Monday, March 26, 2012

Two Companies Poised To Benefit From Facebook IPO

In this month's How To Find Big Stocks Newsletter, we highlight 2 companies hidden from Wall Street that are poised to benefit from a $100B investing wave (FacebookIPO).
It's no secret the patent war has started!
We found 2 microcap companies with intellectual property that will be required for Facebook to continue growing their business.
 One of the top patent licensing companies (generated hundreds of millions in licensing revenue) in the world has asked to be in charge of their patent portfolio
This company is completely hidden from Wall Street's radar.
Find out who these companies are, and more with the How To Find Big Stocks Newsletter.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Facebook IPO and Yahoo's Patent Suit..How To Capitalize On Them

Based on the media, it certainly looks like the Facebook IPO will start trading sometime this spring, and this $100B “boulder”is going to cause lots of investing waves.

 How does this event impact our investing opportunities and us?(the Big Stock Newsletter gives 2 hidden companies poised to benefit)

How To Find Big Stocks Newsletter

While almost everyone has heard of it, or is actually using Facebook, it doesn’t necessarily meet our criteria for a “BigStock”. 

For starters, a “Big Stock” has to have the ability to grow in valuation by AT LEAST a factor of ten. It’s very difficult to grow a $100B company to $1T.

 Secondly, a “Big Stock” must have a competitive advantage which enables it to be dominantly “Big”.

Facebook is way behind in terms of intellectual property and now almost every player has started to ring the infringer doorbell.  

 As Facebook gets closer to trading, it would certainly make sense to settle these patent disputes and license issues early rather than fight it out in court. Our “Patent is the New Asset” wave has provided lots of great investing opportunities.

To get a list of Patent Play Stocks please visit Patent Play Stocks Notice some on that list have done extremely well!

Want to see what companies will benefit from Facebook IPO?
In this month's How To Find Big Stocks Newsletter, we highlight 2 microcap companies that stand to benefit in a big way from Facebook's IPO.

Both companies have "Big Stock" potential.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Kona Inspired...Make A Dream Come True

I took my soul mate's breath away.

Last year, many of you know I had a plan to make IronMan part of our marriage proposal, wedding ceremony and honeymoon. I wanted to make this story special for Nutty.  IronMan racing has been a big part of our lives and has helped me through some rough times. I felt it would be appropriate to include it in this special story.

Last year, serious health issues prevented me from qualifying for IronMan World Championship in Kona and completing my "tri"-fecta.

While I still surprised my soul mate (Pnut) by proposing to her during the bike part of IronMan Germany, and surprising her again by sharing vows during IronMan 70.3 World Championship in Vegas, I would still like to complete my original goal of racing and honeymooning in Kona.

IronMan is doing something unique this year. They have introduced Kona Inspired which may make our dream come true. They asked triathletes to submit a touching video that represents their motto "anything is possible". The video I submitted was chosen for the contest. Winning would enable me to complete my dream by racing and honeymooning in Kona.

Winners will be chosen based on votes and on the "anything is possible" theme.

This is a dream I have had for years and you can make it happen.

 Watch the video and vote here

Exchanging vows at IronMan 70.3 World Championship Vegas

If you would like a copy of the book (A Triathlete Races For Love), shoot me an email.

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