Thursday, June 09, 2005

Could Microsoft Be Developing An RFID Browser?

The more I think about this, the bigger this gets. Anita Campbell writes Microsoft's push into RFID .

I've mentioned before (and I know this is nothing you all don't know) that when Microsoft makes a play in a market, it's clear and convincing evidence that the market is valid. Microsoft's already made moves in radio-frequency identification technology, and now, it's pushing even harder.

I discussed what the story about Microsoft teaming up with Symbol means HERE .

A couple things to remember about RFID. One day, every RFID tag will have its own web address (URL) assigned to it. Verisign will be in charge of issuing those URL's for now. Symbol Technologies is the pioneer of barcode reading technology. From your supermarket to retail store, there's a good chance Symbol is involved.

So now that products with RFID tags will be internet accessable, and there will be billions of these, does that mean Microsoft will have created the RFID browser?

With Microsoft teaming up with Symbol, does this create a portable RFID scanning device with a Microsoft browser included?

How many web pages are currently in use now? How many will there be once RFID tags are assigned a URL?

If a can of Coke has an RFID tag and it is scanned by using a Windows CE browser, will Coke be in charge of where the scanner goes?

Will this be a new advertising method?

Just something to ponder. Hey Google, you want to know how you can stop Microsoft from owning the mobile search search space once this happens?


Anonymous said...

Where are you coming up with this stuff? The articles you've linked to dont say anything about web addresses, or rfid browsers.

They're just talking about drivers that facilitate the reading from an rfid tag.

Are you reading too much into this? Or are there other articles that you got this information from and haven't referenced?

No Name said...

I summarized here a little better I hope.

Microsoft RFID Browser

Anonymous said...

Actually the world is coming to an end .. and RFID is the big force behind it I think. Now Since RFID is made of silicon and microsoft is in silicon valley .. there is a good chance microsoft has developed RFID ...

Crazy fool!!