Tuesday, June 22, 2010

California Gets Creative With License Plate Advertising

California is in dire straits financially and have come up with a great innovative advertising idea.

Question is, would you sign up for it if you got paid?

From InformationWeek Caifornia Considers Electronic License Plate Ads

Advertisements would display only after vehicles were stopped for four seconds and could also be used to display public safety information such as Amber alerts.

To avoid being a distraction to motorists, the plates would only start showing ads after a vehicle was stopped for four seconds, such as at a red light or traffic jam, according to media reports. The vehicle's license plate number would always be in view.

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The Shift In Eyeballs

From the Wrap Portal Predicament..Nobody Hangs Out Anymore

Portals Yahoo!, MSN and AOL -- for years the largest source of traffic on the web -- are seeing recent dropoffs in visitors, pageviews and, most dramatically, time spent by users.

the portal strategy employed by the big three of AOL, MSN and Yahoo is as good as dead – with Facebook holding the smoking gun

Average time spent on portal websites is down 21.7 percent over the last year, with users spending on average six and a half minutes before scurrying off somewhere else.

The time-shift from portals to social media has never been more pronounced.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Major Trend Starting To Occur

Identifying a new trend is one thing, being rewarded for your vision is another.

The consumer/individual has always been responsible for generating the majority of the traffic on the Net, NOW he is responsible for creating the majority of the content on it too.

Tweets, Facebook posts, pictures, videos etc, the bulk of the content is consumer produced.

This transformation has enormous ramifications for advertisers and social networking sites...the consumer has the power.

There is one company that identified this shift, and is starting to get the attention of both consumers, advertisers and Silicon Valley. Their Internet traffic numbers are proof (Alexa.com)

Their unique concept is like being able to invest in the next Facebook, or Google for free.

See why you as a consumer NOW have the power on the Net and how your little clicks add up

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If this continues to grow, visionaries should be well rewarded.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 Minutes That Could Change Your Life Forever

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along that has the ability to be life-changing.

Years ago I saw the future when bar codes would provide a link to the digital world. When a bar code is scanned, a mobile device would see that as a URL (hyperlink). I called it Physical World Connection.

I am seeing another major trend starting to develop and I want to share with Pondering Primate readers.

The last week I have posted teasers to a site that is set to revolutionize the advertising industry (online and offline).

A couple of very savvy Internet guys recognized the huge shift in advertising dollars coming to the Net. They also saw the power social media networks could have on advertising.

They created something that will have many saying "why didn't we think of that?".

I like the concept and saw that it was unique. More than that, this is VERY disruptive. It took me a couple days but when I got the "ah ha!" moment I couldn't stop thinking about the impact this will have.

I ran it by some of my forward thinking friends and asked for their opinion. Each one confirmed my thinking..this is something revolutionary and they wanted to be a part of it.

I will warn you. If you sign up, you will now be considered "early adopter".

If you have 5 minutes and an open mind, I would like to invite you to what I think could truly be a life-changing opportunity.

Here is your FREE membership to a life-changing opportunity.

Just remember, Little Clicks Add Up

There is no cost or obligation in any way.

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Get Paid To Use Facebook And Twitter

Sound too good to be true?

It's not.

To get paid using Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, click here for a free membership.

Once you you're registered for your free account, and log in, you will see why this is one of the fastest growing sites on the Net..that you've never heard of...YET.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Of The Fastest Growing Websites You Never Heard Of

In just 9 months, this site has grown faster than many of the top sites you click on today.

It is one of the fastest growing websites in the U.S and the world and you probably have never heard of it. There's a reason, it's private and requires a membership.

This website is growing strictly by word of mouth.

Being a member of this site, I am able to offer Pondering Primate readers a FREE membership but you have to act quickly.

If you want to see why this site is growing so quickly and be a part, free membership.

There is no cost or obligation.

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Get Cash Back On iTunes Purchases

Yes, that's right. Anytime you make a purchase on iTunes (song/video) you get cash back.

A lot more benefits with this site but there's a reason you need to act quickly.

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Free Membership (link to get free membership)

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Government Floats Idea Of "DrudgeReport Tax"

Why does the US Government feel the need to change the playing field to accommodate "dying industries"?

If an industry can't adapt to new technologies, or a changing environment, it should fail.

From the Washington Times FTC Floats Drudge Tax

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is seeking ways to "reinvent" journalism, and that's a cause for concern.

The ideas being batted around to save the industry share a common theme: They are designed to empower bureaucrats, not consumers. For instance, one proposal would, "Allow news organizations to agree jointly on a mechanism to require news aggregators and others to pay for the use of online content, perhaps through the use of copyright licenses."

In other words, government policy would encourage a tax on websites like the Drudge Report, a must-read source for the news links of the day, so that the agency can redistribute the funds collected to various newspapers.

What the FTC fails to realize is that the DrudgeReport highlights the top news stories of the day and provides a link to the owner of that story. Drudge actually drives MORE traffic to the site.

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