Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nokia Connects The Physical World With 2D Code Reader

I have been saying for some time, when you give people the ability to create their own physical world hyperlinks, you will see what mobile applications THEY want. Some of the PWC companies are using this disruptive technology to please advertisers, not the consumers.

You didn't buy your new 50" LCD to watch commercials did you?

It looks like we have our first physical world connection mobile phones being introduced by Nokia. By including a 2D code reader in the mobile phone, Nokia has removed the biggest obstacle mobile marketing companies face.

Tommi at S60 Applications notices Nokia has added a 2D barcode reader to the Nokia N93 phone.

"I noticed that the user manual of Nokia N93 mentioned our barcode reader application on page 109, so I guess it is safe for me to write about this subject."

He also finds S60 devices are starting to ship with a barcode reader application built-in.

Will Nokia, Yahoo and Flickr create a mobile marketing powerhouse now?

All companies, and individuals can produce a free 2D code, and will have their own physical world hyperlink for mobile marketing. Create your own 2D code free.

Because Flickr's database is so big and has so many users, your 2D code will be included in such a large database, and it will still be proprietary.

I would look for Flickr or Yahoo to gobble up and include a 2D code generating website shortly.


Anonymous said...

glad to see you back. look forward to hearing what you have to say about zoove.

Scott Shaffer said...

I knew about Zoove when it was named Teleractive.

Their ** SMS concept is interesting, and at one time I was anxious to tell their story.

After several attempts to tell their story, I found it very difficult to deal with their mgmt.

I lost my enthusiasm for their company and product, because of it.

charlie said...

i tkae it you saw this article i wrote on some fun stuff i did with dave harper from winksite?

i should have sent you the link in any case. now, any time i think of physical-digital connections, i think of you.


Scott Shaffer said...


You got me. I was out of pocket for a bit.

Ain't it great that this technology, albeit for early adopting geeks, is finally here?