Monday, May 01, 2006

Maxim Magazine Really Goes Mobile

The May 2006 issue of Maxim Magazine not only offers lots of text message contests and informative ideas, but they have an Upside insert that discusses 50 innovative applications for the mobile.

The mobile marketing ideas from this are endless.

Text campaigns include offer wallpaper, pickup lines and ways to breakup with your lover. They even show you how to make your own ring tone.

Text COMPASS to MAXIM to win a free wallpaper from Jeep.

The special insert "50 Things you didnt know you could do with a cellphone" is pretty informative too.

The insert alone is worth it. The issue has Jamie Lynn Sigler on the cover.

Maxim is one step away from delivering the premier mobile marketing magazine to the targeted demographic.

Pick up the issue, it's worth it. With a monkey picture like that how can you refuse?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, PP. BTW, can you tell who is providing some of the texting services? Interested in company names...TIA.

Russell said...

Actually, that's an orangutan, which is an ape, not a monkey. :-)

Scott Shaffer said...

You stop blogging so you can classify all forms of primates? :) said...

Very cool. My company does mobile marketing (content creation and distribution) and it's so great to see mobile really catching on! If anonymous needs anything please get in touch. Maybe we can make orangutan wallpaper and ringtones?