Friday, December 01, 2006

After ".com", Will Verisign Be In Charge Of A 2D Code Registry?

Register a domain name and get a 2d code for mobile connectivity.

Verisign has been granted permission to continue running the ".com" registry, and they will also manage the directory for looking up EPC numbers (RFID tags) on the Internet.

Verisign has developed an "EPC Explorer" for Windows and Microsoft is already developing an RFID Browser

I wonder, will Verisign be in charge of the registry for all physical world hyperlinks? When every physical object can be linked to the Internet, it will have its own unique IP address. Who will provide the registry for this?

RFID tags are one type of physical world hyperlink, 2d codes (QR code, data matrix) are another and will soon be linking physical objects to the Net.

Because there are so many companies that offer 2d code creating services, what this industry needs is a standard.

Could Verisign create the ".com" for 2d codes, and other players will be the ".orgs, .info, .nets?".

From Reuters Verisign wins US approval for ".com"

The U.S. Department of Commerce has approved a deal that allows Verisign Inc. to continue running the lucrative ".com" Internet registry through 2012, the company said on Thursday.

Verisign has operated the dot-com registry that allows private companies to register domain names since 1999 under a contract granted from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

When Verisign acquired m-Qube, they opened a variety of possibilities for mobile marketing, m-commerce and physical world connection.

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