD, book, movie , video game and music and transfer the data to your Delicious Library.

Remember the CueCat barcode scanner? Well Delicious Library works with that device too.

What I envision is to be able to scan all my books, movies, music and store them on some sort of Apple device soon. I can carry my entire entertainment library with me.

Delicious Library reads every single frame of digital video; seeking out, targeting, and instantly decoding any visible barcodes. This results in a seamless process of scanning that lets you import about 750 items an hour.

At that rate the staff of the new downtown Seattle Central Library could work together to import all of their 1.4 million books into Delicious Library in just over 5 hours

Quickly importing your stuff into Delicious Library doesn't require a dedicated barcode scanner - you can use any Quick Time supported digital video camera, like your Apple iSight. Just hold the barcode on the back of any book, movie, CD, or video game in front of the camera and your item magically shows up on your digital shelf seconds later.

Delicious Library is simply the best way to keep track of what you have and don't have. When you start building a collection of DVDs, your friends have got to be eyeing them, and it's time you open your own movie store. Using your Address Book and iCal calendar, you can check stuff out to them without wondering if you'll ever see it again.

This sounds like a file sharing application more than a downloading service. The company has plans to introduce an iTunes option with this.

Lots of opportunities here

Great find kokonut.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Verisign Gets Into The VOIP Space

Keep an eye on Verisign. I can see lots of ideas that can be adopted here. Verisign owns Jamster (mobile content) and they will be providing the domain names for RFID tags.

Verisign Wireless and Net2Phone will link mobile and WiFi connection

Verisign and Net2Phone have started a trial of the VeriSign(R) Wireless IP Connect Service.

"This new market trial will enable broadband operators to accelerate the deployment of the triple threat -- voice, data and wireless services -- for consumers," said Tom Kershaw, vice president of next generation services, VeriSign.

"By combining VeriSign's Intelligent Infrastructure with Net2Phone's VoiceLine service, Net2Phone's customers will benefit from having a reliable, high-quality calling option that combines landline services, the lower cost of voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) calls and the convenience of mobility."

Coincidentally, this months issue of Business 2.0 has a list of 7 technologies that change everything.

#5. Hybrid Cell Phones hybrid services will automatically sniff out and switch to open Wi-Fi networks inside your home or office

Make VOIP Calls With Your Mobile

From The Register IPdrum plugs mobile phones into Skype

Norwegian company IPdrum yesterday launched a system that connects the Skype VoIP network to mobile phones

IPdrum's Mobile Skype Cable requires two handsets, one which connects to a host PC's USB and audio ports using the aforementioned cable, and the other to make and take calls from wherever you happen to be at the time.

The first handset bridges Skype and the mobile network. Skype operates, as usual, across the host computer's broadband Internet connection.

To make a call, you dial the number of the stationary handset, and IPdrum's code patches the call through to Skype. Calls to other Skype users are free, but conversations to others are charged according to the VoIP company's current SkypeOut rate

For Sale By SMS

CellSigns unveils a mobile marketing and the real estate industry.

A potential buyer pulls up to a home for sale. Prompted by a CellSign, he or she uses a cell phone to text message the property's ID # to 79274 (QWASI).

The key to making this work is the shortcode recognition. The code has to be easy to remember.

There are 2 that I use because they stick in my head (and they are fast) 4INFO (44636) and GOOGL(46645). With 4INFO I dont even have to remember the number, my Treo automatically translates.

Within seconds a text message is returned to the buyer's phone with information about the home (including a description, number of beds and baths, and price) and contact information for the agent.

The potential buyer may then request more information, a call from the agent, or schedule a showing. The agent is notified immediately, calls the buyer, and accelerates the sale

Yellow Pages On the Mobile

MobileBoss puts an entire Yellow Pages directory on a wireless device.

I don't know why you would want to take up valuable space with this. I think I would rather have access to the YP, that have one stored on my mobile.

As an additional means of distribution, Local Matters has developed with a third party the ability to download an entire Yellow Pages directory to wireless devices such as cell phones and pocket PCs.

MobileBoss allows publishers the ability to provide mobile users with all the contents of their local print directory on their PDA enabled phones or pocket PCs

MobileBoss offers a text-based search of headings, names, addresses and numbers. It also allows for the drawing of maps that show specific business locations. In addition, key word functionality allows users to quickly find information by brands and copy points.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Divide And Falter

I find this same logic is used for sports teams in last place. It is the "change your jersey colors and maybe we'll play better" thinking.

Microsoft reorganizes to compete better

At the rate Google is stealing Microsoft executives, Microsoft will just have to consolidate all three divisions back into one shortly.

The changes, the most far-reaching since Chief Executive Steve Ballmer realigned the company into seven business divisions in 2002, are aimed at giving the company "greater agility in the execution of its software and services strategy," Microsoft said in a statem

GetMeThere Offers Mobile Satellite Navigation

From WebitPr GetMeThere launches pay-as-you-go mobile satellite navigation

My first thoughts, "what happens to Garmin and others?" and the recurring revenues will be enormous for companies that provide location based services.

Imagine what happens when you combine mobile marketing with your location., a joint venture between Toyota GB and IS Solutions Plc., today sees the launch of TARA Mobile SatNav the first Pay-as-you-go Satellite Navigation solution for mobile and smart phone users in the UK.

TARA Mobile SatNav’s features include;
– Full turn by turn navigation
– Maps that automatically zoom in and out as a junction approaches
– Voice commands spoken by TARA
– Hands free use whilst driving
– Continue the navigation when you leave the car
– Pay-as-you-go
– Traffic avoidance
– European road network coverage
– Up to date maps
– Nearest POI (Point of Interest)
– Full address search, house number and street
– 7 Digit Post Codes, i.e. TW16 7EF

It is no longer necessary to purchase expensive hardware or annual licences for your Satellite Navigation system, use TARA Mobile SatNav with a compatible mobile phone and a GPS receiver for an affordable solution