Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Richard Parsons, You're Sitting On A Goldmine

This story hit a nerve. I've been talking about how AOL could become a powerhouse with the right thinking and the parent company (Time Warner) wants to spinning it off. Instead of building AOL up before you spin it off, the idea is to just spin it off now.

AOL is on pace to set another record for most customers lost in single year. How do they plan on staying business, by making it up with volume?

Hey Richard Parsons, you're sitting on an enormous untapped resource. Don't you see it?

Twenty million cell phones with your product already on them and you want to spin it off? Before you've had a chance to work with that and see what your options are?

Google and Yahoo are beating themselves up trying to get on the phone and YOU'RE ALREADY THERE!

Knock Knock, it's opportunity at the door.

AOL is one foot from the finish line and they want to quit. AOL is at 211 degrees and just needs one more. Creative guys will understand that line.

The chance to tap into the next advertising boom (the mobile phone) and you want to quit now? Ask Google is they would like to have twenty million screens at their disposal.

From The Register Time Warner mulls AOL float .

I have a couple of ideas HERE .

With a couple tweaks and some creativity, you are right back in the race.

Before you give in to Google and Yahoo, why don't you see what you can do with
this huge opportunity. Ask someone on the outside to explain it to you if you don't see it.


Somedumbguy said...

Yep, they could turn it around, but if I were sitting at the top of TimeWarner, I'd want to get rid of AOL too. From a geek perspective, having the AIM client on cell phones is cool, but the MBA in me can't see how that becomes money any time soon.

Scott Shaffer said...

Somedumbguy, Im sure you realize what Time Warner has access to.

Maybe im the dumbguy here, but I can see a huge opportunity with those phones already.

Take FindMe add a mobile search app, and now you have Goog/Yhoo by the short hairs.Yeah I know youre a techie and anything AOL offers is "above" you guys.

But how many people read Money magazine versus Business 2.0? See my point?

But if AOL wants to hear my ideas on how they can leverage this..

Somedumbguy said...


But, what is the revenue model? AOL has a huge infrastructure in place and an eroding core dial-up market. Putting search on cell phones isn't going to pay for the massive restructuring that you propose.

Show me the math.

Scott Shaffer said...

Be a little creative...it's there.

My ideas come with a price tag for this.