Monday, May 01, 2006

3GVision Lets Camera Phones Read 1D And 2D Codes

3GVision allows camera phones to read 1D or 2D codes. Add them to the Physical World Connection list

3GVision's Barcode Reader is a software-only utility that turns any camera phone into a handy one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode scanner.

Reading barcodes that contain a URL has become a standard method to access wireless sites in Japan.
With more than 20 million handsets shipped worldwide, 3GVision's Barcode Reader is the clear market leader and the technology of choice for the cellular community.

Modern barcodes can store a large amount of information, like URLs or product information, and even entire news articles or business cards. Using mobile handsets to scan printed or electronically displayed barcodes helps end-users
access various types of data, bypassing the tedious process of typing URLs and access codes.

Looks like they have been busy

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Anonymous said...

Do you suppose this is the barcode reader used on Nokia's new N93, or will Nokia's be proprietary and specific to the Nokia s60 platform? You might want to bring this (barcode readers) up now since you've been posting about 2D codes lately...